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Best VPNs for GameLoop in 2023

GameLoop is a popular free Android game emulator that allows you to enjoy mobile games on your Windows PC. As popular as it is, there are still common issues that interfere with the gaming experience globally. High ping, lagging, or even the ISP throttling the connection speed – everything can be solved by getting a reputable VPN.

The best GameLoop VPN, such as NordVPN, can offer you robust protection against DDoS attacks, various infections, and guarantee complete online privacy. Moreover, it’s perfect for unblocking geo-restricted content, accessing more mobile games, and, generally, improving the browsing experience.

As good as it sounds, there are numerous VPNs to pick from, and it can get messy. Therefore, we have tested and selected only the best VPN services for GameLoop in 2023 in terms of protection, performance, price, and more. Dig in deeper with us and choose your favorite VPN.

Top 5 best GameLoop VPNs

Why do I need a VPN for GameLoop?

The improved GameLoop experience isn’t the only benefit that the best VPN for gaming can offer. There are numerous things to love about it, and here they are:

  • Improve connection speed. Whether it’s an overcrowded game server or your ISP interfering with your connection speed, the fastest VPN can help you change the game and to enjoy lightning-fast connection speed.
  • Avoid DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are quite common among unfair gamers, and a VPN is a great tool to fight that. It will hide your IP address, and you will avoid getting hacked.
  • Bypass internet censorship. With a VPN, you can access games that aren’t available in your location or even unblock GameLoop from where it’s banned.
  • Unblock streaming platforms. Streaming VPNs unblock all major streaming platforms and deliver global content in full HD.
  • Enhance online security and privacy. A VPN with market-leading security features can help you stay completely anonymous and avoid cybercriminals.

Best VPNs for GameLoop - our detailed list

We have tested more than a dozen VPNs regarding security, performance, features, and other criteria. Eventually, we have come to have the top 5 list of the best GameLoop VPNs in 2023.

1. NordVPN – best GameLoop VPN in 2023

NordVPN banner
Based in:Panama
Severs/countries:5,800+ servers in 60 countries
Streaming:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
Current deal:🔥 Get NordVPN with 68% OFF + 3 months FREE! 🔥

Without a doubt, NordVPN is the best VPN for GameLoop. Close to zero impact on connection speed, advanced security features, and a large server fleet of 5,800+ servers in 60 countries can ensure only the best gaming experience.

Security and privacy: NordVPN stands among the most secure VPN services. It uses market-leading AES-256 encryption and has a functional kill-switch feature that protects your IP when a VPN connection drops. Plus, the company is located in a privacy-friendly country and follows a strict and audited no-logs policy.

Performance: this VPN service is one of the least speed-affecting programs. With its in-house NordLynx tunneling protocol, you can enjoy fast connection speed without compromising security. Consequently, it’s perfect for gaming, streaming, torrenting, and more.

Features: you can select what apps go through a VPN connection by enabling split tunneling. Obfuscated servers are great if you need to hide a VPN connection from the government or don’t risk getting banned by GameLoop. NordVPN also has the Meshnet feature that allows you to have remote LAN parties and enjoy video games with your friends.

Apps: the Android and Windows applications are the ones that offer the best experience. They are perfectly personalized, easy to use, and include all the available features. Apart from that, NordVPN is available on all major operating systems. You can also use it on a router, gaming console, and other platforms.

Considering that we’re speaking of a market-leading VPN, the price of it seems to be too good to be true. You can have the service for as low as $3.19/month and connect up to 6 devices simultaneously per account.

Learn more about the features in our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – next-gen GameLoop VPN

Surfshark banner
Based in:The Netherlands
Severs/countries:3,200+ servers in 100 countries
Streaming: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more
Current deal:🔥 Get 82% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE 🔥

Surfshark is another top VPN for GameLoop that offers next-gen protection. It offers one of the most attractive prices and a feature-rich security suite. 3,200 servers in 100 countries ensure you can enjoy GameLoop wherever you are without lagging.

