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Best tablets for 2024

Tablets have come a long way over the past decade – evolving from simple media consumption devices into powerful portable computers. And with technology continually advancing, tablets are bound to be smarter, faster, and more capable than ever.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which tablet is right for you. We've reviewed the latest models from some of the top brands to bring you our best recommendations across a range of budgets and use cases. Our guide will walk you through the best tablets in 2024 and how to pick them.

Top 5 newest tablets - shortlist

How to choose the best tablet

Selecting the ideal tablet hinges on your intended use, and essential aspects to weigh up include the operating system, storage capacity, screen size, battery longevity, and connectivity options.

Our quick guide outlines the crucial features that will assist you in determining the most suitable tablet.

  • Operating system. The tablet market offers a broad array, including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS, and Microsoft Windows.
  • Processor and RAM. Performance rides on the processor and RAM with faster tablets boasting multiple cores and generous RAM (4-16 GB). Avoid single-core CPUs below 1 GHz. Dual-core or faster processors ensure snappier performances.
  • Screen size and resolution. Tablet screen sizes range from compact (5-8 inches) to medium (8-11 inches) to a large screen (12-14 inches). For an immersive experience when watching movies or working, opt for larger screens with high resolution for crisper visuals.
  • Display refresh rate. A high refresh rate, ideally 120 Hz or more, ensures smoother visuals and is crucial for dynamic content.
  • Storage space. Your usage defines your storage needs. Casual tasks like email and social media require less space than gaming or digital creation.
  • Connectivity. Evaluate whether Wi-Fi or cellular (4G/5G) connectivity suits your lifestyle. Wi-Fi is ideal for stationary use, while cellular options cater to on-the-go online activities.
  • Battery life. Since tablets are portable devices, aim for models offering a full day's battery life to maximize on-the-go use without constant recharging.
  • Weight and size. Lean toward tablets that are both lightweight and thin, so they're easy to hold and carry.
  • Detachable keyboard. Consider whether a tablet offers accessories like detachable keyboards for desktop-like functionality.

7 best tablets for 2024 – our detailed list

Finding the perfect tablet has its challenges. With so many options out there, from sleek iPads to versatile Androids, decision fatigue can quickly set in.

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you and narrowed down the top 7 best tablets that stand out this year. Key aspects like display quality, battery life, processor performance, available storage, operating system, and special features were analyzed closely during our review process.

1. iPad Pro 11 2021 – best tablet in 2024 overall

Operating system:iPadOS 17 (or later)
Display resolution: 2,388 x 1,668 pixels
Display size:11-inch touchscreen
Storage space:128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB

The iPad Pro 11 2021 is an exceptional tablet, packing the robust features of the larger iPad Pro 12.9 2021 into a more compact and user-friendly form.

Size and design. Crafted with an aluminum frame and back along with smooth rounded corners, it maintains the same size and design as its 2020 counterpart, featuring dimensions of 178.5 x 247.6 mm and an ultra-slim profile of 5.9 mm. It's also a tad lighter at 466 grams, enhancing its ease of use and comfort.

Display. The 11-inch iPad Pro boasts a sharp 2,388 x 1,668 resolution equating to almost 4 million pixels. What's more, this tablet comes with an anti-reflective coating and uses ProMotion technology, which dynamically alters the refresh rate between 24 Hz and 120 Hz to deliver a swift response during scrolling.

Performance and battery life. Driven by Apple's latest M1 processor (also found in the new MacBook Pros), the iPad Pro 11 packs impressively robust computing power rivaling that of desktops. Moreover, it houses a generous 28.65 Wh battery, which Apple touts can sustain up to 10 hours with the Wi-Fi model and 9 hours with the 5G cellular variant.

Connectivity. The 11-inch iPad Pro offers a Wi-Fi and Cellular version with 5G connectivity, providing extremely rapid speeds. When it comes to wired connectivity options, the device keeps it simple with a single USB-C port, which notably supports both Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4.0.

