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Best VPN for Diablo 4 to protect you from DDoS attacks

Diablo 4, a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Blizzard, was released on June 6th, 2023, and from the release moment, it has become a target for DDoS attacks. This made the game almost impossible to log in and play.

With such threats to the game servers and the players, the game creators themselves have recommended using VPNs to secure your device and data from DDoS attacks. A VPN is a perfect tool to encrypt your data, making it unreadable to bad actors and other online threats. In addition, with a reliable gaming VPN, you can pick a less populated server to bypass game lags or long queues.

We tested all our top-rated VPNs to narrow the list to only the best and safest VPNs for gaming to ensure the best experience playing Diablo 4 online. We based the list on the providers’ security features, performance, server list, and overall value for money.

5 Best Diablo 4 VPNs

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Why do you need a VPN for Diablo 4?

With the recent DDoS attacks, using a VPN for playing Diablo 4 has never been more integral. Here are all of the reasons why you should get a reliable VPN to enhance and secure your gaming experience:

  • Security. A VPN is the perfect tool to protect your data online – while streaming, gaming, or browsing. It encrypts your data, keeps you anonymous, and prevents data leaks, hacks, or DDoS attacks from gaining your information.
  • Latency. Your ISP (internet service provider) may start throttling your internet speeds since online gaming usually requires a lot of bandwidth. To prevent that, you can get a VPN and encrypt your data so your online activity appears completely regular.
  • Servers. Since most Diablo 4 DDoS attacks target the North East part of the US, changing your server before connecting to the game can help you bypass this threat. In addition, changing your server country will help you join a less populated server. Therefore, bypassing long queue times.

Best VPNs for Diablo 4 – our detailed list:

Want to pick the best VPN for Diablo 4? Out of all the top-rated VPNs on the market, NordVPN shines as the best option. This excellent gaming VPN has robust security features, blazing-fast speeds for lag-free gaming, a vast list of servers, and won’t break the bank.

Read on to see why NordVPN is our winner and how it compares to the other providers on our list based on their security features, performance, additional features, and price-to-value ratio.

1. NordVPN – best VPN for Diablo 4 to protect against DDoS

NordVPN banner 1
6000+ servers in 61 countries
Speed retention:
Simultaneous connections:
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NordVPN is the best VPN for Diablo 4 to protect from DDoS attacks and other online threats. With robust security, excellent connection speeds, and a vast list of servers in various countries, you’ll enjoy Diablo 4 without online threats.

Security. When it comes to safety, NordVPN has no competition. It uses the AES-256 encryption, DNS servers managed by NordVPN, and a robust kill switch to prevent any data leaks. During our tests, there were no DNS leaks and the kill switch worked without issues. More so, this VPN works on RAM-only servers and has a strict no-logs policy. Lastly, NordVPN will also protect from malware and malicious ads with the Threat Protection feature.

Performance. With the proprietary NordLynx protocol (based on WireGuard), NordVPN ensures blazing-fast speeds. During our testing period, NordVPN retained around 90% of the initial internet speed, which is excellent for enjoying Diablo 4 lag-free.

Servers. NordVPN has a vast list of 6000+ secure servers in 61 countries. Therefore, players in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world will easily find a server outside the DDoS attack zone. More so, such a vast list of servers lets you quickly find a location with the least crowded game servers.

Compatibility. A single NordVPN subscription allows for 6 simultaneous connections. In addition, this VPN works with all OS and can be easily set up on your router, so you can also play Diablo 4 on your Xbox or PlayStation safely.

You can purchase NordVPN for $3.39/month and enjoy risk-free testing with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more, check out our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – blazing-fast VPN to play Diablo 4 online lag-free

Surfshark banner
3200+ servers in 100 countries
Speed retention:
Simultaneous connections:
Current deal:🔥Get 79% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE🔥

Surfshark is one of the speediest VPNs for gaming that comes for a very budget-friendly price. This VPN will ensure excellent protection against DDoS attacks while enjoying a lag-free Diablo 4 gaming experience.

