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Best antivirus software for Mac in 2024

Even with their built-in protection tools, Mac devices are just as vulnerable to malware threats as any other computers. The macOS computers come with xProtect system to secure from malware threats; however, it’s not as powerful of a tool as standalone security software.

With a premium antivirus for Mac, you can secure your device from known and zero-day threats and improve its performance. A standalone antivirus has tools to run in-depth scans on your device to find malware and other vulnerabilities. However, finding a reliable antivirus for macOS devices can be difficult.

In this guide, I have provided the best Mac antivirus software recommendations, relying on a combination of Cybernews testing data and data from independent testing labs.

Note: The Cybernews team regularly tests the best antivirus apps on the market to help you decide which ones are the most reliable and trustworthy.

5 best antivirus for macOS

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Why Mac users need antivirus software

In the past, Macs were less targeted by malware, leading some to believe they didn’t need another reliable antivirus. But things have changed. As Macs become more popular, cybercriminals are turning to this overlooked platform.

Why is this happening? While Windows has been the dominant operating system since 2013, Mac adoption is rising, especially in business. JumpCloud’s Q1 2024 SME IT Trends Report reveals that the use of macOS has grown by 22%. This has led cybercriminal groups to try targeting Macs because there's a lot of competition in the Windows world.

A survey by Moonlock found that over 50% of people have experienced malware, hacking, or fraud on Macs. While built-in technologies like Gatekeeper and xProtect offer some protection for Mac, they have their own limitations. Gatekeeper stops bad apps but doesn’t check for existing viruses. It relies on the App Store or Notarization and updates infrequently. XProtect finds known viruses but might miss new ones and doesn’t scan often.

To put it simply, you need antivirus software for your Mac. Apple’s security measures are okay, but antivirus adds an extra layer of security. With the rise in Mac-focused cybercrime, it’s not something to ignore.

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Recent updates
We tested our antivirus in April 2024 and checked other labs' tests to update our rankings. Norton 360 Deluxe gained first place in our lineup due to our latest test results. As the use of macOS is rising, I looked for the latest cyber-attacks to understand the intent of a reliable antivirus better. Thus, I renewed our provider descriptions, including the newest security features and our test results.

The best Mac antivirus in 2024 – detailed list

We tested 25 antivirus programs with Mac, so you don’t have to. When testing, we looked into their threat protection rates, ran some in-house tests, and looked at functionalities that a regular user would require, like a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use apps. We also evaluated overall performance and features.

1. Norton 360 Deluxe – the best antivirus for macOS in 2024

Norton antivirus banner
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.12 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get up to 58% OFF Norton Antivirus

Norton 360 is the best antivirus protection from malicious software for Macs due to its highly effective malware detection and removal. Additionally, with it, the CPU load is on the lower side, and you receive an advanced set of features but with an especially easy-to-use interface. This means that antivirus will not be resource-heavy, won’t slow down your Mac, and will suit even beginner users.

Malware scans and protection. For real-time protection, Norton 360 uses AI and machine learning to find and stop new malware, viruses, spyware, and ransomware right away. Additionally, there are three malware scan types overall: Quick, Full, and Custom. There's also scan for junk files.

During our tests, Norton 360 consistently caught all the trickiest macOS malware types and other unwanted programs. However, note that for us, the full system scan took over 10 minutes and 70-100% CPU load, which is a pretty normal result.

Independent results. According to the newest AV-TEST results, Norton 360 for Mac blocks 100% of the risks. It was evaluated with max points 6/6 in protection, performance and usability categories.

Features. Norton boasts high-quality security features for Mac, including a smart firewall to prevent unauthorized access, parental controls, cloud backup, and more additional functionalities. While reviewing Norton antivirus, I liked the system optimization tool, which quickly cleans up and optimizes the device's performance. This feature is not so special, as providers like TotalAV, Intego and others also offer it. But I liked that it’s easy to use and understand.

