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Best VPNs for Kodi in 2022


Getting the best VPN for Kodi can help you in many ways. Most importantly, it protects your identity because some Kodi add-ons offer copyrighted content. Next, a VPN can unblock geo-restricted content on platforms like Netflix and devices like Firestick.

In this article, you'll learn all about watching Kodi with a VPN. But first, see our handpicked Top 5 Kodi VPNs in 2022 below. While we recommend the #1, you might find the other four quite interesting as well.

Top 5 Best VPNs for Kodi

  1. NordVPN – best VPN for Kodi in 2022
  2. Surfshark – security, speed, and unlimited devices
  3. CyberGhost – the cheapest Kodi VPN
  4. VyprVPN – supports Kodi and a bunch of other platforms
  5. Windscribe – unlimited devices and exceptional speeds

How to use a VPN with Kodi

Using your chosen VPN with Kodi is easier than you might think. It all starts with the installation. We can break it down into three major routes how you can use Kodi with a VPN. This will work with devices like Amazon Firestick.

Set up a VPN with an app

  1. Go to the page of your chosen VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download the software
  3. Log in, and choose a server location
  4. Once you click on it, you will be connected through a VPN server, which changes your IP address and country appearance

A few more words about installing the Kodi VPN on your router: not many providers have apps for routers, so you'll have to configure manually.

Luckily, you can also choose to install a VPN on your Windows or macOS device and create a virtual router. If you connect your Kodi, all of its traffic will go through a VPN.

Best VPNs for Kodi - our detailed list

First, we must say that ExpressVPN is not on this list only because it costs much more than the other services. We tested most of the VPNs on desktop and mobile that worked with Kodi or had a dedicated app for this media player.

1. NordVPN – best Kodi VPN in 2022

NordVPN all devices
Unblocks:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Youtube
Logging:No logs
Works with FireStick:Yes
Current deal:NordVPN is now 68% OFF!

If you don't read anything and just buy NordVPN for Kodi, you'll be all right. It's our top overall VPN, so it's easy to recommend it for Amazon Fire devices, streaming, torrenting, and other activities. NordVPN also has an app for Android TV, and its Smart DNS feature further extends the supported device list.

This provider is arguably the fastest in the world. For that, we have to thank its proprietary NordLynx protocol, which is a modified version of WireGuard. Furthermore, you'll be able to choose from over 5100 VPN servers in 60 countries, none of which are virtual. Of course, before buying, check where your desired add-ons are geo-blocked.

As for security and privacy, we have nothing to complain about. NordVPN is located in privacy-friendly Panama and has an independently-audited no-logs policy. There's also a wide range of protection-oriented features, such as a malware blocker, split tunneling, Tor over VPN, and obfuscated servers, among many others.

Finally, NordVPN won't break your bank with its long-term discounts. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee. And should you run into some trouble, a 24/7 live chat is at your service.

Fore more information, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – great prices and unlimited devices

surfshark all devices
Unblocks:Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Youtube
Logging:No logs
Works with FireStick:Yes
Current deal:Get up to 82% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE!

Surfshark is a great option for Kodi. At $2.30/month, It's only slightly pricier than our cheapest choice in CyberGhost and also offers unlimited simultaneous connections. That means you can share your account with family and friends, so they can also watch their beloved movies and shows on Kodi. Surfshark supports multiple devices – there are apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire Stick. If you install it on a router or use Smart DNS, the range extends even more.

This VPN gives you some of the industry's top speeds. Once again, we have to thank the WireGuard tunneling protocol for making such numbers a reality. Moreover, all of Surfshark's 3200+ servers in 65 countries are physical and RAM-only. This adds not only to the performance but security as well.

Speaking of security and privacy, Surfshark VPN is located in the British Virgin Islands and has a no-logs policy. The best part, however, is the anonymous payment options, meaning you can buy a Kodi VPN without entering any personal data. Furthermore, you get a kill switch, leak protection, an anti-malware tool, and obfuscated servers, among other features.

Surfshark for Kodi doesn't have a free version, but you get a 30-day money-back guarantee that should be more than enough to try things out. And should you encounter any issues with installing or using this VPN, their friendly 24/7 live chat support agents will help you right away.

3. CyberGhost – the cheapest VPN for Kodi

CyberGhost all devices
Unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Youtube
Logging:No logs
Works with FireStick: Yes
Current deal:Get CyberGhost VPN, now 83% OFF + 2 Months FREE!