2. Amazon Fire HD 10 - best Amazon tablet on a budget

Operating system:Amazon Fire OS
Display resolution: 1,920 x 1,200 pixels
Display size:10.1-inch touchscreen
Storage space:32 GB or 64 GB

Striking an optimal balance between performance, affordability, and portability, the 2023 Amazon Fire HD 10 stands out as the Fire series' finest for the average user seeking robust functionality without breaking the bank.

Size and design. The Fire HD 10 sports a hardy plastic build. Despite its resilience, the device remains refined, with a thin, featherlight profile measuring 9.7 x 6.5 x 0.3 inches and weighing just 0.96 pounds. Rounded corners and a vibrant matte plastic rear complete its understated yet colorful look.

Display. Complementing the tablet's practical design is a vibrant 10.1-inch with a 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution display rendering a crisp clarity and lively colors. The tablet's display settings provide added versatility, with adaptive brightness and a blue light filter for a warmer profile.

Performance and battery life. The Fire HD 10 packs a MediaTek MT8186 chipset paired with 3 GB RAM, which makes it 25% faster than its previous model. Amazon promises up to 13 hours of battery life.

Connectivity. The tablet effortlessly connects to the internet using Wi-Fi 5 and pairs smoothly with Bluetooth devices. Additionally, it features a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra – best Android app overall

Operating system:Android 13
Display resolution: 2,960 x 1,848 pixels
Display size:14.6-inch touchscreen
Storage space:256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB

If you are looking for the best-in-class Android tablet experience, then the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra delivers. This tablet has a sprawling 14.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, runs on the Android 13 operating system, and includes an S Pen stylus.

Size and design. Sporting a 14.6-inch screen, the Tab S9 Ultra outmatches many laptops in screen size yet maintains an ultra-thin profile at merely 5.5 mm. It remains surprisingly light, weighing in at just 732 g.

Display. At the heart of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra's allure is its magnificent 14.6-inch AMOLED display, boasting a crisp resolution of 2,960 x 1,848 pixels. The screen's brilliance is amplified by a fluid 120 Hz refresh rate, which results in smooth UI animations and video playback.

Performance and battery life. Equipped with the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the S9 Ultra ensures exceptionally fast and efficient performance. Additionally, its substantial 11,200 mAh battery capacity, which lasts approximately 9 hours, ensures it remains operational all day.

Connectivity. Another highlight of the S9 Ultra is connectivity with support for both 5G cellular networks and Wi-Fi. It also readily pairs with USB and Bluetooth keyboards and mice for productivity purposes, along with external monitors over HDMI for big-screen computing.

4. Google Pixel Tablet – best Android tablet for Android enthusiasts

Operating system:Android 13
Display resolution: 2,560 x 1,600 pixels
Display size:11-inch touchscreen
Storage space:128 GB or 256 GB

Spearheaded by Google themselves, the Google Pixel Tablet epitomizes the capabilities of both Android OS and Google’s suite of mobile apps and cloud services – making it a great choice for Android fans.

Size and design. The Pixel Tablet sports a polished build with dimensions of 258 x 169 x 8.1 mm and a weight of 493 g. Its aluminum body is encircled by a half-inch bezel on all sides and is coated in a tactile soft-touch matte finish.

Display. The Google Pixel Tablet is equipped with an approximately 11-inch LCD sporting a sharp 2,560 x 1,600 resolution with a pixel density of 267 PPIi. Its 60 Hz refresh rate and 24-bit color depth ensure fluid motion and vibrant, accurate hues. Its display technology also provides wide viewing angles.

Performance and battery life. The Google Pixel Tablet utilizes Google's custom Tensor G2 chip, which features a dynamic octa-core setup complemented by 8 GB of RAM. This configuration ensures swift web browsing, seamless video streaming, and prompt voice command responses. The battery life is pegged at approximately 12 hours of video playback.

Connectivity. The Pixel Tablet is outfitted with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring fast and stable connections for all online activities and peripheral pairing needs. The inclusion of a USB Type-C 3.2 port further guarantees swift data transfer and charging capabilities.