Another great thing is that Norton Secure VPN is included in the subscription. Included in our best VPNs list this VPN offers all the basic necessities (blocks ads and secures your Wi-Fi connections). Additionally, I appreciated Norton's dark web monitoring, as it informs if any user data has been leaked or breached. The interface of the tool is clean and simple, thus, it’s easy to navigate and review alerts if anything happens.


The biggest drawback I encountered is that Norton takes you to the browser, providers dashboard for certain features (like parental controls or Dark Web Monitoring), which can quickly become inconvenient.

Pricing. Norton 360 Deluxe for Mac offers a free 7-day trial. The subscription price starts at $29.99 for the first year for 5 devices. If anything, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. There are also other plans like Norton Antivirus Plus and Standard plan for 1 device, and Norton 360 Advanced for up to 10 devices.

2. TotalAV Mac Antivirus & Security – great antivirus for Mac with a rich security suite

totalav antivirus banner
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.9 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get TotalAV, now 80% OFF!

TotalAV is another great antivirus for Mac due to its strong real-time protection and excellent malware scan selection. But what’s more important is that this provider ensures 100% success in removing malware.

Malware scans and protection. There are several different scan types based on your needs – Quick, System, Smart, and Custom. Depending on the scan type, it can either be a quick scan or a thorough, in-depth system scan.

Firstly, during our in-house TotalAV testing, we focused on checking the antivirus real-time protection features. After giving TotalAV all the needed permissions, including turning on a special real-time protection module in the system settings, it ran smoothly. Then we tested it with malware samples we downloaded beforehand. The real-time scanning caught 90% of the prepped malware. Also, it identified malware samples from live websites as they were downloaded.

In our tests, the System scan was very reliable when catching malware, too. It caught all zero-day and 4-week-old malware threats. Just a minor downside – during our system scan, we noted a spike of 99% of the CPU resources, but it dropped quickly. TheWhile the Smart scan was also useful in catching our device vulnerabilities (like old installations and duplicate files).

Independent test results. The latest independent tests on macOS with TotalAV were conducted in 2022 by AV-TEST. Antivirus suite scores were perfect in all categories: protection, performance and usability. What is most impressive – TotalAV returned zero false detections during a system scan.

Features. TotalAV offers one of the most feature-rich security suites among all our top providers. Like Norton 360, it offers a built-in password manager and VPN. However, personally, I prefer Nortons VPN, as it offers a smoother interface and is much more user-friendly.

Additionally, TotalAV has a System Tune-up tool, which quickly removes all duplicate and junk files from our system. One more feature I appreciated is TotalAV ad blocking and tracker blocking as they proved to be very effective. During testing, it figured out which websites needed specific JavaScript for basic stuff and still got rid of the ads without causing any problems or slowing down browsing.


Unfortunately, there’s not much scalability with TotalAV. You won’t be able to protect more than 8 devices. If you want to secure more devices, we recommend opting out for other leading antivirus providers like Avira (up to 50 devices) or Norton (up to 10 devices).

Pricing. TotalAV Total Security subscription offers full protection on six devices at once. The prices start at $19.00 for the first year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also try TotalAV’s limited free version for one device.

3. Bitdefender Total Security for Mac – high-performance macOS antivirus with minimal system impact

Bitdefender interface
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.10 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get Bitdefender for up to 50% OFF!

Bitdefender is one of the top antiviruses for MacBook on the market, as this security tool combines innovative technologies to create a robust shield against the latest cyber threats like ransomware, spyware, viruses, and other online threats.

Malware scans and protection. Bitdefender antivirus offers Quick, System, and Custom scans. Moreover, Bitdefender provides continuous protection against viruses and ransomware in real-time. As for our own Bitdefender antivirus test, the service detected 9 out of 10 malicious files.

It’s also worth noting that this antivirus is very gentle with your Mac’s resources, keeping the speed and performance mostly unaffected. In fact, for us, even the full scan spiked at the highest at only 50% of the CPU load, which is a lot less when compared to TotalAV’s and Norton's results. The lower the CPU load, the less antivirus slows down your Mac.