While no Kodi VPN from our list is expensive, CyberGhost is truly the cheapest one. You can get it at $2.25/month for three years and three months extra. Additionally, there's an option to try it for one day for free on Mac and Windows. Lastly, this VPN has a hyper-extended 45-day money-back guarantee.

That being said, CyberGhost wouldn't be sitting at #3 if it simply supported Kodi and had the lowest price. This VPN is actually a streaming machine with dedicated servers that unblock Netflix and many other streaming platforms. Moreover, you'll be able to watch Kodi on Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android TV, and more devices with the help of Smart DNS.

CyberGhost is fully capable of protecting you online. It comes with a privacy-friendly jurisdiction in Romania (no Five Eyes!), a no-logs policy, and anonymous payments. From the security standpoint, you get military-grade encryption, an always-on kill switch, and malware blocking.

If you're feeling lonely or can't sleep, CyberGhost's friendly agents are there to help 24/7 via live chat. We're saying this because we didn't have any issues while testing – the speeds are great (WireGuard), the server selection is exceptional (almost 7100 servers in 89 countries), and you can get a dedicated IP (US, Canada, Germany, France, UK).

4. VyprVPN – arguably the safest VPN for Kodi

VyprVPN all devices
Unblocks:Netflix, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Youtube
Logging:No logs
Works with FireStick:Yes (only sideloading)
Current deal:Get VyprVPN, now 44% OFF the 1-year plan!

VyprVPN is one of the best VPNs for Kodi in 2022 because of its security and wide compatibility. There are dedicated apps for routers, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, and even such less-known devices like QNAP or Anonabox. Additionally, you can manually configure VyprVPN on OpenELEC and Apple TV, among other options. As you can see, you'll have plenty of options to stream with Kodi on multiple platforms.

For more than a decade, VyprVPN has been known for its security and privacy. These are two key criteria when selecting a service for Kodi. After all, nobody wants legal trouble just because they bought a fully-loaded Kodi version with some third-party apps. This Switzerland-based VPN effectively hides your IP address, doesn't collect logs (audited-independently), and offers obfuscated servers. Your online activities will be completely anonymous.

You don't have to sacrifice performance for VyprVPN-level protection. This Kodi VPN is among the fastest in 2022 because of its WireGuard tunneling protocol. Even more, they own all of their 700+ physical servers in 70+ countries. Once again, quality wins over quantity, but you still need a decent internet connection to watch in HD (5 Mbps) or 4K (25 Mbps).

VyprVPN is exceptionally cheap – you can use the service for as little as $8.33/month. The sole reason why we didn't name it "the cheapest VPN for Kodi" is because the offer is presented as limited. In case you don't like the provider, exercise your 30-day money-back option. Finally, don't hesitate to contact their fabulous 24/7 live chat agents for any Kodi VPN-related questions.

5. Windscribe – feature rich VPN for Kodi

Windscribe all devices
Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Youtube
Logging:No logs
Works with FireStick:Yes
Current deal:Get 55% OFF with a 1-year plan!

You won't find many Kodi VPNs with such a combination of features. Windscribe has a free version and doesn't limit simultaneous connections. Of course, if you're watching more than a few movies per month in HD, you'll need the premium plan to avoid data limitations. On the bright side, the offers start from $4.08/month annually, but you can also create your own plan, paying $1 per country.

The Windscribe speeds are exceptional, so streaming even in 4K should be possible unless your internet connection is slow. This provider has almost 480 servers in more than 63 countries, meaning you shouldn't have problems with geo-blocked Kodi add-ons. And while the server list is not long, the WireGuard protocol won't let you notice that.

This VPN stands out from the rest with its app for Nvidia Shield. Additionally, you'll have the client for Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV. Even though there's no Smart DNS feature, the number of supported platforms can be increased by configuring Windscribe on your router. The client itself can unblock Netflix in the US, Canada, UK, and Japan, not to mention other streaming platforms like HBO and Hulu.

Windscribe will protect your Kodi streaming too. You get to pay anonymously in Bitcoin and use leak protection, anti-malware, and obfuscated servers, among other features. We must mention that this provider is from Canada (Five Eyes) and logs more than the rest of the VPNs on this list, though. Is that an issue? No, if you choose anonymous payment.