Security. With AES-256 encryption, a reliable kill switch, MultiHop (double VPN connection), and an IP rotator that constantly changes your IP address, Surfshark ensures high-quality data protection. In fact, it’s so secure that our tests showed no DNS leaks. More so, Surfshark CleanWeb works as an ad blocker, and there’s also an antivirus suite for an extra cost. In addition to all that, Surfshark works on RAM-only servers and has a strict no-logs policy.

Performance. Due to the implemented secure WireGuard tunneling protocol, Surfshark has excellent connection speeds. When we tested it with Diablo 4, it retained around 86% of the original internet speed, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Servers. With over 3200 servers in 100 countries, Surfshark allows you to pick from whichever corner of the world you want to play Diablo 4. So, bypassing long queues or avoiding DDoS threat zones will be easy.

Compatibility. Surfshark doesn’t limit the number of connections you can have with one subscription. In addition to that, it works with all OS, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Better yet, it has extensive setup guides for routers too.

Get Surfshark for an extremely low price of $2.29/month and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more in our detailed Surfshark VPN review. Another option is matching it against the #1 in our Surfshark vs NordVPN comparison.

3. Atlas VPN – security-oriented VPN for Diablo 4

Atlas VPN banner
1000+ servers in 42 countries
Speed retention:
Simultaneous connections:
Current deal:🔥Get Atlas VPN, now 86% OFF + 6 months FREE!🔥

Atlas VPN is another excellent VPN to use to play Diablo 4 safely. This secure VPN service ensures top-notch data protection without compromising performance and will help prevent various online threats from targeting your data and device.

Security. Atlas VPN covers your security with unhackable AES-256 encryption, secure tunneling protocols, and a reliable kill switch to prevent data leaks. Even though there’s no DNS leak protection features, our examination showed no leaks whatsoever. In addition, features like an IP rotator, an ad blocker called Shield, and Data Breach monitoring are also available.

Performance. With WireGuard tunneling protocol, you can be sure you’ll get stable connection speeds. When we tested Atlas VPN’s performance with this protocol, the results showed that the VPN retained around 80% of the initial rate – an excellent result for playing Diablo 4 without buffers.

Servers. Compared to other VPNs on our list, like NordVPN and Surfshark, Atlas VPN does have a more limited server fleet, with over 1000 servers in 42 countries. Yet, it still covers a wide range of regions. So, you’ll enjoy various Diablo 4 servers, especially outside of the DDoS attack zones like some North American, Asian, and European countries.

Compatibility. With a single Atlas VPN subscription, you can cover unlimited devices simultaneously. In addition, this VPN works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

You can get a limited Atlas VPN free subscription. However, we recommend investing in a premium version, which costs only $1.64/month and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To get more information, check out our Atlas VPN review.

4. ExpressVPN – VPN for Diablo 4 with secure servers for online gaming

ExpressVPN banner
3000+ servers in 105 countries
Speed retention:
Simultaneous connections:
Current deal:🔥Get ExpressVPN, now 49% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

ExpressVPN is a premium VPN to secure all your activity online, including safely playing Diablo 4 without fearing DDoS attacks, data leaks, or other online threats.

Security. Regarding security points, ExpressVPN has market-standard AES-256 encryption, a reliable kill switch that showed no leaks during our tests, secure tunneling protocols, and RAM-only servers. There’s also an ad and tracker blocker (Threat Manager) and a strict no-logs policy.

Performance. ExpressVPN uses its proprietary tunneling protocol Lightway. It’s very speedy and an excellent choice for online gaming – based on our tests, with Lightway, we retained 77% of the original speed while playing Diablo 4. This is still a great result, even though it makes ExpressVPN the slowest option on our list.

Servers. The last time ExpressVPN’s server count was public, it was over 3000 servers. The number of servers is probably even more significant and spans over 105 countries.

Compatibility. A single ExpressVPN subscription will cover only 8 devices simultaneously. Luckily, it’s effortless to set up this VPN on a router. There’s even a router applet to expand your list of covered devices. Otherwise, ExpressVPN works with all popular OS.

ExpressVPN is the most expensive VPN provider on our list, the subscription price starts at $6.67/month, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If that’s out of your budget, check out our top-rated NordVPN or Surfshark.