We also tried a Quick scan and it took 3 min 37s to complete and scanned almost 4000 files. The full System scan took 24 min 05s and scanned more than 163.000 files. It managed to catch 9 out of 10 zero-day threats, so this scan type provides truly reliable protection for your device. Unfortunately, the unique Vulnerability scan is only available on Windows devices. Meanwhile, just like TotalAV, Bitdefender does offer a Smart scan for Mac users to find system vulnerabilities.

Independent tests. During AV-TEST latest antivirus evaluation with Mac, Bitdefender got max points in all categories. Moreover, AV-Comparatives conducted Mac Security Test & Review, which included Bitdefender. Here the provider also got a high 99.7% score for Mac protection, showing it's safe and secure.

Features. Bitdefender comes with features like VPN, anti-theft, and anti-tracker. Moreover, Bitdefender has a trustworthy ad blocker that blocks ads and trackers from targeting your data. I found this feature to be easy to use and got to customize the settings quite a lot.

Additionally, I enjoyed using Bitdefender's Safe Files feature, which is exclusive to macOS. It lets you pick which folders are important so the antivirus keeps them safe from ransomware. Plus, it protects your personal info and lets you decide which apps can make changes to those files.


However, unlike Norton 360 and TotalAV, Bitdefender lacks system optimization tools on Mac. What also frustrated me a bit is that, just like with Norton, you must download a separate app for the parental controls tool.

Pricing. The pricing plans of Bitdefender start from $29.99/year, but if you want protection for macOS, you have to opt for Bitdefender Total Security, which costs $49.99/year. Each package includes automatic updates and premium customer support. This plan covers up to 5 devices, but you can scale your subscription and secure up to 15 devices total.

4. Intego Mac Internet Security – reliable Mac protection from malware

Intego antivirus screenshot
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.10 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get Intego, now 60% OFF!

Intego is one of a few antivirus programs that were initially developed for macOS devices. Yet, while the modern app motivates to use the antivirus, the performance of this provider stays miles behind TotalAV or Norton 360.

Malware scans and protection. Like our other providers, Intego provides quick scan and full scans. After our last test with Intego, we focused on real-time protection against MacOS threats. It detected 8 out of 10 malicious files, achieving an 80% protection rate.

In Quick scanning, 6 out of 10 malware were quarantined, and in full scanning, 8 out of 10 were identified and removed, showing Intego's effectiveness with an 80% success rate. Overall, these are not so-upsetting results, and for sure, during our tests, we saw that Intego on macOS performed better than Windows.

Independent tests. During the latest AV-TEST, Intego didn’t perform as well as our top providers, Norton and TotalAV. It lost half a point in protection and one point in performance, meaning that it slows down standard software applications. On the other hand, AV-Comparatives approved Intego for Mac when the provider scored 99.4% for malware protection.

Features. Intego antivirus was originally created for macOS, and this shows when comparing the macOS and Windows versions. The macOS version is more advanced, with extra features. It has 5 different apps, which might be confusing at first but gets easier over time. Intego includes features such as NetBarrier, which acts like an advanced firewall, personal backup, parental controls, and more. We tested Intego’s system optimizer tool, and just like with Norton or TotalAV, it’s a simplistic feature that helps you clean duplicate files and organize files into folders.

I was impressed with Intego’s parental controls feature, which didn’t require a separate app, and has a lot of customization to set it for your needs.Moreover, I appreciated the Intego Washing Machine feature, which reclaims scans for unused files in caches, downloads, logs, and trash to free up space. It is nice to have a system optimization tool which offers additional perks to organize and tidy up your virtual workspace. All scans are fast, but, I think it might take longer on nearly full storage.


You’ll also get two additional security apps with the Intego Mac Internet Security bundle. The VirusBarrier will prevent viruses, spyware, and other malware threats from targeting your device, and NetBarrier is an advanced two-way firewall that protects from unknown devices and apps. There’s also an Intego VPN, but you must purchase it separately.

