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Mantas Sasnauskas

Mantas Sasnauskas

Mantas Sasnauskas is the Head of Security Research and a cybersecurity expert at Cybernews. He conducts research, hunts for new and emerging threats, and writes insights and commentary at Cybernews.

He has a broad range of knowledge in multiple infosecurity domains focusing on threat intelligence, cyber-psychology, and privacy. Mantas previously conducted academic research, and was developing a new cybersecurity product based on the current threat landscape. He has held talks at the OWASP foundation, where he is also one of the Chapter Leaders.

Mantas is a fan of hardware hacking, and he's especially interested in side-channel attacks. He is an advocate of mental health in information security, and a firm supporter of privacy as a basic human right. He has a passion for cooking, enjoys hiking, and loves watching the stars.