Security and privacy: Surfshark and security go hand in hand. With it, your data gets encrypted using AES-256 encryption or ChaCha20 cipher. You can use the kill switch feature to protect your IP address if a VPN connection is lost. A strict no-logs policy ensures none of your activity logs will be collected.

Performance: thanks to the market-leading WireGuard tunneling protocol, Surfshark delivers fast and stable connection speed without annoying speed drops in the middle of the game. Whether you choose a closer or a further server, there won’t be any speed issues.

Features: if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, then this VPN is for you. The IP rotator changes your IP address every other moment and helps you avoid DDoS attacks even better. There are also essential features, such as split tunneling for choosing what apps will use VPN traffic and obfuscation to mask your VPN connection and avoid getting banned from the game. Along with VPN services, Surfshark also offers antivirus protection called Surfshark One.

Apps: it has intuitive and well-designed apps with all the possible features for Android and Windows devices. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this VPN welcomes you with a smooth experience. You can also have Surfshark on iOS, macOS, Linux, and more

The deal you get with Surfshark is beyond what you could ever imagine. By paying $2.30/month, you’re allowed to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously and use all the features that the service has to offer.

Unsure whether this is the one? Read our Surfshark VPN review or compare Surfshark vs NordVPN side by side.

3. Atlas VPN – intuitive VPN app for GameLoop

Atlas VPN banner
Based in:United States
Servers/countries:1,000+ servers in 42 countries
Streaming:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Current deal:🔥 Get Atlas VPN, now 85% OFF + 3 months FREE! 🔥

If VPNs are new to you but improving the GameLoop experience is what you need, then Atlas VPN is for you. It offers very intuitive applications, a comprehensive suite of security, and over 1,000 servers in 42 countries.

Security and privacy: along with a strict no-logs policy, Atlas VPN delivers robust protection. It uses AES-256 encryption with ChaCha20 cipher for scrambling your data and securing it from prying eyes. The kill switch feature is an excellent prevention against the leaked IP address.

Performance: this VPN didn’t stay behind other top VPN services and also has implemented the advanced WireGuard tunneling protocol. This way, it can offer you great connection speeds that allow you to enjoy gaming lag-free.

Features: while lacking an obfuscation feature, Atlas VPN still stands as a very reliable VPN. It helps you to avoid malware with the SafeBrowse feature. You can use SafeSwap to get your IP address constantly changed and stay completely immune against DDoS attacks. There’s also split tunneling to customize what traffic should go through a VPN connection.

Apps: the best experience you can get comes from Android and Windows applications. The Windows app also has an additional security layer of 2FA implemented. Atlas VPN is also available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices.

Among all the good things that Atlas VPN offers, there are two more we want to point out. Firstly, you are allowed to have unlimited simultaneous connections per account. Furthermore, you need to pay as little as $1.82/month.

Learn more about the service from our Atlas VPN review.

4. IPVanish – VPN with fast connection speeds

IPVanish banner
Based in:United States
Severs/countries:2,200+ servers in 52 countries
Streaming: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and more
Current deal:🔥 Get 75% OFF IPVanish! 🔥

Versatility has always been a vital characteristic; that’s how IPVanish stands among the best GameLoop VPNs. Advanced security features, excellent network speeds, and 2,200 servers in 52 countries guarantee a splendid online experience.

Security and privacy: market-leading AES-256 encryption is a tough nut to crack for those who try to access your data. The kill switch feature provides an extra security layer and protects your IP address when a VPN connection drops. Add an audited privacy policy, and you get robust VPN protection.

Performance: IPVanish supports various tunneling protocols, like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and, most importantly, WireGuard. It stands as one of the fastest VPN services on the market. Hence, playing mobile games with it will be smooth.

Features: here, you can find all the crucial features a GameLoop VPN should include. Split tunneling to decide what apps will use a VPN connection. Obfuscation to hide your VPN connection. Plus, free SOCKS5 proxy for fast and uninterrupted game downloading and overall torrenting.

Apps: IPVanish offers apps for nearly all major operating systems except for Linux. Even though Android and Windows apps are the most functional, the interface is quite outdated compared to most VPN apps on the market.

