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Best website builder for Non-Profits – saving the world one discount at a time

Having a website for your nonprofit organization is crucial – it will help you reach a wider audience, both locally and internationally. These websites should have not only educational content but also contact information, events about your future doings as well as a place where you could accept donations.

Famous non-profit websites usually use several different Content Management Systems, which makes them quite hard to both create and maintain. But let’s face it. Volunteers don't have tons of coding experience. And that’s where a website builder can help.

In our search for a website builder for non-profits, we found several good options – all come with a wide range of tools for a nonprofit website! So, read on and find the best 7 website builders for non-profits in 2023.

Best website builder for non-profits: ranked

  1. Wix – the best website builder for non-profits overall
  2. Hostinger Website Builder – simple to use, affordable non-profit website builder
  3. Squarespace – visually stunning templates and special features
  4. GoDaddy – non-profit website builder and business manager all in one
  5. Shopify – great non-profit website builder for selling online

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1. Wix – best website builder for non-profits in 2023

Discount for non-profits:No
Features:2 website editors, excellent customizability
Free version:Yes
Best for:Design and editing freedom
Current deal:🔥 Get an additional 10% OFF Premium Wix plans using code 'CyberNews10!' 🔥

Wix is a popular website builder among all types of users – today, it is the best website builder for a non-profit website too. First, there are website templates explicitly developed for non-profit organizations. Second, it is able to provide all the necessary tools. Lastly, it’s truly easy to use.

Why should you choose Wix for your non-profit website?

800+ theme options: Wix has one of the richest templates libraries among website builders. 16 of them are specifically suited for non-profit websites. They all look modern and focus on several issues.

Flexible website building: you can build your website using Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). It asks a few questions and automatically creates a website for you. Once it does that, you’re free to edit with a simplistic section-based editor. Or you can choose a template and then play around with the drag-and-drop editor.

Interaction with visitors: you can insert a PayPal button that will enable you to accept donations online quickly. Moreso, Wix makes contacting you easy. You can either implement a contact form or a live chat option. Lastly, you can make your website more engaging by adding a blog section to the site. Wix makes blogging pretty simple.

Wix comes forward with 1 free and 8 paid plans. The pricing starts from $0.00/mo and go as high as $59.00/mo. Yet, remember, that the free version is strictly limited without a customizable domain and includes a watermark. Whereas the premium plan includes a free domain, more security features, and much more. While there is no discount specifically for non-profits, you can still get 10% OFF with our code CYBERNEWS10.

In short, Wix comes to the rescue when it comes to non-profit organizations. With beautiful non-profit website templates and several related features, Wix is definitely a website builder to consider.

Visit our in-depth Wix review to learn more about the features.

2. Hostinger Website Builder – too cheap to ask for discounts

hostinger website builder banner
Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:Intuitive grid building system, SEO tools, heatmaps
Free version:Free demo version
Best for:Quick and easy website launching
Current deal: 🔥Get Hostinger Website Builder, now 75% OFF + 3 months FREE!🔥

Hostinger Website Builder is incredible when it comes to speed and affordability, not to mention responsive themes, as well as an AI editor that will be available soon.

Why should you choose Hostinger Website Builder for your non-profit website?

130+ templates: we must note that Hostinger Website Builder does not have any non-profit-specific templates. However, you are free to choose from more than 130 responsive and modern-looking templates.

Easy website building: you can start with a pre-designed template and will be able to use an AI website generator in the nearest future. The “Use a Template” option requires you to choose a template first and then takes you to the editor, which is pretty easy to understand. However, once the AI website generator is available, the process of creating your website will be even easier – it will ask you a few questions and take you to the editor instantly.

Get in touch with your donators: the variety is pleasant here. You can add a donation button, enable a contact form, or integrate either a messenger or a WhatsApp live chat onto the site. Not to mention a possibility to create a blog to keep your audience engaged.

Hostinger Website Builder is the cheapest website builder on this list. You can start with its free trial (you can test the builder’s functionality but cannot publish a website) or opt for a paid plan instantly. The pricing starts at only $2.99/month. However, we also have a special discount code 'CYBERNEWS' with which Hostinger Website Builder offers a 10% discount. This way you can get premium services for peanuts.

The bottom line is that Hostinger Website Builder is an incredibly inexpensive option and delivers more than enough features. In our opinion, that makes it a solid choice for non-profits.

Visit our in-depth Hostinger Website Builder review to learn more about the features

3. SITE123 – ask, and you shall be given

Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:Simple block builder
Free version:Yes
Best for:Simple creation and maintenance
Current deal:🔥SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!🔥

One of the things SITE123 is known for is its ease of use. With it, you can create a simple but functional website, and its maintenance will be a piece of cake. As for non-profit-related benefits, SITE123 provides special discounts and the possibility of receiving donations through various payment methods.

Why should you choose SITE123 for your non-profit website?

Over 160 responsive templates: SITE123 comes with 160+ responsive templates. However, only 7 templates are suitable for charities, and there are no templates for non-profits specifically. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure you will find the one you like.

