Academy Review: SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is a private and state-accredited university that has six schools located in three cities in Germany - Berlin, Hamburg, and Dresden. All schools have different departmental focuses: technology, business, hospitality, innovation, music, and design.

The university offers 47 English-taught bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs. The international focus is one of the pillars of the university, encouraging students to gain a global perspective and to study and work with fellow students from around the world. SRH’s skill- and project-focused approach to learning helps students develop their hard and soft skills in projects and internships while strengthening their employability.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences was created in 2019 when three SRH universities were merged, more specifically, SRH Hochschule Berlin including SRH Hotel-Akademie Dresden, SRH Hochschule der populären Künste and SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design. In 2020, SRH also opened a campus in Hamburg, Germany.

Alumnus Karanveer Singh Golan

I have done my Master's Degree in Computer Science, focusing on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. I had a great learning experience at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. The study course gave me great exposure and the chance to learn various subjects, including programming languages, machine learning, company projects, scientific work, data science, data analytics, cloud computing and various other latest technology projects, including new platforms, technologies, and approaches. The administration and the professors were very helpful during my studies, which helped me with my learning experience. I successfully completed my internship at BMW while writing my Master's thesis in the final semester.

SRH Alumnus
Karanveer Singh Golan


SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is located in three cities - Berlin, Dresden, and Hamburg. Each town has its unique and vibrant atmosphere, where you will find various activities, networking opportunities, and cultural treasures.

Let’s look at some of the captivating elements of these three cities that make them unique.


Berlin is a bustling city located in the northern-eastern part of Germany. Its geography puts Berlin at the center of Europe. The town is close to other major European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. Berlin is vibrant, brimming with diversity and multiculturalism. There’s something for everyone in beautiful, bustling Berlin.

Here are some places to visit in Berlin:

  • Food Markets - visit Markthalle Neun, where you can explore Berlin's diverse food choices.
  • Parks and lakes - visit some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe that boast stunning lakes and scenic views. It’s a perfect place to dip in a lake or relax in the summer sun. Tiergarten, Volkspark, and Friedrichshain are among the few parks in Berlin offering various activities and events. Fancy a swim? Why not visit Wannsee, Muggelsee, or Schlachtensee.
  • When you’ve ceased gorging on German cuisine and finished floating in Berlin's incredible lakes, discover the city’s eclectic selection of street art. Visit Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain to observe the creative side of the city.


Dresden is the picturesque capital city of Saxony in eastern Germany. Dresden is called “Florence on Elbe” due to its beautiful Baroque Renaissance architecture and scenic views along Elbe.

  • Interested in history? You should visit the magnificent Dresden Castle, which houses museums like the Green Vault and the Pillnitz Palace.
  • If you’re into the eccentric, visit the Neustadt district, best known for its street art, collection of cafes, and artistic atmosphere.
  • There is an array of cultural delights to observe in Dresden. Why not wander through a network of museums and galleries while feasting your eyes on beautiful artwork and historic artifacts? Some of the best galleries and museums include the Old Masters Picture Gallery and the Dresden Armory.


Hamburg is a modern city on the Elbe River in northern Germany. This bustling city is the second largest next to Berlin. Despite its contemporary outlook, the architecture reflects the old-world flair that makes Hamburg unique. The city is a place of individuality and has retained its eccentric and cultured nature.

Here are the things you should do when studying in Hamburg:

  • Visit the Miniature Wonderland, an adorable mix of hand-crafted models featuring the world’s most significant model runway.
  • Fancy a fright? Visit the Hamburg Dungeon to learn the area's gruesome history.
  • You can enjoy various festivals and events throughout the year, from Film Festivals to Parades and Funfares. There are also popular music and sporting events.