To conclude, this VPN fits in as a universal software. Whether you want to improve your connection speed, unblock geo-restricted content, or improve your browsing experience – IPVanish has you covered. The starting price of it is $2.99/month, and you can connect unlimited devices simultaneously.

Get to know the service better from our IPVanish review.

5. PureVPN – VPN with always-on-audit

PureVPN banner
Based in:British Virgin Islands
Servers/countries:6,500+ servers in 78+ countries
Streaming:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube
Current deal:🔥 Get PureVPN, now 83% OFF + 3 months FREE! 🔥

PureVPN won’t be a miss for those who put security first. Additionally, you get a VPN that performs great in terms of speed, streaming, torrenting, and has a massive server fleet of 6,500 servers in 78 countries.

Security and privacy: PureVPN is the first VPN service that has applied always-on-audit. This means, the company can be audited without warning; therefore, no security flaws can be glazed over. Additionally, this VPN uses AES-256 encryption, and the kill switch to prevent leaked IP addresses is also available.

Performance: after implementing the WireGuard tunneling protocol, this VPN has started delivering great connection speeds. To be sure whether you will have a stable connection during the game, PureVPN indicates what locations have lower ping.

Features: if you aren’t looking for a feature-rich VPN service and the basics are enough for you, then PureVPN will do just fine. With it, you get obfuscation that masks your VPN connection and helps you to avoid getting banned by GameLoop. Split tunneling feature to select what apps will go through VPN traffic. Extras, such as port forwarding and a password manager, come for an additional dollar.

Apps: plain-looking but easy-to-use apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS will be suitable for every type of user. Fortunately, Android and Windows applications are the most feature-rich and offer a pleasant experience.

Here, you get a great price and quality ratio as the starting price is $2.08/month. A single user can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, which is enough to cover all your home devices.

Find out more in our PureVPN review.

How we selected and tested these VPNs

Finding the best VPN for GameLoop requires considering more than a single factor. Here are several characteristics that should be taken into consideration:

  • Speed. For the best gaming experience, a VPN shouldn’t affect your connection so much that you would need to endure slow speeds. Therefore, we ensured each VPN would offer only the best connection speeds.
  • Server fleet. The amount of servers a VPN offers determines the quality of connection you will have and the number of games you will access. That’s why we listed those VPNs that will lower your ping and have a widely distributed server fleet.
  • Security. DDoS attacks are a common issue among gamers. To help you prevent getting hacked, we have added those VPNs to the list that only have advanced security features.
  • Extra features. Since GameLoop doesn’t support the idea of changing your IP address, staying cautious while using a VPN is crucial. It’s also important to protect your real IP at all times. Hence, we looked for VPNs that offer obfuscated servers, IP rotators, and more.
  • Applications. GameLoop is only available on Android and Windows devices. Consequently, we made sure that each VPN would offer personalized apps for both – Windows and Android OS.
  • Price. The most expensive service doesn’t always come out as the most reliable one. Considering this, we chose those VPNs that offer the best money and quality ratio without putting you at risk of overpaying.

What is GameLoop?

Gameloop, formerly called Tencent Gaming Buddy, is a free emulator for transferring mobile games from Android to Windows PCs. There, you can find popular classics, such as COD mobile, PUBG mobile, Clash of Clans, and more.

This emulator comes with its own extras, such as an anti-cheating system, network acceleration, live video and voice chats, and its own intuitive engine. You’re even allowed to customize the game’s graphics to improve the performance on desktop devices.

Unfortunately, GameLoop is only available on Windows devices. Let’s hope this gets changed sooner than later. But, as for now, macOS users must look somewhere else.

However, due to GameLoop’s popularity, some issues result in a worse gaming experience. DDoS attacks, high ping, or the ISP fighting your bandwidth usage and slowing down your connection; all of this is what need to be fixed with the help of a VPN.

How do I add a VPN to GameLoop?

