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Best VPNs for Clash of Clans in 2023

Love Clash of Clans (CoC)? You’re not alone – the popular mobile game counts around 100 million gamers logging on every day!

But some users may have trouble getting into the game – perhaps you’re at school or work, and games are blocked on the local network. Or maybe your account has been banned for breaking the rules.

If you want to know how to get around content blocks and improve ping and security at once, we have the ideal solution – download a VPN. VPNs help you access mobile games from anywhere, so keep reading to find out which providers we’ve selected as the best VPNs for Clash of Clans.

Top 5 best VPNs for Clash of Clans

The best VPNs for Clash of Clans – our detailed list

The best VPN for Clash of Clans or Clash Royale will supply the total package – security, fast speed, and servers galore. The following 5 gaming VPNs aced all our tests, so let’s take a look at the providers we’ve selected:

1. NordVPN – the overall best VPN for Clash of Clans

NordVPN banner
Based in:Panama
Servers/countries:5,900+ servers in 60+ countries
Max devices:6
Current deal:🔥Holiday Deal! Get NordVPN with 69% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

​​NordVPN is the ultimate Clash of Clans VPN. We conducted thorough tests and the results were a fully unblocked game, excellent ping, and overall extremely nice playing experience. The NordLynx protocol and features such as Meshnet make NordVPN a truly exceptionall gaming VPN.

Servers: scroll through NordVPN’s easy-to-use server map, and you’ll find 5,900+ connections in 60 countries. Connect to a new location, and you can unblock Clash of Clans, bypass bans, or improve your ping in seconds.

Speed: NordVPN’s tunneling protocol selection includes the in-house star NordLynx, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Our tests showed that NordLynx provides blistering speeds of roughly 249 Mbps (baseline of 300 Mbps), which is perfect for gaming without lag.

Streaming: NordVPN is perfect for streaming. Easily unblocking Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer – this VPN is proven to get past geo-blocks, which also makes it perfect for unblocking Clash of Clans and other games.

Additional features: this VPN offers very useful features. Threat Protection blocks irritating ads, Meshnet remote LAN is perfect for online gaming, and you can choose specialized servers to suit your online activity.

Security and privacy: NordVPN guarantees anonymity with full data encryption, a no-logs policy, and a kill switch. The no-logs policy has been checked and confirmed with an independent audit.

To learn more, read the full NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – premium VPN at an attractive price

Surfshark banner
Based in:The Netherlands
Servers/countries:3,200+ servers in 100+ countries
Max devices:Unlimited
Current deal:🔥Holiday deal! Get 82% OFF Surfshark + 4 months FREE🔥

Surfshark is another top-tier VPN to use with Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. This VPN service provides all the necessary features at a lower price than many – and it's ultra-fast speeds are something to die for.

Servers: Surfshark’s 3,200 servers give you ample choice when you’re looking for a new server to optimize your Clash of Clan game. Whether you need a fast server or a different IP address, Surfshark has you well covered.

Speed: Surfshark is one of the fastest VPNs on the market, and you can thank WireGuard for that. Use this tunneling protocol, and your connection speeds will barely budge – we averaged 263 Mbps with a baseline of 300 Mbps.

Streaming: when you’re done playing Clash of Clans, you can explore new streaming libraries thanks to Surfshark’s tried and tested content-unblocking capabilities. Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max – we got into all these providers, and more, with Surfshark.

Additional features: use Surfshark’s handy Whitelister feature to route Clash of Clans game directly through the VPN. IP rotator improves your anonymity, and Smart DNS is what you need if you want to stream on a device that does not support VPNs.

Security and privacy: Surfshark’s strict no-logs policy ensures no one will ever be able to check your online activity, while a kill switch and AES-256 encryption keep you secure. Best of all, you can protect all your devices thanks to the generous unlimited simultaneous connections allowance.

For more information, visit our Surfshark review or analyze it against the #1 in our Surfshark vs NordVPN comparison.

3. IPVanish – trusted VPN with fast connections

IPVanish banner
Based in:
United States
Servers/countries:2,200+ servers in 52+ countries
Max devices:
Current deal:
🔥Holiday deal! Get 81% OFF IPVanish + 3 months free!🔥

IPVanish is a reliable, fast, and secure service. You’ll find it easy to use and more than capable of improving your Clash of Clans gaming sessions. One huge plus is that IPVanish is also one of the most secure VPNs out there – you'll get avanced protection from any online threats.