For more information, head over to our ExpressVPN review. Or see how it fares in our NordVPN vs ExpressVPN face off.

5. CyberGhost – Diablo 4 VPN with gaming-optimized servers

CyberGhost VPN banner
11500+ servers in 100 countries
Speed retention:
Simultaneous connections:
Current deal:🔥Get CyberGhost VPN, now 83% + 2 months FREE!🔥

CyberGhost is a gaming-optimized VPN that will help you enjoy playing Diablo 4 without any lags or fear of data leaks. It has a comprehensive security package to prevent DDoS threats, excellent performance, and a vast server list available.

Security. You’ll get AES-256 encryption, an automatic kill switch, secure tunneling protocols, and a no-logs policy with CyberGhost, to ensure your data security and privacy. In addition, you’ll get an ad blocker and dedicated IP features to secure your data online.

Performance. CyberGhost works with WireGuard tunneling protocol, ensuring speedy connections and a lag-free gaming experience while playing Diablo 4 online. Our in-house test can attest that, since when we tried this VPN while playing the game, the results showed a 86% retention rate of the original speed.

Servers. With this VPN, you will get an extensive list of 11500+ secure servers in 100 countries. You can pick gaming-optimized servers for better performance while playing online games, including Diablo 4.

Compatibility. With a CyberGhosts subscription, you can cover up to 7 devices simultaneously. This VPN supports all OS and can be set up on routers, so you can safely play Diablo 4 on your Xbox or PlayStation.

CyberGhost subscription price starts at $2.19/month. In addition, you’ll get the extra-long 45-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more in our detailed CyberGhost VPN review.

How we picked and tested the best Diablo 4 VPNs

To select our list of the best Diablo 4 VPNs, we put our top providers through a rigorous testing process. The main criteria we checked were:

  1. Security. We checked that all providers would offer market-standard AES encryption to ensure your protection from DDoS and other online threats. DNS leak tests were also performed, and we only included VPNs that come back with positive results. Lastly, we put the kill switch to a test to ensure that every VPN on the list can prevent data leaks. NordVPN testing leak protection
  2. Speed performance. For the best gaming experience, we selected the best-performing VPNs. To measure their performance, we tested each provider's speed retention with their best tunneling protocol (WireGuard or the proprietary version). Remember to pick a server near your original location to get the best speed results. NordVPN speed testing methodology
  3. Server fleet. We selected VPN providers with vast server options in various countries for our list. This is useful for bypassing overcrowded servers and minimizing queue times, and in case your IP gets banned, you can simply change a server and game again.
  4. Extra security features. With the DDoS threat and other online risks, we checked the VPN service providers for additional features to enhance your security. That includes anti-malware tools, protection from adware, an IP rotator, or dedicated IP to protect your actual data.
  5. Price-to-value ratio. We analyzed the value of each provider’s subscription based on how many features they offer for the price. Ultimately, we selected only those that offered good value for their price point.

What to look for in the best Diablo 4 VPN?

There are several essential points to consider when picking the best VPN for Diablo 4. From security to speed or even gaming-enhancing features. Here are the main points we picked:

Security:AES-256 encryption, kill switch, split tunneling, no-logs policy
Performance:WireGuard, speed retention >70%
Features:IP rotator, ad blocker, anti-malware tools, DNS leak protection
Servers: Large fleet in geographically diverse locations, RAM-only
  • Security and privacy. To secure your gaming experience with Diablo 4, you must pick a VPN with next-gen data encryption to protect your data. In addition, make sure to select a provider with a reliable kill switch to prevent data leaks. RAM-only servers and a no-logs policy are essential to ensure anonymity and privacy.
  • Performance while gaming. Online gaming requires a stable connection, so select the VPN that has successfully implemented the market-standard WireGuard tunneling protocol and, based on tests, can retain more than 70% of the initial speed for a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Additional features. To enhance your gaming and provide better protection from DDoS attacks or other online threats, look for VPNs with additional features like an IP rotator that constantly changes your IP address. In addition, look for VPNs with ad blockers and anti-malware tools, like NordVPN’s Threat Protection, to prevent virus threats from targeting your device and data.
  • Server fleet. A large server fleet based in geographically diverse locations allows you to pick different game server locations. This way, you can avoid overcrowded servers and long queue times. In addition, if your IP gets banned, you have plenty of other server countries to pick to play Diablo 4.
  • Price. Don’t pick a VPN provider because it’s the most expensive and seems the best. Select the service provider that is within your budget and, most importantly, offers great value for money.
NordVPN for Diablo 4
NordVPN is the best VPN to ensure a safe Diablo 4 gaming experience. This VPN has robust security features, blazing-fast speeds for lag-free playing, and a vast list of servers in geographically various locations to connect to servers outside the DDoS attack zones.
cybernews® score
4.9 /5

