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How to get unbanned from Omegle in 2021

How to get unbanned from omegle

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, give it time—it will. If you love chatting on Omegle, eventually you will get banned.

The way Omegle is structured, it’s just so easy to get banned. And it may not be for any good reason … someone may have just not liked something innocent you said, and then boom! Your Omegle account is down for days or even months. That’s just par for the course in the “Wild West” approach Omegle takes to digital chat in order to cater to a distinct user niche.

Fortunately, an Omegle ban is quite easy to bypass. You can easily start using Omegle again by obtaining a new IP address and creating a new user profile.

Get unbanned from Omegle – 4 easy steps:

omegle logo
  1. Pick a reliable VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF!
  2. Download the VPN app for your device and sign in
  3. Connect to one of the servers to change your IP
  4. Join Omegle with a new IP address and username

That’s all – it’s really as simple as that.

If you’re looking to find out about why certain people get banned on Omegle, how safe the service is and alternative ways of getting unbanned, read the complete guide below.

What is Omegle?

To understand Omegle bans a little better, it helps to understand what Omegle is and learn some of its history.

Created in Brattleboro, VT by 18-year-old Lief K. Brooks and launched in 2009, Omegle is a web app that, as mentioned, allows users to chat with each other, without a monitor or moderator, and without having to create an account. This adds an extra layer of anonymity to the interface.

Additionally, Omegle is based on randomness. The appeal is to have the chance to “talk to strangers” and meet people randomly, without eavesdroppers or moderators from the chat provider.

omegle connection screen

The app assigns two strangers to chat with you and features a “Spy” mode that allows a third party to interlope on a conversation between two strangers.

omegle app screen

Users can be paired by common interests, and the “Dorm Chat” feature requires that users prove they have a “.edu” email address, enabling them to chat with their fellow students.

Since 2010, Omegle has featured a video chat function as well as a text chat function. Also, according to the terms of service, the minimum age of an Omegle user is restricted to 13.

Unmonitored video chat between strangers which minors can access… what could possibly go wrong? Indeed, Omegle acknowledges the potential for sexual abuse, both of minors and unconsenting adults, by hosting an “all ages” version and an “adult” version.

Consenting adults can exchange sexually explicit images over Omegle without violating the terms of service and getting banned. The “all-ages” version is monitored by image-recognition software to shut down adult content like nudity.

Over 200,000 users log onto Omegle every day.

Is Omegle safe?

It depends on what you mean by “safe,” but in almost all cases, the short answer is “no.”

  • Profanity, Pornography, and Predation. The filtering algorithm is not foolproof in filtering out material that is inappropriate for minors, and reports of sexual predation continue despite Omegle’s attempts at “non-moderated moderation.” People who don’t want to be exposed to explicit imagery or language should not use Omegle, and parents should be aware of the risk before they allow their teenagers to use Omegle.
  • Blackmail. Omegle has had to weather bad PR from multiple incidents where girls and young women were blackmailed by male users, some of them taking pictures and threatening to expose them, others threatening to use their IP addresses to track them down.
  • Privacy. Despite being “anonymous” in its lack of user accounts, Omegle stores chat data for up to four months, making any sensitive information exchanged over the service vulnerable to hackers.
  • Data Theft. On that note, Omegle servers have fallen victim to multiple hacks, indicating that the site’s digital security is troublingly lax. The best advice is to never share something on Omegle that you wouldn’t mind becoming public.

Why does Omegle ban users?

Omegle bans users for a variety of reasons, ranging from banalities to criminal violations.

Either way, the moment a ban goes into effect on your IP address, your chat will disappear and you will be greeted by a cheerful window and message:

“Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior.”

What happened? Here are some reasons you might have been banned from Omegle…

You get dropped too much

Like hanging up the phone on a prank caller, Omegle allows you to “drop” a chat. Omegle may ban you if too many people drop chats with you. The assumption is that you may have been harassing the user or being otherwise offensive.

You drop too many people

Ironically, if you drop too many chats, Omegle may also ban you. The assumption is that you don’t want to constructively participate in the Omegle community.

Someone reports you

You may get banned, often immediately and automatically, if another user reports you. Any user can report another user for any reason. Maybe the banned user behaved inappropriately or said something that didn’t constitute a violation, but that nonetheless offended the reporting user. Of course, a user could report another user for no reason, resulting in a ban.

You violate Omegle Terms of Service

Omegle maintains a number of terms of service, the violation of which could get you banned if a moderator catches it. Examples include:

  • “Adult” content in the all-ages area.
  • Abuse, harassment, or racism.
  • Use of copyrighted music, TV shows, or movies in the background of your chat.
  • Spam.