How we selected VPNs for our list

The reason why most people install VPNs for Kodi is that they want anonymity. There are many add-ons made by third-parties out there that let you stream copyrighted content, and nobody wants to find their IP address on the copyright infringers' list. However, there many other key factors you should be aware of before committing.

  • Security and privacy. The Best VPN services have military-grade encryption, modern tunneling protocols, and a kill switch. For Kodi, you'd also benefit from anonymous payments, DNS and IP leak protection, and a true no-logs policy that's been court-proven or independently-audited. Choosing a provider from a privacy-friendly country (no Five Eyes!) is also highly recommended.
  • Compatibility. Obviously, a VPN should work with Kodi and its add-ons. However, you will probably want to watch your favorite content on more than one device. All of the above-mentioned providers support Amazon's Fire Stick and Fire TV, which are often paired with Kodi. But some work with OpenELEC, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and other less popular options.
  • Performance. Many streaming fans know that HD requires approximately 5 Mbps and 4K needs 25 Mbps to run smoothly. Unfortunately, all VPNs reduce the speeds to some extent due to traffic diversion and encryption. So if your original connection is not too fast, get a well-performing service that uses the next-gen WireGuard or similar tunneling protocols.
  • Price. If this weren't important, ExpressVPN would be on this and many other best VPNs for Kodi lists. If you're planning to get one for more than a few months, make sure you're not overspending. Besides, not all VPN providers offer a similar money-back guarantee. Some give you 45-days while others don't give anything at all.

Why do I need a VPN for streaming Kodi?

There are more than a few reasons why you may want to use a VPN with Kodi. However, speaking broadly, that's either privacy or avoiding geo-blocking. Let's see how the full list looks like:

  • Copyright infringement. You may not even know that by using certain add-ons, you can get into legal trouble. Your Internet service provider (ISP) can easily see what you're doing online and share this information with law enforcement. With a VPN, your location, IP address, and Internet traffic become hidden. And if you bought the product using cryptocurrencies or other anonymous payments, there's virtually no way to link you and your Kodi streaming.
  • Bandwidth throttling. If that wasn't enough, an ISP could limit your connection speed for certain activities, such as torrenting or streaming Kodi. With a VPN, it won't have any idea what hides behind that encrypted traffic, meaning there's no longer a reason to throttle some of your bandwidth.
  • Geo-blocking content. Plenty of streaming platforms and other channels available on Kodi might be unavailable. That's because the majority of content providers geo-block certain shows in your country. Luckily, a VPN unblocks most of them and even allows you to choose libraries in multiple countries.
  • Geo-blocking add-ons. You might be unable to download some of Kodi add-ons just because they've been made unavailable in your location. With a VPN, you can choose dozens of countries with IP addresses. With a few clicks, you can suddenly move to the US and download the add-ons you want.

Finally, you can save some money by finding free broadcasts and other streaming options. Not all of them will be legal, but if you have the best VPN for Kodi – you're protected.

How to choose a VPN for Kodi

As we've discussed in the previous section, protection and avoiding geo-blocking are the two main reasons to use a VPN with Kodi. But are all of them the same? Let's see what else is important when choosing a Kodi VPN.

  • Compatibility. Make sure that the VPN can be installed on your device. All major platforms shouldn't be a problem, and most premium services have an app for Amazon Fire products, Android TV, or both. However, only a few can be configured to work on Nvidia Shield, OpenELEC, Raspberry Pi, and other less known devices. If all fails, check whether the VPN can be installed on your router.
  • Privacy and security. Don't settle for anything less than a privacy-friendly jurisdiction (no Fourteen Eyes) and a no-logs policy that's been court-proven or independently-audited. The best option, if possible, is to pay anonymously and leave no trace at all. As for security, a kill switch, leak protection, modern tunneling protocols, and other features are only the bare minimum.
  • Performance. All VPNs slow down your connection, so you need a fast one to stream in HD or 4K. Make sure you get the WireGuard protocol and quality servers. In this case, quality often wins over quantity, with some providers with a few hundred servers winning over ten times bigger fleets. Also, make sure that you have access to some nearby countries to minimize buffering.
  • Avoiding geo-blocking. As we've mentioned in the previous section, streaming platforms and Kodi add-ons might be geo-blocked in your country. A VPN is worthless if it cannot give you desired streaming platforms. And in the case of Kodi, if you can't download the add-ons you need, the whole app probably becomes useless.
  • Price. If two VPNs fulfill your needs, but one costs two times more – which one you pick? Luckily, most of them give you at least a 30-day money-back guarantee to test everything thoroughly. Besides, a long-term plan will let you save up to 87%, so if you're planning to keep using Kodi for the upcoming years, choose the appropriate VPN plan for your own interest.

