Student Stories

Climbing and coding in Colorado
BS Computer Science - The University of Colorado Boulder
We sat down with Nathan Khazam to discuss his revolutionary research projects, his exceptional programming skills, and incredible academic journey at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Trailblazing the quantum cloud
Ph.D. in Quantum Cloud Computing - University of Melbourne
Meet Hoa Nguyen a Ph.D. student studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia. We spoke to Hoa about his exhaustive educational journey, his time in academia, and how changed his academic pathway.
Computer science in New York City
MS Computer Science - New York University
We sat down with Charan Kandasamy Raja a Computer Science student at New York University to discuss his academic success, the structure of his course, and his plans for the future.
Code, collaboration, and culture
MSc Computer Software Engineer - University of Melbourne
We sat down with Quang Nguyen a computer doftware engineering master's student at the University of Melbourne. We discussed Quang's course, his academic experience, and how he managed moving to Melbourne.
Up-and-coming entrepreneur
BI Computer Science and Finance - Queensland University of Technology
We sat down with Taylah McCullough, a Finance and Computer Science student at the Queensland University of Technology to discuss her unique academic, how she's juggling a dual degree, and pursuing a entrepreneurial pathway.
From industry to education
MS Information Technology - University of Technology Sydney
We sat down with Bharat Naganath to discuss his university experience and how he came to study information technology at the University of Technology Sydney
Future tech tycoon
BS Computer Science and Engineering - UCLA
We sat down with Harshith Senthilkumaran to talk about his experience at UCLA and all he has achieved throughout his time at university.
Inspired by AI and driven by data
BS Data science and Artificial Intelligence - Nanyang Technological University
We sat down with Yiji Suk to discuss how he navigates his data science and artificial intelligence degree at Nanyang Technological University.
Coding across the globe
BSc Computer Science and Statistics - University of British Columbia
We sat down with Yanjie Yu, a third year student studying Computer Science with Statistics to discuss her academic adventures at the University of British Columbia.
Mastering the art of Cybersecurity
MS-Cybersecurity - Pennsylvania State University
We sat down with Kartik Khurana a master's student studying cybersecurity to discuss his experience at Pennsylvania State University.
Computing passion applied in Singapore
BS Computer Science - Nanyang Technological University
We sat down with Kshitij Parashar, a fourth year computer science student at Nanyang Technological University to discuss his experience navigating university life.
Technology, tenacity, and triumph
BEng Computer Engineering - McGill University
We sat down with Natalia Andrea Lucena Henao to discuss her academic journey while studying Computer Engineering at McGill University.