Servers: load up IPVanish, and you can easily connect to a new server in seconds, And with over 2,200 server options in 52 countries, you have plenty of choices to improve your ping or bypass an account block.

Speed: IPVanish employs WireGuard to keep your speeds fast for uninterrupted CoC gameplay and buffer-free HD streaming.

Streaming: speaking of streaming, you’ll be pleased to hear that IPVanish is handy for bypassing geo-blocks on top content platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Additional features: IPVanish offers P2P connections on its servers, so it's good for torrenting. You can also use split tunneling to encrypt specific apps, and traffic obfuscation completely hides the fact that you’re using a VPN.

Security and privacy: IPVanish doesn’t slack on security. Your data and traffic are shielded by AES-256 encryption. This VPN provider has also undergone a full audit from the Leviathan Security Group.

Find out more about the features and specs in this IPVanish review.

4. PureVPN – server-rich VPN for Clash of Clans

purevpn banner<br>
Based in:
British Virgin Islands
Servers/countries:6,500+ servers in 65+ countries
Max devices:
Current deal:
🔥Get PureVPN, now 83% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

PureVPN supplies the features you need to get the best from Clash of Clans at an affordable price. Also, the abundance of both virtual and physical servers makes PureVPN an excellent tool to combat geo-blocking.

Servers: PureVPN’s server count is hard to beat – this provider offers over 6,500 connections in 65 countries! That makes it ideal for securing a new IP address should you need to get around a Clash of Clans account ban.

Speed: PureVPN also uses the WireGuard tunneling protocol to maximize your connection speed. You can also use the OpenVPN protocol – both should keep your connection speeds above average.

Streaming: PureVPN works on Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. So you’ll certainly be able to expand your content selection with this VPN.

Additional features: Port forwarding is a useful PureVPN feature that helps you out if you're running your own gaming server. You can also use split tunneling (but only on Windows or Android) to specifically run Clash of Clans through a VPN connection.

Security and privacy: Security-wise, PureVPN delivers industry-standard AES-256 encryption to lock up your data. This VPN is another provider to have its service verified by independent audits.

Want to find out more? This PureVPN review discloses all the details.

5. AtlasVPN – a top VPN with a freemium app

Atlas VPN banner
Based in:United States
Servers/countries:1,000+ servers in 42+ countries
Max devices:Unlimited
Current deal:🔥Holiday deal! Get Atlas VPN, now 86% OFF + 6 months FREE!🔥

Atlas VPN is excellent for Clash of Clans mobile gaming, as its iOS and Android apps are intuitive and user-friendly. This VPN also has a great free version and some never-before-seen security features.

Servers: AtlasVPN’s server count might seem small compared to the other VPNs on this list (1,000+ servers in 42 countries), but the locations we tested worked well for Clash of Clans.

Speed: you can also count on Atlas VPN for a solid connection. Its speeds are on par with some of the best providers on the market.

Streaming: are you done gaming for the day? Put Clash of Clans down and use Atlas VPN to unlock region-restricted content on Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer.

Additional features: Atlas VPN’s kill switch kicks in the instant your connection drops. To really protect your anonymity, turn on SafeSwap, and your IP address will be constantly rotated.

Security and privacy: Atlas VPN protects your data from snoops with unhackable AES-256 encryption. We’re still waiting on an independent audit, but so far, there’s been nothing to suggest that this VPN is anything less than completely trustworthy.

Read up on the finer points in our Atlas VPN review.

How we tested these Clash of Clans VPNs

Plenty of VPN providers claim to be the best, so we put the market through its paces by testing out dozens of options to ensure they were up to the task. Here’s what we looked for when deciding which VPNs are most suited for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale:

  • Does it have suitable servers? If your VPN offers a reliable fleet of international servers, you’re better set to escape the overcrowding and lower your ping. Every VPN on this shortlist provides servers in locations that are ideal for gaming.
  • Is it fast? To ensure your Clash of Clans session doesn’t suffer from lag, we’ve recommended VPNs with the best speeds and lowest latency. They offer efficient tunneling protocols like NordLynx and WireGuard.
  • Does it offer additional features? We selected VPNs that provide extra features to improve your Clash of Clans gaming experience, like port forwarding, split tunneling, and Meshnet.
  • Is the VPN private and secure? The VPNs we recommend encrypt your data, protect your anonymity, and prevent DNS and IP leaks. Some of them have also been independently audited, so you can be certain their service is as secure as can be.
  • How much does it cost? Price is an important factor, so we chose VPNs that represent value for money with free trials or money-back guarantees.