5. iPad 2022 – best entry-level iPad with a snappy design

Operating system:Apple iPadOS 16
Display resolution: 2,360 x 1,640 pixels
Display size:10.9-inch touchscreen
Storage space:64 GB or 256 GB

Apple's entry-level iPad has long offered dependable functionality on a budget. However, the 2022 model saw a complete revamp, with Apple infusing it with a bold new design, elevated core hardware, and several unforeseen upgrades.

Size and design. The 10th generation iPad sports a refreshed look with dimensions of 9.79 x 7.07 x 0.28 inches and a featherlight 480-gram chassis. Notably, it flaunts a flat-edged profile housing with softened corners, making the display feel expansive.

Display. Complementing the revamped design is an overhauled display spanning 10.9 inches with a sharp 2,360 x 1,640 resolution amounting to 264 PPI. Peak brightness reaches 500 nits for comfortable viewing under bright lighting alongside support for the sRGB gamut and Apple's True Tone technology for natural white balance adjustment. A standard 60 Hz refresh rate enables smooth visuals.

Performance and battery life. The 2022 iPad distinguishes itself with remarkable performance attributes, thanks largely to the inclusion of Apple's A14 Bionic chip – the same processor powering the iPhone. Apple projects up to 10 hours of usage on a single battery charge.

Connectivity. The 2022 iPad supports both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity for use with wireless headphones, keyboard, and speakers.

6. OnePlus Pad – best mid-range Android tablet

Operating system:Android 13.1 based on Oxygen OS
Display resolution: 2,800 x 2,000 pixels
Display size:11.61-inch touchscreen
Storage space:128 GB

The OnePlus Pad impresses with its high-quality display and delivers the performance and features characteristic of a high-end Android tablet, yet it comes at a more accessible price.

Size and design. It measures 10.16 x 7.46 x 0.26 inches and weighs 1.22 pounds. Its design is notably appealing, encased entirely in a sleek metal body. Furthermore, it sports sleek, uniform bezels measuring just 6.7 mm.

Display. Featuring an 11.61-inch LCD screen, the OnePlus Pad boasts a crisp resolution of 2,800 x 2,000 pixels and shines bright at approximately 500 nits, making it suitable for outdoor use and even under direct sunlight.

Performance and battery life. The OnePlus Pad houses a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, supported by 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage – ensuring quick and energy-efficient performance. This efficiency extends to its battery life as well, which can easily surpass two days on a single charge.

Connectivity. The tablet is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 support, though it lacks Wi-Fi 6E capabilities. It also lacks a headphone jack. However, its Bluetooth 5.3 integration ensures seamless wireless connection with headphones and keyboards.

7. iPad Pro 2022 – an all-round tablet made for best performance

Operating system:iPadOS 16
Display resolution: 2388 x1668 pixels(11-inch) and 2732 x 2048 pixels (12.9-inch)
Display size:11-inch and 12.9-inch touchscreen
Storage space:128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB

The iPad Pro 2022 is a top-tier tablet, offering robust performance and superb video quality, making it a comprehensive choice for a range of users.

Size and design. The iPad Pro 2022 is offered in two sizes to cater to different user preferences. The more compact 11-inch variant is notably light and slim, and the larger 12.9-inch model is slightly heftier. Both models boast an elegant design that is characterized by thin profiles and minimal bezels.

Display. The larger model boasts a vast 12.9-inch with a sharp 2,732 x 2,048 pixel resolution, while the smaller 11-inch option features a 2,388 x 1,668 resolution. Both models impress with their ProMotion adaptive 120 Hz refresh rate and vibrant wide color (P3) display.

Performance and battery life. The iPad Pro 2022 is powered by Apple's M2 chip, which includes an eight-core CPU – greatly surpassing its predecessor in power. Battery-wise, both versions offer up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi or video watching and up to 9 hours when using a cellular data network.

Connectivity. In a move aimed at future-proofing the device, the iPad Pro supports Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and 5G network bands via Nano-SIM and eSIM. You also get Bluetooth 5.3 support and the ability to utilize the USB-C port for connections to USB-C accessories.

