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Dashlane promo codes for July 2024

Apply the most recent Dashlane promo codes and enjoy discounts of up to 25% off. Find discounts for both personal and business plans.

How to apply the Dashlane promo code

To redeem the promo code for Dashlane, all you need to do is take a few quick and easy steps.

Here’s how to apply the Dashlane coupon code:

1. Head to Dashlane’s website and choose a plan

Dashlane choose a plan

2. Enter your account credentials if you already have a Dashlane account or create it on the spot

3. Put in your payment details

4. In the Order Summary section, type the discount code into the Enter promo code field and click Apply

Dashlane enter promo code

5. Click Complete my purchase to finish the procedure

If you created an account during the payment process, don’t forget to download Dashlane’s application. Then, complete the account creation to fully enjoy Dashlane’s services.

DISCLAIMER: Prices displayed herein are approximate examples only. Please check exact prices, other terms and conditions on the website of the provider before making a purchase.

What if the Dashlane promo code is not working?

Unfortunately, you might face a scenario where the Dashlane promo code doesn’t work. And there are several potential reasons behind that:

  • Check the code’s expiration date. Discount codes expire quite fast, and while we try our best to ensure that our list of coupons and discounts is up to date, it’s possible that you might come across promos that are no longer valid. Please note that, in some cases, discounts are invalidated by the service provider without prior notice, in which case, it might take us longer to remove the code from the list.
  • Keep an eye out for typos. If you use the Redeem links in the list above, discounts are applied automatically. However, when it comes to specific discount codes, you might need to enter them manually. In this case, you have to be cautious about misspellings. Before you decide that the code is definitely not working, try to type it in once more and check for errors.
  • Contact customer support. If you don’t believe that the coupon code has expired, and you know that you’re typing it in correctly, you can contact Dashlane’s customer support at [email protected] to seek further assistance. The support will be able to answer all your questions and resolve all issues.

Reasons to choose Dashlane password manager

Dashlane is one of the best password managers of 2024, and full Dashlane testing results have proven that. This password manager offers modern apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, can secure your passwords, and provides built-in VPN protection. Here are the main reasons Dashlane is a great password manager:

  • Security and privacy. A password manager cannot be trusted unless it offers strong encryption. Fortunately, Dashlane uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered one of the strongest on the market and is used by many other top providers. Additionally, Dashlane ensures top privacy with its zero-knowledge architecture, 2-factor authentication, and a built-in VPN that guarantees added protection for your networks and traffic.
  • Password management. Dashlane takes care of your account security even before you save your credentials in the vault – thanks to Dashlane’s Password Generator, you can create passwords that have up to 40 unique characters. Once you build your unhackable passwords, you can autosave them for easy access. Dashlane autofills your passwords whenever you need to log in, and because you can sync across different devices, you will never need to remember your passwords.
  • Extra security features. Dashlane is ready to secure your personal data from getting stolen and sold on the dark web with its Dark Web Monitoring feature. And to secure details pertaining to your birth certificate, identification, or payment cards, you can use the secure notes feature. In case you lose access to all your stored items, there’s also Emergency Access that allows someone as an emergency contact to access your account.

How we source coupon codes

Dashlane runs regular promotions and our affiliate team collaborates with the provider to coordinate exclusive deals. To offer the most comprehensive list of discounts, we provide both regular and exclusive coupon codes. We aim to ensure that all codes and links are valid so that you can claim a discount without obstacles.