Why do you need a VPN for Clash of Clans

Let’s take a look at why you might want to use a VPN for Clash of Clans:

  • Reduce lag. Clash of Clans is insanely popular, so its servers can quickly get overcrowded. If you’re stuck on one, your game could lag. Change your server with a VPN, and you can easily get better ping to enjoy a better CoC or Clash Royale experience.
  • Play from a blocked location. Mobile games might be blocked on your work or education server. You may even be in a location that doesn’t get access to Clash of Clans at all (like Iran). Either way, use a VPN to change your IP address to a new location, and you can play CoC from anywhere.
  • Get around an account ban. If you break the rules, Clash of Clans may ban your account. If this has happened to you, don’t worry – all you need is a new IP address. Just use a VPN and connect to a new server to get back into the game.
  • Bypass ISP throttling. ISPs have been known to throttle speeds if they deem you to have used too much bandwidth. Use a VPN to conceal your traffic and throttling will never be a concern.
  • Protection from DDoS attacks. Disgruntled gamers, including CoC players, are known to fire off distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or even attempt to hack the accounts of their rival players. Make sure you never fall victim to trolls by hiding your IP address with a VPN.
  • General online security. Top VPNs not only improve your gaming but also enhance online safety. You’ll benefit from encryption, anti-tracking, ad blockers, and more security features.

How to play CoC with a VPN

Playing Clash of Clans with a VPN is easy when you know how! Just follow these quick instructions:

  1. Download a VPN on your iOS or Android mobile device. NordVPN is ideal for gaming.
  1. Open the VPN app and set up your account
  2. Go to settings and select the NordLynx or WireGuard tunneling protocol.
nordvpn protocols
  1. Connect to a new server location.
nordvpn uk
  1. Launch Clash of Clans, sign in (or make a new account), and get gaming!

In which countries is Clash of Clans banned?

Clash of Clans has been banned in Iran, as the country’s government claims it ‘promotes violence and tribal conflict’. Supercell, the maker of CoC, has also withdrawn the game from Vietnam, Russia, and Belarus.

If you’re in any of these locations and you’d like to play Clash of Clans, we suggest using a VPN to change your IP address. That way, you can appear to be accessing CoC from an approved location, and the site won’t block you from making an account!

You can also use this method to access Clash of Clans in other places where gaming might be banned – like school or your workplace.

Can I use a free VPN on Clash of Clans?

Yes, free VPNs are certainly available, but we don’t recommend using this type of provider.

Free VPNs often make money via selling user data and in-app ads – a privacy issue and user experience problem.

They also provide much less in the way of features than you’d get with a paid provider. Free VPNs also tend to be very slow, which makes them unsuitable for gaming.

However, freemium VPNs are paid providers that also offer a free version. For example, AtlasVPN offers secure freemium apps, and if you like using them, you can upgrade to the paid version to get all the features.

But if you want to enjoy the best Clash of Clans experience, we will always suggest using a reputable paid VPN. Not only do the likes of NordVPN and Surfshark deliver lightning-fast connections, excellent features, and watertight security, but they also offer 30-day money-back guarantees. So you pretty much get a month-long free trial anyway.

Final thoughts

Clash of Clans is best played with a VPN. You’ll be able to ditch overcrowded servers, lower your ping, bypass account bans, and access the game from banned locations.

By installing a top-tier VPN on your mobile device, you’ll get all those benefits, advanced features that help with streaming content, and vital security settings like next-gen encryption.

Choose a market-leading provider like NordVPN, and you’ll get fast connection speeds too, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee – so you can try before you buy.

So don’t miss out on CoC ever again, and download a VPN today. Just follow the instructions in this guide, and you’ll be up and running in moments.

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