Comparison of top 5 best-rated tablets

Tablets have evolved into versatile computing devices, appealing to both personal and professional users. While exploring some of the top-rated options, key differences emerged. The table below highlights some of the features that come with the top 5 best tablets on our list:

ModeliPad Pro 11 2021Amazon Fire HD 10Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 UltraGoogle PixeliPad 2022
Operating systemiPadOS 17 (or later)Amazon Fire OSAndroid 13Android 13Apple iPadOS 16
Display resolution 2,388 x 1,668 pixels1,920 x 1,200 pixels2,960 x 1,848 pixels 2,560 x1,600 pixels2,360 x 1,640 pixels
Display size11-inch touchscreen10.1-inch touchscreen14.6-inch touchscreen11-inch touchscreen10.9-inch touchscreen
Storage space128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB32 GB or 64 GB256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB128 GB or 256 GB64 GB or 256 GB
Main features
  • Apple M1 chip
  • Liquid Retina display
  • USB-C connector
  • Compatible with Bluetooth keyboards
  • Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity
  • Thin and lightweight tablet
  • Up to 13 hours of battery life
  • 10.1" touchscreen – full HD
  • 1,920 x 1,200 pixels
  • 14-inch dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • IP68 water and dust resistance
  • Superfast charging
  • 9 hours battery life
  • Support for both 5G and Wi-Fi
  • Google Tensor G2 chip
  • Unique speaker dock
  • Comes with Google TV
  • 12 hours battery life
  • 2,360 x 1,640 Pixels
  • A14 Bionic chip
  • USB-C connector
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G cellular connectivity

How we selected these tablets

When evaluating these tablets, we prioritized criteria central to enhancing user experience and ensuring product quality. We focused on crucial aspects like:

  • Display. Display quality was chosen because of its direct impact on visual engagement and user satisfaction. We considered activities like reading, gaming, and video streaming.
  • Performance. Measured through processor speed and memory, performance was tested to guarantee smooth, lag-free navigation and multitasking capabilities.
  • Battery Life. Battery life was another crucial aspect that we looked into to determine a tablet's reliability and usability in daily life. We focused on models that could give you all-day usability without constant recharging.
  • Operating System. The operating system was evaluated for its ecosystem, ease of use, security features, and access to updates. This directly affects the tablet's longevity, compatibility with apps, and overall user experience.
  • Portability. Lastly, portability was considered. By recognizing that the tablet's form factor, weight, and design significantly influence user comfort and the device's versatility in different settings, we found it to be a crucial aspect of the selection process.

What is the best tablet to use as a laptop?

The iPad Pro and Samsung Tab S9 Ultra stand out as top choices for those looking to use a tablet as a laptop replacement.

The iPad Pro, favored among iOS enthusiasts, offers remarkable performance, a stunning display, and compatibility with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil, enhancing productivity. It runs iPadOS 17, ensuring a smooth transition for iPhone users with its familiar interface and vast app ecosystem.

Android users would find the Samsung Tab S9 Ultra to be the superior option. It boasts a large, high refresh rate display for smooth visuals and fast responses, making it ideal for everything from professional work to entertainment. Pair it with a Samsung DeX for a more traditional desktop experience and the Book Cover Keyboard for efficient typing.

That said, both tablets support trackpad and mouse input, bridging the gap between tablet flexibility and laptop functionality.

Which brand of tablet is the best?

Samsung and Apple stand out as market leaders, each with its own strengths. For example, Apple's iPads excel at seamless ecosystem integration, user-friendly interfaces, and a vast selection of apps, making them ideal for both general users and professionals.

On the other hand, Samsung tablets offer flexibility with the Android OS, exceptional display technology, and features that cater to productivity and entertainment.

While other brands like Microsoft, Google, and Lenovo offer competitive options, Apple and Samsung consistently lead in innovation, quality, and user satisfaction. This makes them the top contenders for the best tablet brand in the market.

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