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Best-paid tech jobs in Singapore 2023

Along our journey to find the best-paid tech jobs of 2023, we have ventured to the U.S., the UK, and Australia. Now, we are stopping in Singapore, one of the major tech hubs in the world and the country where some of the best jobs in tech live. These best-paid tech jobs span various fields, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of the tech sector in Singapore.

We will review the list in descending order (from 10 to 1).

Data Analyst

Per our previous articles, “a data analyst will translate numbers and data into understandable information that can be used to address industry problems and chart business success. A data analyst is responsible for cleaning and studying data sets to glean meaningful insights that will solve industry problems.”

Data analyst’s roles and responsibilities

  • Gather and collect data
  • Clean raw data that may contain duplicates or errors
  • Create and design structures for databases
  • Find patterns or trends within data that could solve industry problems

Data analyst’s skills

  • Understanding of database tools such as Microsoft Excel and SQL
  • Excellent understanding of programming languages such as Python and R
  • Strong data visualization skills
  • Understanding concepts behind statistics and mathematics

The annual average salary for a Data Analyst is approximately S$76,870 ($56,294)

Software Engineer

Our article ‘My job: Software Engineer, ’ a software engineer describes this individual as someone who“uses technology and programming to build products.” Often, software engineers “execute a technical vision through software to build a service or system.”

Software engineer's roles and responsibilities

  • Communicating with stakeholders about the requirements of the project
  • Ensuring that other team members understand the project requirements
  • Writing code high-quality code that is clean and comprehensible
  • Executing the full lifecycle of software development

Software engineer’s skills

  • Great collaboration and communication skills
  • Time management
  • Excellent coding skills with languages such as Python and JavaScript
  • Problem-solving skills

The annual average salary for a Software Engineer is approximately S$82,736 ($61,637)

AI Engineer

An artificial intelligence engineer uses artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts to develop applications and systems that increase an organization’s efficiency.

Artificial intelligence engineer’s roles and responsibilities

  • Designing and implementing machine learning, deep learning, and neural network algorithms to optimize output
  • Analyze and interpret large amounts of data to inform the development of AI models
  • Enhancing functionality by integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into existing or new software applications
  • Collaborate with other teams (data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software developers) to ensure that the AI models align with the organization's goals

Artificial intelligence engineer’s skills

  • Excellent programming skills, specifically using Python, Java, and C++
  • Understanding and experience with deep learning frameworks
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Problem-solving skills

The annual average salary for an Artificial Intelligence Engineer is approximately S$87,600 ($65,266)

Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer creates applications for mobile devices such as smartphones. This individual will create, design, and build device software. A mobile app developer may also create mobile versions of popular websites or computer applications.

Mobile app developer’s roles and responsibilities

  • Discuss application development with senior employees/employers
  • Ideate application features and design
  • Devise a plan for coding, testing, and releasing applications
  • Write code, debug, and patch application errors

Mobile app developer’s skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

The annual average salary for a Mobile App Developer is approximately S$90,486 (USD$67,445)

Information Security Analyst

This individual protects a company’s computer networks and systems from cyber-attacks and digital threats. Much like a cybersecurity specialist, an information security analyst will monitor networks and systems for breaches while ensuring the organization's security posture is strong.

Information security analyst’s roles and responsibilities

  • Monitor and maintain network and system security
  • Implement security prevention measures
  • Educate the organization on best practices to mitigate attacks
  • Create and lead incident report plans

Information security analyst’s skills

  • Deep understanding of cybersecurity concepts, principles, and technologies
  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with cybersecurity technologies such as firewalls and intrusion detection
  • Experience with vulnerability management

The annual average salary for an Information Security Analyst is approximately S$88,319 ($65,828)

DevOps Architect

A DevOps architect is responsible for creating, designing, and reviewing various stages of the software development lifecycle. This individual will collaborate with the software development and IT operations teams to streamline the software development process.

DevOps architect’s roles and responsibilities

  • Design and implement strategies related to continuous deployment
  • Automating continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines
  • Managing infrastructure
  • Selecting appropriate tools and technologies that suit the organization's goals

DevOps architect’s skills

  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
  • Experience building software and tools
  • Understanding of DevOps concepts
  • Knowledge of IT solutions

The annual average salary for a DevOps Architect is approximately S$104,041 ($77,533)

Data Scientist

As our previous article shows, data scientists are “responsible for analyzing and studying large data sets” and extrapolating meaningful insights from a mass of data. Cybernews Academy characterizes this field as multidisciplinary, as data science “combines various facets of computer science to solve some of the industry’s most complex data problems.”

Data scientist’s roles and responsibilities

  • Identify and interpret datasets
  • Use algorithms to improve data models
  • Analyze datasets and recognize patterns
  • Create data models

Data scientist skills

  • Mathematics
  • Software engineering knowledge
  • Machine learning knowledge
  • Business understanding
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and SAS

The average salary for a Data Scientist is approximately S$108,076 ($80,560)

Machine Learning Engineer

This individual is responsible for implementing machine learning applications or systems. A machine learning engineer will create programs and algorithms that allow automation. This may be in the form of self-driving vehicles or

Machine learning engineers’ roles and responsibilities

  • Strong fundamental computer science knowledge, data structures, and algorithms
  • End-to-end understanding of applications
  • Liaise with stakeholders and analyze business requirements
  • Analyze large data sets and glean meaningful insights from the information

Machine learning engineer’s skills

  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Strong understanding of the fundamentals of computer science
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Deep understanding of concepts related to machine learning

The average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is approximately S$123,715 ($92,166)

Cloud Architect

According to our previous articles, “a cloud architect is responsible for an organization's cloud computing infrastructure. These individuals work with cloud technologies to develop, design, maintain, and monitor cloud systems– this individual may also be in charge of implementing cloud computing solutions.”

Cloud architect’s roles and responsibilities

  • Understanding of cloud applications and architecture
  • Knowledge and experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Creating, managing, implementing, and deploying cloud architectures
  • Ensuring that applications and deployments are correctly deployed

Cloud architect’s skills

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#
  • Fundamental understanding of cybersecurity concepts
  • Knowledge of networks and cloud systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The annual average salary for a Cloud Architect is approximately S$135,168 ($100,740)

Data Architect

As described in our previous article, “a data architect plays a crucial role in reviewing and analyzing big data while dealing with an organization's data infrastructure. This individual will create procedures to ensure data accuracy and accessibility while collaborating with other teams to implement them company-wide.”

Data architect roles and responsibilities

  • Translating the needs of a business into databases, warehouses, and data streams
  • Analyzing, creating, and designing data architecture frameworks and procedures
  • Collaborating with other teams to implement data strategies
  • Developing and using APIs to retrieve data

Data architect skills

  • Analyzing and uncovering patterns and correlations in data sets
  • Proficient in languages such as Python, Java, and SQL
  • Understanding of machine learning techniques and concepts
  • Communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills

The annual average salary for a Data Architect is approximately S$147,286 ($109,777)

Like many other countries we have looked at throughout this series, many lucrative opportunities await you in Singapore. With a degree in computer science, information technology, or any other related field, you could land a high-paying job anywhere in the world post-graduation. Singapore has some of the most attractive, up-and-coming careers in IT, like AI engineers and machine learning engineers. Some extremely lucrative careers are more traditional, such as data architect, which could earn you roughly $147,000 annually. All of these careers play a valuable role in our society today, and with the rise in technological advancements like artificial intelligence, we can expect more jobs to come in 2024.