How do I get unbanned from Omegle (5 methods)

The easiest way to get unbanned from Omegle is to change your IP address with the help of a VPN or a proxy, as the site blocks the IP, not the user. Alternatively, you can simply wait a few days for the ban to end. However, it’s more convenient to get what you want instantly, don’t you think?

Method 1: Use a VPN

The “nuclear option” to avoid as many bans as you want is to use a virtual private network (VPN) – it’s sure to work and VPNs are great tools for many other purposes too. A VPN routes your web browsing through a proxy server in another location, masking your IP address.

VPNs usually result in slower speeds, which can be a problem for people who want to use the video chat feature of Omegle. But if you get banned, just refresh the VPN to a new proxy server. Boom. You’re back.

Our recommendation is NordVPN that has 5,000 servers worldwide, allowing it to unblock almost any geo-blocked site in the world. It’s also strong enough to handle up to six connections at once, more than many other VPN providers.

Method 2: Use a proxy service

Proxies work more or less the same way VPNs do. They send your traffic through an intermediary server, making it seem like that server’s IP address belongs to you. This will let you access Omegle even if you’ve been banned.

The main difference between VPNs and proxies is that the latter don’t normally encrypt your data.

Method 3: Wait a few days

Some Omegle bans only last a few days. It might be a nice break from chatting. Additionally, your ISP occasionally refreshes your IP address without you having to take any action. Once the IP address changes, the ban is gone. Well, the address may still be banned, but you have a new IP address, so it doesn’t matter.

Method 4: Connect to a different network

Again, the ban applies to the IP address, not you as a user. The IP address is assigned to your network-enabled device. Want to start chatting again right away? Find a different network. This could be your mobile internet, a friend’s WiFi, or the public WiFi at a library or coffee shop. Once your device is connected to a new network, with a new IP address, there’s no ban to stop you from chatting.

Method 5: Get a different IP address

You may have a dynamic IP address, which refreshes automatically given enough time. You may be able to speed up the process and force the ISP to give you a new IP address.

Here are the steps to try:

  • Google-search “What is my IP address?” Google will return your IP address as the top result on the SERP. Write down the IP address for easy reference.
  • Unplug your modem from its power source and wait for an hour. (Wait times may vary.)
  • Plug your modem back in and let it connect to the network.
  • Google-search “What is my IP address?” again. If the IP address has changed, you should be able to immediately return to Omegle.

If you have a static IP address, try contacting your ISP and ask for a new one.


How long does it take to get unbanned from Omegle?

If you are able to change IP addresses, you can get unbanned almost immediately.

If you want to just wait out the ban, it depends. Bans could last anywhere from a few days to a few months. There’s no way to tell when a ban will be lifted.

For serious ToS violations (abuse, harassment, etc.) a ban may be for life… but lifetime bans are ineffective if the banned user has a dynamic IP address that gets refreshed periodically. Once the IP address changes, the user can chat on Omegle again.

How do I get unbanned from Omegle without changing my IP address?

Some web services exist that claim to be able to lift an Omegle block without changing your IP address. The best-known providers include Anonymous, BlewPass, and Unblocksit. However, these services may not be successful. The best way to circumvent an Omegle ban is to change your IP address.

Can you be tracked on Omegle?

Yes. For the purposes of law enforcement, every chat is stored on Omegle’s servers, identified by the IP addresses of each user, and a randomly-generated “user code” for each user. This data is stored on Omegle’s servers for about four months, and chats flagged as “spam” by the app algorithm may be stored indefinitely.

This is true even with “private” or “incognito” browsing, because the IP address identifies the network, not the browser. An incognito browser cannot hide the IP address; only a VPN can do that.

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  1. Aishwarya Singh says:

    i have by mistake switched to the adult section how do i get back to the all ages part

  2. ToddD9 says:

    Ready to fick

  3. John G Nicol says:

    someone reported me on Omegle for ridiculous reason

  4. Whiskey says:

    after I found out i was unbanned from omegle I went back on and got put with one stranger who just immediatley skipped me which. whatever it happens a lot of people skip me but I got immediatley banned after just one person? They flashed on my screen for less then a second. any idea why i got banned?

    • pedro says:

      it happens to me as well! i have no idea why! if i use my iphone it wont happen, but if i use the laptop, it happens all the time!
      how is the situation for u?
      this is happening for me since almost 4 months

  5. luna says:

    i got permanently banned from omegle and then i tried ipvanish, it worked for the first time but then i got banned again, and now whenever i try it says error connecting to server even if im using a different ipvanish server

  6. Miles says:

    After reading so many comments about how to remove the ban and so on, I’m scared to use Omegle =D . I have an opposite question how do I avoid getting banned on Omegle? What are the main triggers to get the ban?