Flexible website building: without a doubt, SITE123 allows you to choose between the template and manual website building. The section-based editor is pretty simplistic, so we’re almost positive you’ll have no issue navigating it.

Bond with your community: the host allows you to add a contact form to your website, so your visitors will be able to contact you right there from your website. Moreover, to boost your website’s visibility and get your mission across, you can add a blog to your website. And, of course, the host makes it easy to accept donations with PayPal or Amazon Pay integration.

The provider offers 1 free and 5 paid plans. While the free plan is quite tempting, keep in mind that resources are pretty limited. Meanwhile, the paid options range from $11.88/mo to $45.00/mo, and SITE123 gives a 40% discount on all its paid plans for non-profits.

While SITE123 is not exactly the most flexible website builder, you’ll see that at the end of the day, it enables you to publish a beautiful and functional website. And all of that with minimal effort and skills.

Visit our in-depth SITE123 review to learn more about the features.

4. Squarespace – visually stunning awareness for a cause

Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:AI tools, intuitive grid building system
Free version:No
Best for:Strong visuals and media
Current deal:🔥Get up to 30% OFF Squarespace!🔥

Squarespace is a popular builder yet a little more premium website builder. It is mainly renowned for its ease of use as well as for offering site designs that are specific for different niches, including nonprofits.

Why should you choose Squarespace for your non-profit website?

Over 110 templates overall: out of this respectful number of modern templates, you will find 7 non-profit organization-specific templates. Regardless, Squarespace is known for its sleek and professional designs, so you won’t have any issues finding what suits your taste.

Exciting website creating: getting started with Squarespace is pretty fun because initially, you leave all the admin stuff behind and focus on visuals. It makes you follow a grid pattern when editing, making both the editing and the setup process effortless and easy to understand.

Flexible interaction with visitors: to keep your audience informed and involved in your aims and goals. The builder lets to integrate a contact form onto your page and Email campaigns to keep like-minded people in the loop about your mission. Additionally, a very important element, the donation button, is also available.

Squarespace offers 4 plans with prices going from $16.00/mo up to $49.00/mo. Overall, Squarespace is a little more on the premium end, but you can test if it’s worth your time by starting out with its 14-day free trial. And with the code NONPROFIT, you can get a 10% discount for Squarespace services.

Taking the ease of use and all the offered tools into consideration, it’s easy to make a charming site with Squarespace. However, overall, the builder is a great choice for a non-profit website.

Visit our in-depth Squarespace review to learn more about the features.

4. GoDaddy website builder – from hosting services to charity advocate

Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:Excellent marketing features
Free version:No
Best for:Non-profits looking to find new audiences
Current deal:🔥Get up to 33% OFF GoDaddy website builder!🔥

GoDaddy is a hosting provider that decided to create a simple yet efficient website builder. It makes the website building experience simple and enjoyable, not to mention it has all the necessary tools for your non-profit organization’s needs. Its In-Kind Donation Program supports all charitable organizations by offering free products.

Why should you choose GoDaddy website builder for your non-profit website?

20+ different template layouts: and the number includes a whole Community & Non-profit section that stores 11 niche-specific templates

Smooth experience in the website creation process: once you choose a template, you’ll be sent to GoDaddy's section-based editor. A modern and easily managed tool indeed. And as for nonprofits, GoDaddy comes with all the main features. It allows you to change the theme, play with the color schemes, add buttons, change fonts, and so on.

Reach out to people: the builder has a very cohesive and SEO-friendly blogging platform. Also, the contact forms that allow your visitors and potential donors to reach you quickly. More so, depending on which plan you choose, options like a WhatsApp live chat button and social media integration can be available. Finally, you can also add a PayPal button for donations.

GoDaddy offers 1 free and 4 paid plans, with prices starting at $9.99/mo and going up to $16.99/mo. The free plan is quite tempting, but due to its limitations, it’s only good for testing out the builder. Now talking about paid options, all plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage, an SSL certificate, and 1 year of professional Microsoft email.

All in all, GoDaddy is among the best website builders for nonprofits. It offers many great tools to create a functional website and raise awareness fast. Not to mention that it’s easy to use.

Visit our in-depth GoDaddy Builder review to learn more about the features.

6. Shopify – when shopping can make the world a better place

Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:Advanced marketing tools
Free version:No
Best for:Marketing and broadening your audience

Shopify is an eCommerce platform first and a website builder second. Even so, if you’re planning on selling merchandise for your non-profit, Shopify is prepared to give you all the tools you need to raise both funds and awareness.

Why should you choose Shopify for your non-profit website?

9 free stylish templates: not too many, but also enough to select the one that will fit your non-profit website. But if you want more, you would need to spend around $180.

The builder with massive customization possibilities: Shopify has an enormous app store – here, you can find apps that enable you to accept donations, plant trees after each order, and many more. But before that, Shopify sets up your website as a store from the start. It’s up to you to customize it as you see fit – a process that should not take very long after you get acquainted with the dashboard.

Stay in touch with your donators: for quick communication, Shopify offers a simplistic contact form integration. However, some additional integrations would be appreciated, right? Regardless, rest assured that you will be able to accept donations online.

