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Best-paid tech jobs in Australia 2023

We at Cybernews Academy have been on a quest to find the best-paid jobs in tech worldwide. We have visited the U.S. and U.K. thus far on our trip. Now, we are headed down under, where we will be looking into the best-paid tech jobs in Australia.

We will review the list in descending order (from 10 to 1).

Let’s get into it!

Data Analyst

A data analyst will translate numbers and data into understandable information that can be used to address industry problems and chart business success. A data analyst is responsible for cleaning and studying data sets to glean meaningful insights that will solve industry problems.

Data analyst roles and responsibilities

  • Gather and collect data
  • Clean raw data that may contain duplicates or errors
  • Create and design structures for databases
  • Find patterns or trends within data that could solve industry problems

Data analyst skills

  • Understanding of database tools such as Microsoft Excel and SQL
  • Excellent understanding of programming languages such as Python and R
  • Strong data visualization skills
  • Understanding concepts behind statistics and mathematics

The annual average salary for a Data Analyst is approximately AUD $79,000 - $112,000 (USD $51,963 - $73,662)

Security Engineer

A security engineer is responsible for designing and implementing security solutions. This individual will identify security measures, respond to security incidents, and develop solutions to mitigate these problems. This position demands a deep knowledge of computer networks, security protocols, and best practices.

Security engineer roles and responsibilities

  • Develop and implement security measures for a company
  • Design and implement comprehensive security architecture
  • Identify and document vulnerabilities within a security system
  • Monitor and manage security systems

Security engineer skills

  • Knowledge of operating systems and database security
  • Understanding and experience with security systems such as firewalls, anti-virus applications, authentication systems, and intrusion detection
  • Deep understanding of cyber security protocols
  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills

The annual average salary for a Security Engineer is approximately AUD $109,000 - $171,000 (USD $71,716 - $112,509)

Chief Information Officer

This executive position manages and implements an organization's information and computer systems. This is to ensure that all business outcomes are delivered as projected. This individual will create strategies, lead technical initiatives, and even leverage data to get the best results for the company.

Chief information officer roles and responsibilities

  • Monitors the IT department's budget and approves all technological equipment before purchase
  • Delegating tasks and increasing productivity within the department
  • Managing employees within the IT department
  • Planning and overseeing the implementation of new IT systems

Chief information officer skills

  • Robust leadership skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • In-depth technical knowledge
  • Strong risk management skills

The annual average salary for a Chief Information Officer is approximately AUD $120,000 - $200,000 (USD $113,936 - $210,794)

Data Architect

A data architect plays a crucial role in reviewing and analyzing big data while dealing with an organization's data infrastructure. This individual will create procedures to ensure data accuracy and accessibility while collaborating with other teams to implement them company-wide.

Data architect roles and responsibilities

  • Translating the needs of a business into databases, warehouses, and data streams
  • Analyzing, creating, and designing data architecture frameworks and procedures
  • Collaborating with other teams to implement data strategies
  • Developing and using APIs to retrieve data

Data architect skills

  • Analyzing and uncovering patterns and correlations in data sets
  • Proficient in languages such as Python, Java, and SQL
  • Understanding of machine learning techniques and concepts
  • Communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills

The annual average salary for a Data Architect is approximately AUD $128,000 - $189,000 (USD $84,127 - $124,219)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

This individual is in charge of leading the digital transformation of an organization or company. This individual will have extensive technical and digital knowledge and will have over five years of experience in IT.

Chief digital officer roles and responsibilities

  • Develop and implement digital strategies
  • Plan strategic digital processes within a company
  • Work collaboratively with teams across the company to produce innovative digital solutions
  • Identify digital tools that can solve problems and enhance solutions

Chief digital officer skills

  • Robust leadership skills
  • Understanding of business processes and technical solutions
  • Experience in digital innovation
  • Excellent communication skills

The annual average salary for a Chief Digital Officer is approximately AUD $125,000 - $396,000 (USD $82,297 - $260,718)

Network Architect

A computer network architect manages and designs data communication networks for companies, industries, and organizations. These individuals will manage the infrastructure of computer networks and ensure that they are working correctly. This individual may work with hardware like routers, cables, modems, and software.

Network architect roles and responsibilities

  • Collaborating with management to assess the needs of the business
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing network infrastructure
  • Planning and scheduling resources and budgets
  • Addressing and resolving network bugs and other network issues

Network architect skills

  • Great communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • In-depth technical background

The annual average salary for a Network Architect is approximately AUD $137,000 - $195,000 (USD $90,004 - $128,121)

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for an organization's cloud computing infrastructure. These individuals work with cloud technologies to develop, design, maintain, and monitor cloud systems– this individual may also be in charge of implementing cloud computing solutions.

Cloud architect’s roles and responsibilities

  • Understanding of cloud applications and architecture
  • Knowledge and experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Creating, managing, implementing, and deploying cloud architectures
  • Ensuring that applications and deployments are correctly deployed

Cloud architect’s skills

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#
  • Have a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity
  • Knowledge of networks and cloud systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The annual average salary for a Cloud Architect is approximately AUD $140,000 - $223,000 (USD $82,297 - $260,718)

Chief Security Officer

A chief security officer is responsible for overseeing an organization’s security strategy. This includes cybersecurity, physical security, and other security-related aspects. This individual is essential in securing the overall safety of a company’s information and assets.

Chief security officer roles and responsibilities

  • Manage operations to ensure the stability of the company
  • Prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by assessing risks and implementing protocols
  • Manage and secure the company’s personal data
  • Investigate, identify, and resolve security incidents

Chief security officer skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong management skills
  • In-depth technical knowledge
  • Great problem-solving skills

The annual average salary for a Chief Security Officer is approximately AUD $150,000 - $191,000 (USD $98,779 - $125,794)

Cybersecurity Architect

A cybersecurity architect is an IT professional responsible for securing and improving an organization's security posture. This individual is responsible for implementing and designing systems that defend against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity architect roles and responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and update security policies
  • Assist in incident response
  • Document vulnerabilities and implement security protocols
  • Educate internal customers and employees on security risks

Cybersecurity architect skills

  • Understanding of programming languages such as Python
  • Experience with software and systems
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Experience with threat detection and network architecture

The annual average salary for a Cybersecurity Architect is approximately AUD $154,000 - $170,000 (USD $101,251 - $111,770)

Chief Technology Officer

This individual is responsible for managing the technical operations of an organization. This is an executive-level position demands at least 15 years of experience in IT. A chief technology officer will oversee the company's data, security, maintenance, and network infrastructure. They may also plan how technology will be used within the organization and liaise with management and come up with corporate strategies.

Chief technology officer roles and responsibilities

  • Manages and oversees every technological aspect of a company or organization
  • Develops policies surrounding technology infrastructure
  • Implements protocols to ensure data privacy
  • Monitors budgets

Chief technology officer

  • Proficient in computer programming
  • Strong understanding of cybersecurity
  • Business administration
  • Robust background in IT

The annual average salary for a Chief Technology Officer is approximately AUD $173,000 - $320,000 (USD $113,936 - $210,794)

There are a range of different technical IT jobs available in Australia that are both lucrative and stable careers in tech. Most of these jobs require experience in IT or a bachelor's degree in computer science, IT, or any other related field. So, you can expect to find high-paid IT jobs post-graduation anywhere. Australia had some of the more technical jobs than any other country we have seen, so the demand for qualified IT professionals seems to be high in this part of the world. If you want to pursue a highly technical role in IT or plan to level up your career to an executive-level position, then Australia might be the place to go.