Pricing. Lastly, Intego prices start at $19.99/year. Although the service is paid-only, it offers a free 7-day trial with all its plans. Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Surfshark Antivirus – versatile macOS antivirus with a VPN

Surfshark AV banner
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 11.0 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get Surfshark Antivirus - 80% OFF + 3 months FREE!

Surfshark Antivirus is an all-included antivirus option for Macs. It provides robust real-time protection from all types of online threats for a rather low price.

Malware scans and protection. Viruses, trojans, worms, intrusive apps – you name it, Surfshark promises to take care of it. However,, when we tested the program, it didn't perform as well as, for example, Norton and TotalAV antiviruses. Surfshark only found 7 out of 10 threats. Plus, the CPU load was rather low – only 22% when going through the full 25-minute system scan, with momentary spikes that didn’t interfere too much with our device use.

Surfshark has full, quick, and folder scans. With the folder scan, you can drag and drop the files you want to scan for threats. We have overviewed all these scans in our Surfshark antivirus review and found them to be efficient and successful.

Independent tests. This antivirus has been tested only with Windows version in 2022.

Features. Surfshark antivirus is not so feature-rich as other competitors, but there’s something that just can’t be excluded when speaking about this provider – the Surfshark VPN. It offers over 3200 servers in 100 countries and is also great for security, streaming, and torrenting.

One of the key features also worth noting is the Surfshark Alert – it warns you about any data breaches so you can take action before any damage is done. I like how it’s comparable with Norton’s dark web monitoring feature – the interface is clean and simple, easy to use.


And if you’re not a fan of Google, Surfshark Search will let you browse ad-free and anonymously (without collecting your data) – I tested this feature and didn’t encounter any ads while browsing.

Unfortunately for Surfshark antivirus, it’s pretty limited feature-wise. There are no firewall or device optimization tools that other top-rated antivirus offers, like TotalAV or Norton. So, on the basis of an antivirus tool, it hardly compares to others on this list.

Pricing. For only $47.85/year, you can get excellent antivirus security for unlimited devices. As if that’s not enough, you can also try the service out with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. NordVPN Threat Protection – real-time protection with market-leading VPN for macOS

NordVPN threat protection banner
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 12.0 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get NordVPN Antivirus – 69% OFF + 3 months FREE!

The NordVPN Threat Protection serves as an additional layer of protection for your Mac. It’s a feature designed to protect your device from malicious code and potentially malicious websites.

Malware scans and protection. Deep scan here means cloud-based threat detection. Our tests show a 90% success rate when trying to open a malware-hosting website, for example.

NordVPN Threat Protection is not a full antivirus because it doesn't have key antivirus features like scanning disks, performing system-wide or folder-specific scans, ensuring anti-tampering measures for system processes, or detecting past infections. It focuses on preventing new infections from internet browsers by scanning downloaded files. Yet, you can choose between deep and regular file scans. The deep scan checks the files in the cloud without your input, while the regular scan simply scans your downloads.

Independent tests. Unfortunately, there are no independent lab test results yet to compare with other providers on this list.

Features. Mac Threat Protection isn't a complete antivirus like TotalAV or Norton, lacking some key features. That includes optimization tools, virus scans, or a firewall. As we have noted in our NordVPN Threat Protection review, this antivirus runs in the background all the time – even if you don’t connect to a VPN but have a NordVPN app installed and the Threat Protection feature enabled on your device.

What I mostly liked about this Threat Protection is that it also blocks various ads, like pop-ups and banners, to improve your browsing experience – I’ve tested it with various types of ads, and it even managed to block YouTube advertisements.


If you’re looking for a great overall tool for your device protection, NordVPN Threat Protection might be a solution for you. It offers market leading VPN with robust extras for your security. However, if you want more antivirus-oriented software, you may opt for other providers on this list.

Pricing. NordVPN Threat Protection is a lightweight and reliable security solution for your Macbook. Threat Protection comes together with every NordVPN plan – starting from only $3.09/month.

7. Avira Free Antivirus for Mac – robust antivirus with free version for Mac

Avira Antivirus review
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.10 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get 1 year of Avira at 43% OFF!