If we’d talk about non-profits, Shopify has entirely different plans – NPO Lite ($9.00/mo) and NPO Full ($79.00/mo). These plans are great for selling merchandise (lower payment rates than with the regular plans) and allow accepting donations through Shopify Payments if the nonprofit is from the US or Canada.

All in all, Shopify serves as a great website builder for nonprofits. It has special plans for NPOs, beautiful themes, a plethora of charity-related apps, and it’s easy to use. It checks out a lot of boxes.

Visit our in-depth Shopify review to learn more about the features.

7. Weebly – a quick way to online presence

Discount for non-profits:Yes
Features:Simple but potent tools
Free version:Yes
Best for:Easy setup and maintenance

Weebly is a drag-and-drop builder suitable for all kinds of websites – online stores, blogs, business websites… You name it. This website builder is pretty straightforward, and while it is best suited for eCommerce, it does give you an opportunity to make an attractive website for a non-profit.

Why should you choose Weebly for your non-profit website?

60+ functional templates: even though there are no non-profits-dedicated templates, over 60 modern and responsive designs for all purposes will definitely offer some suitable ones specifically for you.

Easy drag-and-drop website building: Weebly aims to make the process of setting up and editing your website as simple as possible. Truthfully, it is possible to make a website in a matter of minutes, even if you have no experience. However, there still is a grid pattern that you have to follow while editing.

Stimulate donations: Weebly offers a quick contact form integration. Simply drag it onto your page, and just like that, your potential donors or even volunteers can contact you right from your site. Additionally, if you opt for the Professional plan, you’ll be able to accept online donations by card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. At the same time, the priciest plan adds PayPal to this list.

Weebly has 1 free and 3 paid plans, with prices going from $6.00/mo to $26.00/mo. Although the free plan seems like the obvious choice, keep in mind that Weebly does not specify the storage or bandwidth you’re getting. Meanwhile, all paid plans include a free SSL and the ability to accept a credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments. Also, Weebly offers a 33% discount for non-profit sites that can be applied after your site’s evaluation.

Overall, Weebly offers a pleasant website building experience as well as low prices (even without the applied discount). The features can be implemented into a site for a good cause seamlessly.

Visit our in-depth Weebly review to learn more about the features.

Best website builders for non-profits compared

Short in time? Take a look at our each listed VPN compared in a table below:

WixHostinger Website BuilderSITE123SquarespaceGoDaddyShopifyWeebly
How many templates800+ (16 for non-profits)130+160+110+ (7 for non-profits)22 (11 for non-profits)9+60+
Free domain name
Accepting donations
Non-profit discount
10% OFF with our code CYBERNEWS1010% OFF with our code CYBERNEWS40% discount of all its paid non-profits plansWith the code NONPROFIT, you receive a 10% discount--Weebly gives a 33% discount for non-profit website
Price starts from$16.00/month$2.99/month$11.88/month$16.00/month$9.99/month$29.00/month$6.00/month
ReviewWix review
Hostinger Website Builder reviewSITE123 reviewSquarespace reviewGoDaddy reviewShopify reviewWeebly review

How do I create a website for my non-profit organization?

Creating a website for a non-profit organization may seem challenging if you have no website developing experience. You can choose to create it with a Content Management System – many famous non-profit organizations actually implement this way of website building. For a complete beginner, it could be quite troublesome.

However, keep your chin up – there are plenty of website builders that will make your job easier. For your non-profit website to be successful, you need several main features:

  1. Pick the right platform and design for your website;
  2. Highlight your mission;
  3. Include means to accept donations if needed;
  4. Include a way for volunteers to easily join your organization.

These features can be easily implemented when using website builders. There’s no need to sign up for web development courses, just use one of the builders above to get the result and the online presence that your organization needs.

What makes a good non-profit website?

While anyone can make a non-profit website, it doesn’t mean that they’re all… good.

A good non-profit website should be built to clearly represent you and your goals, be easy to navigate, and simple to understand. This way, you can make sure you get all the support that your goals deserve.

  • Make your website easy to navigate for first-time visitors;
  • Portray all the main ideas easily accessible – you can use images, videos, and blog posts;
  • Highlight your work and inform about future events;
  • Give a way for volunteers to easily join your organization.

And that’s it! These key things will make your organization stand out and be appealing to new people. A good online presence will bring a focal point to your mission and make it stand out amidst others.

Final summary

It’s refreshing to see that companies out there show interest in matters close to our hearts. Sure, it may not be much, but if a website builder can get you one step closer to your goal of changing the world for the better, I’d say it’s something worth noticing.

If you’ve stuck with me so far, then you already know that there are several website builders out there, such as our favorite – Wix – that can really make a difference to your cause. After all, it offers dedicated templates for non-profit websites, you can add a contact form or live chat box to your site, accept donations via PayPal, and more.

There you have it. We hope that at least one of the options above qualifies as the best website builder for non-profits for you.

4.4 /5
Special deal
-37% OFF
4.6 /5
Special deal
-75% OFF
4.2 /5
Special deal
-40% OFF

Best website builders for non-profits – FAQ