Unique features of SRH Berlin

A new campus is coming in 2024

SRH Berlin University is upgrading its campus in 2024 by uniting three main university locations in Berlin. The new university campus can be found in the exceptional area of Berlin-Neukolln, beside the water and “just a stone's throw away from the Berlin ring railway.” This contemporary campus offers 12,000 square meters to roam around, developed with state-of-the-art facilities to help students gain knowledge and develop their skills.

This campus is a new location for the Berlin School of Management, Berlin School of Technology, Berlin School of Popular Arts, and the Berlin Schools of Design and Communication.

The new campus features four engineering labs, three film and photography studios, two creative studios, and practice rooms and workshops. The campus has an extensive library with various areas for students to relax and breathe. The campus is in the borough of Neukolln, a well-loved place that is extremely popular among students and creatives.

Dual degree program- Sustainable Battery Production Engineering

One of SRH Berlin’s most enticing technology degrees is the Sustainable Battery Production Engineering dual degree program. This degree is a master’s program featuring four semesters and practical study. Throughout this program, you will gain a thorough understanding of battery production while learning about production engineering, battery technology, and sustainability management. Thanks to the dual focus, you develop your knowledge and skills in the classroom and apply them during your work for your chosen partner company. This unique course offers an exciting new way to study against the backdrop of Berlin’s technological landscape, host to Tesla’s largest European Gigafactory and the tech giant Siemens. Upon completion, you have the opportunity to work in various fields:

  • Automotive industry
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Manufactures of other battery types
  • Recycling solutions for batteries
  • Consulting and training in battery production
  • Digital industrial and service applications

Through this course, you will have the opportunity to obtain a Siemens Mechatronic Systems certificate and a Battery Technician certification.

Computing study programs

SRH Berlin offers a range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that cover a wide range of disciplines. These courses aim to invoke innovation, cultivate curiosity, and promote professional success.

Below, you can find the computing programs present at the University of Applied Sciences:

Bachelor’s degree programs

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science - Healthcare Management
  • Web Development
  • Applied Mechatronic Systems

Master’s degree programs

  • Computer Science - Cyber Security
  • Computer Science - Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Let’s have a look at each program and what they offer.

Computer Science

This Computer Science program is six semesters long (if fast-tracked) or seven if you choose to complete an internship.

Why choose this program?

  • Become a programming expert who knows how to handle the internet, cloud, and mobile technologies.
  • In the spirit of German efficiency, your studies are divided into 5-week blocks, which allows you to focus on two subjects throughout this duration. This means you won’t lose focus and can concentrate on what matters.
  • You will study in small teams through practice-oriented tasks that will provide you with a lot of practical experience.

Here are some subjects that you will study during this program:

  • Physical and Technical Fundamentals of Computing
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Embedded Systems
  • Advanced-Data Exploration for AI
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Engineering Teamwork I: Applied Computer Science Lab
  • Agile Project and Risk Management

You will write your Bachelor's Thesis in the last semester (either semester six or seven).

Computer Science - Healthcare Management program is six semesters long (if fast-tracked) or seven if you choose to complete an internship.

  • There is a high demand for experts with specific skills related to IT and healthcare. Through this course, you could secure yourself a great high-paying job post-graduation.
  • Throughout this program, you will learn essential methods, principles, and techniques of the most critical programming paradigms, associated markup, and programming languages.
  • You can choose from a range of careers in various fields. You could land a spot in leading roles in the healthcare sector, pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, sales, quality manager, and many more.

Here are some subjects that you will be studying during this program:

  • Physical and Technical Fundamentals of Computing
  • Introduction to Healthcare Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Embedded Systems
  • Advanced-Data Exploration for AI
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Agile Project and Risk Management

The Computer Science program is seven semesters long and includes an internship.

Why choose this program?

  • You will have an extremely versatile curriculum that will include subjects like interaction design, UX design, usability engineering, script languages, business informatics, and social media.
  • Upon graduation, you can move into various roles, for example, UX/UI designer, Web developer, Social media engineer, or E-learning expert.
  • You will work on assignments for clients worldwide during your studies, which is an excellent opportunity to network and create industry links– setting yourself up for a seamless start to your professional career.