If you have any doubts and want to double-check the process if installing a VPN for GameLoop, follow the guide below:

  1. Register for a reliable VPN service. We recommend NordVPN, now 68% OFF!
  2. Download VPN’s APK file.
Download NordVPN APK file
  1. Download and install the GameLoop app.
Get GameLoop app
  1. Open the GameLoop app and choose “local APK installation”.
APK installation on GameLoop
  1. In the window, choose downloaded VPN apk file and launch it.
Add NordVPN APK to GameLoop
  1. After the installation, choose a VPN server and connect.
Connected to a VPN for GameLoop

If you encounter any issues while setting up a VPN, feel free to leave a comment below or leave a message for NordVPN's customer support that's available 24/7.

How can I improve my GameLoop VPN connection?

The VPN connection speed depends on several factors. Nevertheless, each of the case has a solution if you have a good internet connection overall.

  • If your ISP is throttling your connection speed, simply using a VPN should stop it from slowing down your connection speed. The ISP tends to interfere with the connection speed if it detects a higher bandwidth usage. A VPN will hide your online activity, and the ISP won’t be able to throttle the speed anymore.
  • If you have chosen a further server location from your true location, connecting to the server that is closer to you will increase the connection speed. The speed of VPN servers depends on the distance between your device and the VPN server location.
  • Use market-leading tunneling protocols. There are still some VPN providers that use older tunneling protocol versions as default ones. To get the best connection speed, choosing the WireGuard or NordLynx tunneling protocols is the way to go.
  • If you’re struggling while downloading games, connect to a server that supports P2P connections. This way, data gets downloaded through several locations instead of one.

Is it legal to use VPN for GameLoop?

Yes, officially, using a VPN for GameLoop is legal. You can use it to improve your connection speed, download games unavailable in your region, protect your online identity, and more.

However, GameLoop itself states that it’s not allowed to use any type of method to change your place of residence. Also, while going through the GameLoop Terms of Service, we noticed warnings about connecting from locations related to terrorism.

Overall, a VPN stops being legal as soon as you use it for any type of criminal activity. It can also be that you live in a highly-censored country where a VPN is banned. In this case, connecting to the obfuscated server will hide your VPN connection from the government and your ISP, but remember that this is still against the law. Remember that we do not condone criminal activity – be aware of the restrictions in your area.

Can I get banned for using a VPN on GameLoop?

Yes, you can get banned for using a VPN on GameLoop. The Terms of Service of GameLoop states: “license can get restricted due to use of IP proxying or other methods to disguise the place of your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on the Services or for any other purpose;”. Nevertheless, it’s possible to get around this restriction.

By using a VPN that has obfuscated servers, you can hide your VPN connection and continue using it for your own purposes. Yet, keep in mind that exposing other players, bullying them, and promoting criminal activities can also lead you to getting banned from the game.

Can I use a free VPN with GameLoop?

Yes, you can use a free VPN with GameLoop. Nevertheless, we are not recommending doing so as the outcome is rather disappointing than beneficial. After all, free VPN services have a few kinks.

First off, a free VPN offers a limited suite of security. With it, you receive only one or two security features that hardly cover basic security needs, a small server fleet, limited data, and connection speed. Plus, due to low investment, the application can be outdated and have many security gaps.

Moreover, there have been several cases where a free VPN was caught collecting users’ data and selling it to third parties. For a VPN, it’s a way to earn an income and get an approval to work in a censored location, such as China or North Korea. Meanwhile, for you, this means exposed identity and various cyber threats, like malware.

If this still doesn’t discourage you from stepping away from a free VPN, we have safer options to offer. Premium VPNs, like NordVPN or Surfshark, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try out the service risk-free for a month. This way, you can use all available features, enjoy a lightning-fast connection, and stay completely secure.


Experiencing lags, throttled internet connection, DDoS attacks, and limited sources of games shouldn’t be casual things to face while playing mobile games on GameLoop. Therefore, a VPN is crucial to improve your gaming time.

Our offered VPN for GameLoop is NordVPN. With it, you get an extensive server fleet, advanced tunneling protocols, a rich suite of security features, and unrestricted browsing opportunities. We hope this article has helped you decide what VPN service to choose and why it benefits GameLoop!

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