In our Top 5 VPNs for Kodi list, you'll find the services that tick most of the boxes. The easiest option is to get NordVPN, which is the best Kodi VPN and the top provider overall in 2022.

How to Install VPN on Kodi

Usually, the easiest method to set up a VPN with Kodi on your device is to use apps on devices like Windows, Mac, or others. Install a VPN app, install Kodi, launch VPN, then launch Kodi and watch the content without worries. However, while this may sound pretty cookie-cutter, not all devices follow this method.

I've selected some popular ways to access Kodi with a VPN and outlined rough guides on how you could set it up on your device.

Set up Kodi VPN on FireStick

Amazon Firestick has one of the least complicated setups that you could ask for. If you're on second-gen Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, the whole setup is a breeze.

  1. Head to the main screen and click Find
  2. Type in Downloader and get their app
  3. While you're there, download your chosen VPN provider's app
  4. Open up Downloader and enter https://www.firesticktricks.com/old URL
  5. It will download and install the Kodi app to your Firestick
  6. Launch the VPN, log in and connect
  7. Now you can open up Kodi and enjoy TV shows and movies without

Set up a VPN via Kodi add-on

In some cases, you might be able to set up a VPN via Kodi add-ons. That way, your streaming media will use a VPN from within the Kodi app.

  1. Open up Kodi, then select Add-ons, and then, Download
  2. Select category Program Add-ons
  3. Select a VPN add-on that your VPN provider supports
  4. Open the add-on and configure it according to your provider's instructions
  5. After you're done, click Activate
  6. Now when you're using Kodi, a VPN is enabled in the background

Connect to a VPN through a router

Depending on what model router you have, you may be able to set up a VPN connection on it. That way, every single device on your network will be covered. This includes devices that you're using for Kodi.

  1. Find out whether your router supports VPN connections
  2. If it does, you're halfway there
  3. If it doesn't, you're likely to have to install custom firmware instead of its current one
  4. The actual setup will depend on your router and even your VPN service provider
  5. When you'll add the VPN configurations, your router effectively encrypt every connection, including Kodi's

VPNs to avoid using with Kodi

The best thing is that many bad VPNs are incompatible with Kodi. And those that do are often limited in many ways, such as not supporting Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV, Android TV, and other platforms. So here are some VPNs that you should avoid using with Kodi, even though they support this media player:

  • IPVanish. This is a truly great provider, but we've put it on this list because it's located in the US. Moreover, its no-logs policy hasn't been audited yet. And finally, there are no anonymous payment options.
  • HideMyAss. In 2011, their data helped capture a hacker, while in 2015, a Texas judge was caught the same way. Add a Five Eyes jurisdiction in the UK, and there are not enough arguments to use this Kodi VPN.
  • PureVPN. Overall, it's a good service with plenty of servers and countries to choose from. Unfortunately, this VPN has been caught in the past providing the FBI the logs of its client. So if you're planning to use some illegal Kodi add-ons, better choose another option.

To sum up, try to learn more about your chosen VPN. Where is it registered? Is it really a no-logs provider? If it fails at both of these tests and you still want it for some unexplainable reason, at least make sure you can pay in cryptocurrencies or other anonymous methods.

Is it safe to use a free VPN with Kodi?

The answer to this one depends on your chosen free VPN. For example, Windscribe from our list of best VPNs for Kodi in 2022 has a free version, anonymous payments, and unlimited simultaneous connections. However, the data limit won't let you see more than a few movies per month. Therefore, the question is more like which free VPNs can effectively be used with Kodi?

Next, we have ProtonVPN. This service is really safe and will protect your Kodi traffic. It has unlimited bandwidth, is based in privacy-friendly Switzerland, and accepts anonymous payments. Sadly, the desire to try it cools off when you find out about slow speeds, three countries to choose from, no P2P, and no streaming.

There's also a pretty new provider named Atlas VPN. This one offers unlimited bandwidth, allows torrenting, and has a no-logs policy. On the other hand, the free version's speed is mediocre. Also, there are only three server locations and no help with geo-blocking.

So as you can see, there are more than a few free VPNs that are safe to use with Kodi. The biggest question is whether you're fine with accepting all of their drawbacks.