Avira antivirus offers lightweight solutions for Mac and has powerful features like real-time protection and in-depth scans. This antivirus adds a firm security layer to your macOS, including a password manager and a VPN. Moreover, it’s one of the best free options.

Malware scans and protection. As noted in our Avira antivirus review, there’s a real-time virus scan to analyze all files you use or click. Detected suspicious items are placed into quarantine, where you can delete them safely. But there are regular malware scans, too, including Quick, Full, and Smart scans.

We’ve put Avira to the test and can confirm that it is effective – the antivirus detected all 10 malicious files with a quick scan. However, during the full scan, the CPU load was rather high, varying from 54% to 86%, and it took a whole 35 mins, which was a bit longer than with TotalAV, for comparison.

Independent tests. The newest AV-TEST review reveals that Avira excels in performance and usability but loses a point in protection. However, the effectiveness of this antivirus confirms AV-Comparatives – for Mac malware protection, Avira scores 99%.

Features. Like other top antivirus providers, Avira includes a VPN with its subscription. However, we found it to be very limited since you get only a 500MB data cap each month. Norton, on the other hand, offers unlimited VPN. We liked that in the same Protection options tab, Avira has a Web protection feature that prevents threats like phishing and spam, Email protection, and Ransomware protection. Additionally, there’s the junk remover, which can quickly and efficiently remove duplicates and temporary files.

I appreciated that Avira also includes a simplistic password manager, that has a password generator.


Avira Free Security for Mac offers many features for free, but most need a paid subscription, limiting its usefulness, and the constant sales pitches are annoying.

Pricing. When it comes to Avira antivirus price, there’s a free version that is available for Mac, but it doesn’t include email or Internet protection. The first paid tier, Avira Antivirus Pro, costs $26.99/year. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. Malwarebytes – secure Mac antivirus with privacy protection features

Maximum devices:20
macOS compatibilty:OS 10.12 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get Malwarebytes, now 25% OFF

Malwarebytes is a lightweight Mac antivirus with a fully-developed VPN in its Premium plan. Additionally, it utilizes the Security Advisor dashboard to inform the user of Mac cybersecurity issues.

Malware scans and protection. On MacOS, Malwarebytes offers only one scanning option. Though they don't specify, it seems to be a quick scan because it finishes in a few seconds and checks just a couple of thousand files due to the caching system.

Our Mac Malwarebytes app detected all 10 malicious files during our in-house testing. We liked that Malwarebytes will perform it very quickly with low CPU usage.

Independent tests. Currently, there are no Malwarebytes Mac version independent tests.

Features. When trying Malwarebytes on macOS, I realized it's a very empty application. There's a free Browser Guard web extension that blocks malicious sites, turns off ads, and neutralizes trackers. Furthermore, premium subscribers can use its Privacy VPN for secure, unrestricted Internet access and public Wi-Fi safety. One thing to note is an App block feature, which blocks applications from unidentified developers.


However, it's not so special cause macOS already does that.

Pricing. To benefit fully, Malwarebytes costs $38.24/year with a 14-day free trial and a lengthy 60-day money-back guarantee.

9. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac – easy-to-use macOS antivirus

Trend Micro antivirus banner
Maximum devices:
macOS compatibility:
OS 10.12 or above
Price starts from:
Current deal:Get Trend Micro, now 54% OFF!

Trend Micro is another solid antivirus option for Mac that blocks viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Moreover, as we discussed in our Trend Micro review, it uses advanced AI learning to protect your macOS more efficiently.

Malware scans and protection. You can do a quick scan, a full one, or a custom system scan within a few clicks of a virus scanner. Sadly, there are no extras, as you’d get with TotalAV or Norton 360, like folder or vulnerability scans.

We tested all available scans, and the quick scan caught 10 out of 10 threats. However, the impact on device performance was highly noticeable, which is a drawback, especially compared to lighter antivirus options like TotalAV or Bitdefender.