Best Diablo 4 VPNs compared

BrandNordVPNSurfsharkAtlas VPNExpressVPNCyberGhost
Servers6000+ servers in 61 countries3200+ servers in 100 countries1000+ servers in 42 countries3000+ servers in 105 countries11500+ servers in 100 countries
Speed retention90%86%80%77%86%
Kill switch
LoggingNo logs, independently audited twice by PwCNo logs, independently audited by DeloitteNo logs, not auditedNo logs, independently audited by Cure53No logs, independently audited by Deloitte
DNS leak protection
IP rotator
Price (lowest price per month)$3.39/month$2.29/month$1.64/month$6.67/month$2.19/month
Free trialYes, 7-dayYes, 7-dayYes, unlimitedYes, 7-day for mobile devicesYes, 1-day on a desktop, 3-day on Android, and 7-day on iOS

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN for Diablo 4. Especially for security purposes, like encrypting your data to prevent DDoS attacks, leaks, or hacks. As well, a VPN is permitted to change your location to join a less populated server and lower queue time.

However, using a VPN to manipulate regional pricing and purchase the game for a lower cost can be considered against the ToS. It’s not clearly stated but is generally frowned upon.

How to use a VPN to connect to Diablo 4

It’s pretty easy to set up your VPN to work with Diablo 4 on a desktop. Even so, we have prepared a simple guide for you to follow:

  1. Pick a reliable VPN service. We recommend NordVPN, now 67% OFF Download a VPN for Diablo 4
  2. Download and install the VPN app Install a VPN app for Diablo 4
  3. Log in to your account or sign up
  4. Enable security features, like the kill switch Enable the kill switch for Diablo 4 VPN
  5. Connect to a server of your choice and enjoy Diablo 4 Diablo 4 protected with a VPN
  6. That's it

Now, if you’re planning on playing Diablo 4 on your Xbox, PlayStation, or any other device that doesn’t support a VPN app, then you’ll have to set up your VPN on a router.

Luckily for you, all providers on our list offer extensive guides on how to set a VPN up on different routers, but here’s a simple and easy guide for you:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider
  2. Download the configuration files of a server of your choice
  3. Find your router’s IP address and password
  4. Type the IP address and password in the browser’s URL slot

For a more detailed guide, check out our article on the best VPNs for routers.

Can free VPNs protect from DDoS attacks on Diablo 4?

No, a free VPN won’t be enough to protect you from DDoS attacks while playing Diablo 4. Free VPNs have lesser security features; they can leak your data and have fewer server options.

To secure yourself from DDoS attacks, we recommend picking a premium VPN provider and testing it with a free trial or money-back guarantee period. This way to ensure that the VPN fits all your needs before committing to a long-term subscription.

Here are the best free trial VPNs we recommend:

  • NordVPN – has a 7-day free trial on mobile and a 30-day money-back guarantee. After that, the subscription prices start at $3.39/month.
  • Surfshark – provides a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. After this period, the subscription price starts at $2.29/month.

Final thoughts

Diablo 4 is an exciting new game with a large fanbase. However, constant DDoS threats have made this game almost unplayable in some locations where the attacks have been concentrated. Luckily, a reliable VPN can secure you from DDoS attacks and other online threats and help you enjoy playing this online game safely.

Based on our in-house testing, NordVPN is the best Diablo 4 VPN to enjoy secure gaming. This VPN comes with excellent security features to encrypt your data and prevent leaks, is blazing-fast for lag-free gaming, and has a vast list of secure servers for you to pick from.

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