Using a VPN with Kodi is completely legal and doesn't breach any laws. You're just routing your connection through the server which is located somewhere else, and hiding your true IP.

Though, some Kodi add-ons aren't that innocent. They might be tapping into various streaming channels that knowingly breach copyright laws, a legal grey area. You might never know 100% if the stream you're watching is legal or not, but ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

You could get fined whether you knew what you were doing or not. The solution? Use a VPN, which will protect your online privacy in case something goes wrong.

Conclusion: should you get the best VPN for Kodi?

As we've mentioned earlier, there are two reasons to get a Kodi VPN. One is to protect yourself in case you'll be using some illegal add-ons, and the other is getting access to geo-blocked content and add-ons. In either case, the quality of your service will determine the success of both of these tasks.

We believe that most Kodi users will encounter these two issues while using the media player. After all, you can only truly benefit from it by installing key add-ons. Even if you manage to stay away from the illegal ones, you might still be unable to install some due to geo-blocking. The same goes with content – you won't be able to access Netflix US if the add-on doesn't offer any spoofing methods.

And when it comes to protecting yourself, don't forget that the ISP knows what you do online. That includes your IP address, location, and traffic data. When you turn on a VPN, the surveillance stops. Only your selected server's IP becomes visible, which won't help to track you down. Finally, you may even avoid bandwidth throttling because some ISP's reduce the speed if they see you streaming or downloading large files.

All in all, we suggest getting a VPN for Kodi and extend your HD streaming capabilities while staying safe at the same time.

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prefix 7 months ago
I wonder if all these suggested vpn for kodi work with both Android and Linux based streaming services
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 7 months ago
Hi, Almas. I’m not sure what you mean by Android and Linux-based streaming services, but I can assure you that these VPNs are available on these two platforms.
prefix 8 months ago
what do I do about kodi not working with vpn? The connection is so unstable all the time. I’ve tried turning my internet on and off, doesn’t help. it all works okay without the vpn. I wonder if there’s a fix.
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 8 months ago
Hi, Tor. I’m sorry you’re having these issues with Kodi and a VPN. I think a lot depends on your chosen service. There are VPNs with inherently unstable connections. Does it work OK when you’re not using Kodi? Maybe you can also try Kodi+VPN on another device? I hope this problem is only temporary.
prefix 8 months ago
Do I need Kodi Box with vpn? I don’t use torrents, just video add-ons.
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 8 months ago
Hello, bereest. No, you don’t. A VPN will work on just about any streaming device, i.e., Android Box, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, desktop, or smartphone.
Conrad Brix
Conrad Brix
prefix 8 months ago
hello, i’m wondering just how to tell if vpn is working on kodi and what IP address is being used?
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 8 months ago
Hey, Conrad Brix. In your Kodi Settings, go to System Information. Here you’ll find the IP address that Kodi is using. If you doubt whether it’s your VPN IP, simply check it on Google by entering ‘what’s my ip.’
prefix 8 months ago
Thanks for the review! It really helped me when choosing vpn. Just came back to say that :))
prefix 9 months ago
I recently noticed that my internet provider might be limiting connection speed when streaming content. I want to watch videos smoothly so as I understand I might need a vpn with Kodi. Is that going to help with the speed? Because as far as I heard, vpn can slow down the speed too? Would it be worth getting it then (purely for speed)?
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 8 months ago
Hello, grigory. First, I’d recommend checking the torrenting speeds (a VPN can help with that). If you get a really fast VPN, such as NordVPN, the speed should increase. If you no longer can watch videos, then I think it’s totally worth it. And if the results with a VPN are poor, you can still exercise a money-back guarantee.
Dei G
Dei G
prefix 9 months ago
looking for a good vpn for Kodi so I can access more content, and I see cyber ghost has a lot of servers for cheap, however, i’m confused about cyber ghost ‘app having some quirks’ as mentioned. what are they?
Mindaugas Jancis
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 9 months ago
Dear Dei G, thanks for the question. These quirks are more like small bugs, and I believe some of them have already been fixed. When testing CyberGhost apps, we experienced issues like being unable to select a tunneling protocol or not being able to cancel a connection attempt. Switching to Mac, we’ve found out that after waking it up, the app connects, but there’s still no internet access. But in the end, if you really like CyberGhost, you should try it yourself risk-free.
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