During our in-house tests, Trend Micro completed the scans quickly. In fact, a full scan took 44 minutes, which is way below the current average of 67 minutes. It also managed a second full scan in just six minutes, which is also below the average. It also had a low impact on system performance, which means it has a high performance score.

Independent tests. The latest AV-TEST on Trend Micro showed perfect results in all categories: protection, performance, and usability. Additionally, in AV-Comparatives independent testing provider scored 100% in Mac malware protection.

Features. Trend Micro safeguards against various web threats, like malicious websites and adware. However, this software doesn't offer as many features as Norton or TotalAV. For instance, it doesn't have an anti-phishing tool, which is unusual nowadays. You can get a free Trend Micro Password manager, which can be added as a browser extension. With premium subscription plans, you can get a VPN or password manager, yet the VPN has slow connection speeds, so it won’t be fit for streaming or torrenting.

One feature I enjoyed was the Website Filter, which stops you from accessing unwanted or suspicious sites on your Mac. I think it’s a great parental control tool. Website Filter allows you to choose from categories like Child, Pre-teen, and Teen, depending on age groups. What's great is that Trend Micro regularly updates its database with new websites, so the tool stays effective.


Trend Micro is a pricy antivirus when compared to its price-to-value ratio. The cheapest plan only covers 1 device and has very basic features. To get better security coverage, you need to pick more expensive plans, which, compared to top providers like Norton or TotalAV, really lack feature vice.

Pricing. The cheapest subscription plan starts at $19.95/year. With the most expensive TrendMicro plan, you can protect up to 10 devices. Each security solution also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How we tested the best antivirus software for Mac

Not all antivirus programs offer the same package of security tools and protection solutions. For this reason, we have carefully tested 25 different products to find you the best antivirus software for Mac. Each antivirus program was installed on the Mac Mini with a 3.81GHz M1 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 215GB of storage.


We planted up to 10 malicious files onto the device to see if the antivirus detects and blocks them all. Another goal was to test all available malware scan types to find out the impact on the CPU. Lastly, we also collected independent test lab results to compare them with the ones we got when testing this Mac antivirus software. Check the process of how we test antivirus for macOS:

  1. We set up each antivirus software on a macOS device. Each antivirus program was installed on the MacBook Pro with Apple M2 Pro, 8GB RAM, almost 270GB of storage, OS – Ventura 13.5.
  2. Secondly, we planted malicious files on a macOS device. We download all types of malware: spyware, adware, trojans, worms, to test the antivirus software capabilities for detecting ransomware and then run an antivirus scan on the system.
  3. We checked malware detection rates. Independent testing labs, like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, regularly check Mac capabilities, performance, usability, and virus protection. The best ones should score the maximum points in each category to be classified as top security tools.
  4. We monitored real-time protection. New cyber threats appear daily and can easily infiltrate the system within seconds. We monitored how each antivirus program on Mac was able to detect malware in real time.
  5. We explored available features. Antivirus applications that are overall rated as top products don't necessarily provide the same protection tools for macOS as for Windows. We have only selected the products that do not limit available security features and provide tailored antivirus solutions for Mac.
  6. We evaluated the product’s price and affordability. It’s possible to get high-quality protection from malware without spending a fortune. We reviewed reliable antivirus service providers' plans and whether they place a reasonable price on their products.

How to choose the best Mac antivirus?

Picking the right antivirus for macOS can feel tricky at first. With so many choices out there for safeguarding against malware and offering extra features for different devices, how do you figure out which one fits your needs?

