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Best-paid tech jobs in the U.S. 2023

With the advancement of new technologies comes the demand for qualified IT professionals who can contribute to these growing technology feats. Technological advancement has opened up various opportunities for individuals within the tech industry. With the advent of artificial intelligence, there is a greater need for those with the skills to command this technology. But we’re all interested in which jobs are best paid and how we can acquire these jobs post-graduation. We at Cybernews Academy have analyzed data from Linkedin and have found ten tech professions that look to be the most lucrative careers in the United States in 2023.

The best paid jobs in the U.S. are in descending order (from 10 to 1)

Data Security Analyst

These individuals ensure that computer networks and systems are secure from hackers and viruses.

Data security analyst responsibilities

  • Detecting and monitoring physical security software and network security
  • Performing testing
  • Awareness of evolving cybersecurity threats
  • Creating reports for partners and stakeholders

Data security analyst skills

  • Understanding of cybersecurity tools and techniques
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $71,226 annually.

Full-Stack Developer

According to LinkedIn, “By 2023, there will be over 27.7 million developers globally, making it one of the highest-paid IT careers.” A full-stack developer is an individual who can develop and/or engineer both frontend and backend systems. The front end is the part of the website or application that a user interacts with, and the back end refers to the data storage, processing, and other features you don’t see.

Full-stack developer’s roles and responsibilities

  • Scale extensive features or small applications while remaining focused on scalability and performance
  • Is aware of best practices and follows them
  • Effective communication between non-technical members of the organizations (including stakeholders)
  • Can work effectively independently and in a team environment

Full-stack developer’s skills

  • Knowledge and experience with programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, Python, and CSS
  • Understanding and experience with database management systems such as SQL or MongoDB
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git and GitHub
  • Great problem-solving, time management, and analytical skills

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $106,000 annually.

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for an organization's cloud computing infrastructure. These individuals work with cloud technologies to develop, design, maintain, and monitor cloud systems– this individual may also be in charge of implementing cloud computing solutions.

Cloud architect’s roles and responsibilities

  • Understanding of cloud applications and architecture
  • Knowledge and experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Creating, managing, implementing, and deploying cloud architectures
  • Ensuring that applications and deployments are correctly deployed

Cloud architect’s skills

  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#
  • Have a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity
  • Knowledge of networks and cloud systems
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $107,000 annually

Artificial Inteligence Engineer

With the rise of artificial intelligence in the past 12 months, AI engineers have become a much-needed part of everyday life. These individuals use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to develop systems and apps to promote efficiency, optimize organizations, improve profits, and save money.

Artificial intelligence engineer’s roles and responsibilities

  • Excellent understanding of programming languages such as Python and R
  • Strong knowledge of technologies related to artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning
  • Build and test AI software
  • Analyze data, algorithms, and statistics

Artificial intelligence engineer’s skills

  • A robust fundamental knowledge of computer science and mathematics
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience with data management and analysis

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $110,000 annually.

Mobile Applications Developer

We all know that mobile applications saturate all aspects of our everyday lives. We use these apps daily and may not know where we would be without them. That’s when mobile application developers jump in. A mobile applications developer writes software programs for use across mobile operating systems.

Mobile applications developer roles and responsibilities

  • Developing application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Produce new mobile products and applications
  • Use and adapt existing web applications for apps
  • Perform user research

Mobile applications skills

  • Knowledge of a programming language like Java or Swift
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with external libraries and APIs
  • Oral and written communication skills

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $111,468 annually.

Software Architect

A software architect is an individual who improves software and technology systems for commerce. They are often called senior-level developers responsible for software design and structure. This individual engages in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and often makes design choices, coordinates teams, and enforces coding standards.

Software architect roles and responsibilities

  • Researches technical standards and analyzes tools used within projects
  • Communicating business requirements
  • Background in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or any other related field
  • Excellent analytical skills

Software architect skills

  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of software
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

The average salary for a software architect is approximately $114,000 annually

Software Engineering Manager

A software engineering manager is responsible for the work of other software engineers. This individual may be expected to lead multiple teams and projects while managing day-to-day implementation activities. Software engineering managers will be expected to lead their teams and ensure that their work adheres to specific standards set by the company.

Software engineer manager’s roles and responsibilities

  • Guide and manage a team of software engineers through their daily tasks and engineering activities
  • Establish and maintain the expectations of the team
  • Manage relationships with the stakeholders and ensure that the team's work complies with standards, legal, and business requirements
  • Preemptively plan dependencies between other groups and deliver products and applications to standard

Software engineer manager’s skills

  • Experience leading large teams and managing projects
  • Excellent understanding of automation and continuous delivery methods
  • Excellent knowledge of the software development lifecycle
  • Background in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or any related field

The average salary for a software engineer manager is approximately $134,156 annually.

DevOps Engineer

Coming third place in the top ten best-paid IT careers is the DevOps Engineer. In a conversation with DevOps Engineer Ozzie Iyambo, we discussed the nature of his position. “A DevOps Engineer is a person who employs techniques, practices, and tools that aid in producing high-quality applications. DevOps engineers also focus heavily on the software development lifecycle and work as a bridge between software developers and IT operations teams.”

DevOps engineer's roles and responsibilities

  • Reviewing systems logs for applications
  • Responding to alerts to ensure optimal performance of applications
  • Reviewing codes
  • Deploying updates

DevOps engineer’s skills

  • Excellent coding and scripting skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Ruby
  • Excellent understanding of automation and configuration management tools
  • Knowledge of public cloud resources such as AWS

The average salary for a data scientist is approximately $95,000 - $140,000 annually.

Data Scientist

Data scientist was the second highest-paid job in the United States in 2023. Due to technological advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science is a lucrative and profitable career. Our previous article states that “data scientists are responsible for analyzing and studying large data sets” and extrapolating meaningful insights from a mass of data. Cybernews Academy characterizes this field as multidisciplinary, as data science “combines various facets of computer science to solve some of the industry’s most complex data problems.”

Data scientist’s roles and responsibilities

  • Identify and interpret datasets
  • Use algorithms to improve data models
  • Analyze datasets and recognize patterns
  • Create data models

Data scientist skills

  • Mathematics
  • Software engineering knowledge
  • Machine learning knowledge
  • Business understanding
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and SAS

The average salary for a data scientist is approximately $150,000 annually.

Information Systems Security Manager

The highest paying IT in the United States 2023 will be an information systems security manager. This role encompasses various facets of cybersecurity as this individual helps prevent viruses and helps strengthen a company’s overall security posture. According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), this role may fall under many titles: ISSO, Cybersecurity Officer, or Enterprise Security Officer. CISA states that this role is responsible for the cybersecurity of a program, organization, system, or enclave.

As cited by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA)

Information Systems Security Manager roles and responsibilities

  • Advise senior management of risks and security posture
  • Collect and manage data needed for cybersecurity reports
  • Evaluate, validate, and implement security actions
  • Communicate IT security throughout the organization

Information Systems Security Manager skills

  • Business understanding
  • Risk management knowledge
  • Knowledge of network security architecture
  • Knowledge of encryption algorithms

The average salary for an information systems security manager is approximately $155,010 annually.

Throughout 2023, we've seen various technological advancements, from machine learning to artificial intelligence. These robust technologies cannot continue to develop and evolve without the help of qualified professionals. So, if you are thinking about a career in IT post-graduation, why consider a lucrative career in one of the above fields? Like all information technology careers, an individual should have various skills and competencies you can gain at university and through self-study. Consider taking a degree in computer science and other related fields to get the best start in your new career.