    • CyberNews Team says:

      There are several how you can be banned from Omegle: breaking their terms of service, being reported by another user, or by dropping too much if you have slow Internet.

    • G says:

      You can be banned for no reason at all. I was banned for no reason and honestly I think the little turd hacked it because they cursed at me and then i was banned. (The topic we were on was streaming and I only mentioned I stream with my friends on twitch)

  7. Tom Jr says:

    Omegle keeps giving my an error when accessing it with a VPN! I don’t know what happened to Omegle, but it seems, that I won’t use it again. There is always something from with this app. I’m in anger and really disappointed.

    • CyberNews Team says:

      Omegle detects IP addresses associated with VPNs and blacklists those connections. That’s the main reason why most users are having trouble connecting to it.

  8. Gee says:

    I don’t want it to be banned

  9. robert says:

    why cant i connect to omegle with vpn? everything works without a vpn, but when it’s on, the app crashes and simply doesn’t connect. i am paranoid to use unsecure chat app without a vpn, especially in cafés. does omegle detect vpn usage or i’m simply doing something wrong?

    • CyberNews Team says:

      Yes, generally, VPNs don’t work with Omegle. You can try servers that use obfuscation, which could be harder to detect. Also, static IP addresses shouldn’t be blacklisted.

    • Mike Watson says:

      How long unban?

  10. Shane says:

    Omegle is my number one app, but damn it’s lagging all the time! How to fix omegle connection to server? Couple times per day my account randomly disconnects , and tries to reconnect for 15 min. That is really annoying and I don’t know what to do.

    • CyberNews Team says:

      You could try connecting with a different device. It might be a culprit. Also, clear your browser cache, and flush your DNS.
      Don’t forget that resetting your router is always a good idea when you have connectivity problems.

  11. Magnus says:

    I want to get back and Omegle

  12. jason says:

    Help wanted! How can i bypass ban from omegle tv android platform. Everything worked fine, however yesterday my account got banned, and I cannot log in anymore and can’t create a new account too. Any ideas what’s the problem here?

    • CyberNews Team says:

      It sounds like your IP got banned. While the ban is in effect, you cannot create new accounts or use the service.

  13. Lei says:

    How to make omegle ban end faster? i got it last month, tried reaching out their support, but there is no answer. i want my account back. Cybernews, maybe you know a way to unban your account, please share. I would even purchase a vpn for this purpose!

    • CyberNews Team says:

      There is no way to make your band end faster. You could maybe trick the service by using other IPs, but it doesn’t mean that your blacklisted IP will somehow become functional again, all of a sudden.

  14. zanden says:

    i’ve faced a very strange situation: when i use my vpn on omegle it wont let me chat. i’ve been using this vpn provider for more than a year and also used it with omegle and everything was fine until last week. i’m afraid to use omegle without a vpn, so just turning it off is not an option here.

    • CyberNews Team says:

      Usually, when a VPN doesn’t work with Omegle, it’s because it got detected. You should try switching servers, and if that doesn’t help, try other VPN providers.

  15. amir daloks says:

    i got banned from omegle. as far as i know, they simply added my home ip to the block list and i can’t login. since lockdown, i can’t go anywhere else and connect to omegle from different ip. how to remove ban from omegle without vpn ? maybe there is an option to change ip somehow on router, or any other tricks. 

    • CyberNews Team says:

      You can also turn off your router for a night to get assigned a different IP address. This wouldn’t trigger a VPN block and would also be a method to unblock Omegle.

  16. matt says:

    Omegle is playing tricks recently. How to unban omegle if you already have a VPN? I use Surfshark as an extension , but I simply connect to US server and noting more.

  17. Jace says:

    I literally got banned for no reason

  18. Arnts says:

    Since the pandemic i’ve been using omegle almost every day. Very easy to use and no need in registration. However, I’ve discovered, that all chats are not encrypted like in telegrams secret chats. So VPN is must here if I want to be secure. I share pictures and personal photos there. Why can’t i connect to omegle with VPN? Each time while on a VPN it simply doesn’t connect to my account, however if I turn VPN off – everything is working smoothly. 

    • CyberNews Team says:

      It seems like Omegle is blocking IP ranges of known VPN service providers. This means that usually, the IP addresses that you get assigned from a VPN server are already blocked.
      This is done to filter out users creating multiple accounts with new IPs after getting banned.

  19. jada says:

    why i cant do omegle

  20. CyberNews Team says:

    You can try changing your IP and trying it again, see if it helps.

  21. J. W. says:

    Why can’t Omelge be used in the u.s.? I downloaded the app, opened it and a clear screen popped up with “Omegle Is Banned”. I didn’t get to use the app, so I’m confused…I was sure it has been used in the u.s., but it says it’s banned. Why and when did it get banned?

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