  • Check out reviews or performance tests to see how the antivirus affects your macOS speed. You can dive into AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives for these tests. Also, you can opt for free trials to check if it slows down your computer during scans or regular use.
  • See what extra security features the antivirus offers. Things like a VPN, password manager, or other protections can give your devices an added layer of security.
  • Look at what else the antivirus offers, like firewall protection, web browsing safety, email scanning, parental controls, and secure browsing. Choose the features that match your needs.
  • Research how well the antivirus catches different types of malware, such as viruses, trojans, worms, and ransomware. Check out independent tests, like AV-TEST and user reviews, to see how effective it is at finding and removing threats.
  • Make sure the antivirus gets regular updates to its virus definitions and database. Updates are key for staying safe against the latest threats. You can look for them on the official websites of providers. Also, check online reputable sources to see if there are any worries about data breaches or threats to privacy.
  • Make sure the antivirus works with your operating system (like Windows, macOS, or Linux) and any other devices you want to protect, such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Try a trial version or look at our reviews to see how easy the antivirus is to install, use, and navigate. A simple interface makes it easier to stay protected without hassle.

Considering these things will help you pick an antivirus for Mac that keeps you safe without making things complicated.

Best Mac antivirus software compared

BrandPriceMalware detection ratesDevices coveredRansomware and adware protectionSystem impact (background)System impact (scans)FirewallMalicious URL blockingFree version
1. NortonFrom $29.99/year100%10✅YesLightHeavy✅Yes✅Yes❌No
2. TotalAVFrom $ 19.00/year100%8✅YesVery lightHeavy❌No✅Yes✅Yes
3. BitdefenderFrom $29.99/year99.7%15✅YesLightLight❌No✅Yes✅Yes
4. IntegoFrom $19.99/year100%5✅YesLightHeavy✅Yes❌No✅Yes
5. Surfshark AVFrom $47.85/year100%5✅YesLightVery light❌No✅Yes❌No
6. NordVPN TPFrom $3.09/month90%10✅YesLightHeavy❌No✅Yes❌No
7. AviraFrom $26.99/year99.2%50✅YesHeavyHeavy✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
8. MalwarebytesFrom $38.24/year99.4%20✅YesLightLight❌No✅Yes✅Yes
9. Trend MicroFrom $19.95/year100%10✅YesLightHeavy❌No✅Yes✅Yes

Is it safe to use a free antivirus on Mac?

Yes, it may be safe to use a free antivirus if the provider has been audited by independent companies and is known for a reputable background in general. However, keep your expectations in check – the free version of a premium product will have some limitations.

We suggest checking out the best Mac free antivirus services offered by our experts. That’s because many dubious free antivirus programs distribute malware.

If you’re looking for truly trustworthy antivirus protection, we recommend investing in Norton Antivirus software. This software provides complete and trustworthy security for your Mac.

Norton 360 antivirus offers excellent ransomware and malware removal for Mac. Additionally, the package includes features such as a VPN, an optimization tool to clean junk files, and a password manager. It comes at a great price (from $29.99/year) for the package. But you can also make use of the 60-day money-back guarantee to test the service out.

Video review: Best antivirus software for Mac

Check out our video review of the best antivirus software for macOS devices. We overview their features, performance, malware detection rates, and overall price-to-value ratio.

How Apple protects your Mac from malware

Apple has pretty good antivirus tools in place to protect you from malware. For example, this includes Gatekeeper. It's a security feature that forces every app you're installing to be digitally signed by Apple. You can install the apps that are not signed, but it will require special clearance. It makes installing untrustworthy apps a multiple-step process, which means that the total number of malicious apps installed is significantly lower.

Another built-in antivirus tool is a malware removal tool. In the cases of known malware found in the macOS systems, it removes all malware automatically with every update. While this is a great addition to security, it requires a system update to clean your devices.

So, while macOS has some built-in tools to protect your devices from viruses and hacks, it doesn’t offer the same level of security as an antivirus software could. Thus, we see more and more attacks on Apple devices.

Which antivirus do we recommend for Mac?

With the continuously increasing number of malware on Apple devices, we recommend protecting your Mac with a robust antivirus. Our top solution is Norton 360 Antivirus. With virtually flawless malware detection rates, it made the very top of the list.

This provider has a low impact on your device's CPU, so your performance won't suffer. Plus, with extra security perks like dark web monitoring, you can relax knowing you're protected from threats. With all the important security features and top test scores, Norton 360 is definitely the best antivirus for Macs out there.

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