Here are some subjects that you will be studying during your program:

  • Design Basics
  • Computer Science | Programming
  • Design and Media Studies
  • Software Engineering | Distributed Software Systems (Cooperation Project)
  • Instructional Design and Digital Learning Environment
  • Content Marketing and SEO/SEM Strategy
  • Scientific Colloquium
  • Game Design and Game Development | VR/AR Unity

Applied Mechatronic Systems

The Applied Mechatronics program is seven semesters long.

Why choose this program?

  • Your knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science will help you design complete solutions for electromechanical systems.
  • You develop not only your hard and technical but also your soft skills. This will set you apart from other applicants in the job market.
  • Through this course, you will gain the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certificate, part of your curriculum. Adding this to your resume will be a great way to kick-start your career.

Here are the subjects that you will be learning during your degree:

  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Analogue Electronics
  • Statistics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Internet of Things and Cloud Technologies
  • Engineering Teamwork IV: Embedded Systems Lab
  • Drives and Power Electronics

Master level degrees

Computer Science - Cyber Security

The Computer Science - Cyber Security program is three semesters long (if fast-tracked) or four semesters if you choose to complete an internship.

Why choose this program?

  • You become proficient in IT Security Management, Penetration Testing, Data Analysis, and Artificial Intelligence and learn about topics like Blockchain, DevSecOps, and existing cryptocurrencies.
  • You have a wide range of career paths to choose from. You could become an IT consultant or information security specialist and take on management positions at risk analysis companies, public and financial institutions, and central banks.
  • You will study topics in small groups, providing an intimate setting where you can converse freely with your course leader and your fellow students. This course will take a more hands-on, practical approach to learning.

Here are some subjects that you will be studying in this program:

  • Tools & Methods of Data Analysis
  • Security Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence
  • IT Security Management & DevOps
  • Cyber Security Management Project

In Semester 3, you will be writing your Master’s Thesis.

Computer Science - Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The Computer Science - Cyber Security program is three semesters long (Fast Track) or four if you choose to complete an internship.

Why choose this program?

  • You extend your programming and software development knowledge. In addition, you learn the latest big data technologies and how to implement AI and machine learning tools in the business environment.
  • You will develop intercultural, managerial, and communication skills with practical projects during your studies.
  • Upon graduation, you can choose from business analytics, marketing, strategic management, and IT management positions.

Here are some subjects that you will have during your studies:

  • Tools & Methods of Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Solutions

In Semester 3, you will be completing your Master’s Thesis.

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Image by SRH

Entry requirements and application deadline:

All universities have specific entry requirements, each with separate acceptance rates. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees have different entry criteria:

Let’s take a look at bachelor’s degree entry requirements.

Bachelor’s degree entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education Diploma from your country. If you have not graduated yet, you must provide a transcript of your grades.
  • Proof of English language proficiency

Accepted English language tests are TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, IELTS, CPE, Pearson English Test Academic, Linguaskill and Duolingo.

For required test scores, please visit the website.

  • CV
  • Copy of your ID or passport
  • Please note that most of the technical Bachelor’s degrees at SRH Berlin are direct entry which means that applicants do not need to do a foundation year before starting their studies.

You will also participate in an interview online or in person.

Master’s degree entry requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a similar study area. You must provide a transcript of your grades.
  • CV
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Accepted English language tests are TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, IELTS, CPE, Pearson English Test Academic, Linguaskill and Duolingo.

For required test scores, please visit the website.

  • Letter of motivation
  • Copy of your ID or passport.

You need to apply through the Application Portal.

Every program will have two intakes - winter and summer.

The winter semester will start on October 1.

You should apply for the winter intake by August 15 or earlier if you need a visa.

The summer semester will begin on April 1, but we suggest applying before February 28 or earlier if you need a visa. For more information, visit the page here.