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GoDaddy website builder review

godaddy website builder review

GoDaddy website builder is the platform’s attempt to appeal to more beginner users and small business owners. For those people, an all-in-one package combining extensive business features and a simple website builder can actually be a great option to choose.

GoDaddy is not known as a website builder. Many people know GoDaddy hosting – which is one of the popular web hosting options in the world. But a website builder? Not so much.

Well, maybe they should.

As I was doing this GoDaddy website builder review, I was impressed by how the company put so many features in such a sleek package. A good eCommerce platform, a marketing solution, and a website builder all in one, this might have all a small business needs to get off the ground.

Not everything is perfect, of course. When I was making my website for this review (I’ll show it you later!), I found the website editor itself to be a little limiting. I couldn’t show off my creative chops, or make a page exactly how I wanted it to be. But seeing how simple everything was, and how everything just works, I am not complaining.

Overall, GoDaddy website builder offers simplicity and extensive business tools. In return, you give away some of the customizability. Seeing how simple everything really was, I was more than happy to accept the offer. Use this builder if you want to get things done – quickly.

You can click to read the full conclusion here – to see my final thoughts.

Ease of useVery simple to use, a bit limiting
Templates20+ different layouts
Business featuresIn-house features, suited for beginners
PerformanceFits the industry standard
Current deal:Save up to 30% on all GoDaddy Builder plans!

GoDaddy website builders pros and cons


  • Plenty of business tools
  • Very beginner friendly
  • eCommerce options are great


  • Pricing could be a little friendlier
  • Lack of in-depth customization

GoDaddy website builder pricing

GoDaddy offers four plans, that range from $6.99 to $17.49 per month. These prices are below the industry average, making this a pretty solid deal for both personal and business users.

There is no free GoDaddy plan, but you can test all of the premium plans for 14 days.

godaddy builder pricing

This price you see on the screen is only legitimate if you pay for 12 months or more in advance. If you pick a monthly plan, the prices will significantly increase: you can expect to pay anything between $14.99 to $29.99 per month.

Here’s what the plans are like.

BasicExcellent simple plan for personal websites: get the best price HERE!$6.99/month
StandardSEO features and extra marketing tools for small businesses$10.49/month
PremiumSend up to 25,000 monthly emails, post on social media, and do appointments$13.99/month
EcommerceAll features above, plus unlimited eCommerce$17.49/month

Also, make sure to pay attention at renewal pricing.

After your initial purchase expires, GoDaddy will increase the price at which the service renews. The four plans will cost $9.99, $14.99, $19.99, and $24.99/month respectively.

Let’s break down these four premium plans, and see just how much do they offer for the money – so you know, whether this inexpensive website builder is worth it or not.

Basic plan

This $6.99/month ($14.99 when playing monthly) plan offers all the basic features. It’s a great plan if you’re just making a simple portfolio website for yourself and your business. With it, you can:

  • Make a basic personal website
  • Connect 1 social media platform
  • Make 5 monthly social media posts
  • Send on only up to 100 monthly marketing emails

That is pretty low – even for a very small business.

SEO optimization not being included in the plan is a bit of a bummer as well: it’s a crucial feature for all types of business, even if they don’t plan to use their website to make money.

But if you don’t care for SEO, eCommerce, or marketing, and just want the cheapest way to use this builder: that’s the plan for you.

Standard plan

The $10.49/month ($19.99 when paying monthly) plan is better suited for a business website. That’s because it:

  • Includes some SEO features
  • Allows to connect 3 social media platforms
  • Gives you 20 monthly social media posts
  • Marketing emails are increased to 500

This is a pretty good option for small businesses, who don’t plan to use their website to sell online.

Premium plan

The $13.99 ($24.99 when paying monthly) plan quite heavily increases the marketing limits. You get:

  • 25,000 monthly marketing emails
  • Unlimited connected social media platforms
  • Unlimited social media posts

This is a solid pick if that’s exactly what you’re from this platform.

You also get a much-expanded list of online appointment features, letting you not only do one-time appointments, but to also organize group, recurring events, accept payments, and send out reminders.

Ecommerce plan

The $17.49 ($29.99 when paying monthly) plan includes everything above, and then some. With this plan, you get:

  • The same 25,000 monthly marketing emails
  • Unlimited social media platforms
  • Unlimited social media post
  • Extensive eCommerce features
  • Selling on social media platforms and marketplaces

If you’re looking to use your website to sell online, this is an option to pick, naturally – it’s the only eCommerce-capable option here.

There is no free plan, but you can use any of these plans for free. It’s a great way to test GoDaddy website builder, and see if the premium plans are worth your money.


GoDaddy website builder's Standard plan offers the best value for money, and Ecommerce has all the features at a fairly low price. But we might make it even lower, by acquiring the best coupons and discount codes. See, if there's a discount for you.
Check GoDaddy Builder price NOW

Is GoDaddy website builder easy to use?

  • The setup process – it only takes a couple of questions to sign up and start editing your website.
  • Building the website – it’s a very simple experience, and at times, it might even feel a little limiting.
  • Managing the website – with a simple interface including, there was no trouble finding I you need. 

Yes, it is indeed easy to use! In fact, it’s probably the quickest ‘sign up and go’ I’ve seen in any website builder that I tested. The overall management experience was also very simple, everything was easy to reach, and there were plenty of guides to point me in the right direction.

It didn’t take long for me to make my own website for this GoDaddy website builder review. You can click on the image below to give it a visit!

godaddy builder test site

Getting started with GoDaddy Website Builder 

My experience of getting the website builder up and running was super simple. It was all just two steps. I just got to choose a category of pre-selected options (or I could’ve searched for my own), pick my site’s name and press finish.

godaddy builder setup

Seconds later, I was into the builder and started editing my website from there. 

Is that good enough? I’m not sure. I would have preferred some more options in the early stages of website setup. Things like choosing a theme would have been a nice addition.

Nevertheless, these options do exist, but they are simply further along the line. The setup is made to be extremely simple. All the decisions that you decide on here can be quickly changed, too. So overall, it’s a quick start-up experience, with very few strings attached.

GoDaddy website editor

GoDaddy’s website editor is clearly aimed at the beginner market, and it hits that market perfectly. Editing options aren’t particularly extensive or in-depth, but what is there is very well-made.

On the right-side panel, I was presented with three options at the top of the page – Website, Theme, and Settings.

The Settings tab is where the less customer-facing will be done – think social media links, site name, contact information, and so on.

In the Website tab, I was able to edit page structures, do some site-wide layout customization, and manage the add-ons like store and messaging, etc.

godaddy builder editor

This is also the menu in which you can add and edit the sections on your website. That is done by simply hovering on the sections on your website preview.

There are around 30 sections to choose from, including some more specific picks, such as restaurant online ordering, real estate listings, or even add custom code, and some more basic choices – such as adding images, videos, and text.

godaddy builder sections available

Stacking them together was actually great fun. Once you start adding sections, it’s hard to stop! They work seamlessly with one another, and you can easily mix and match those sections to build the kind of website you wish.

combining sections on godaddy builder

The website editing itself will be quite limited though. You won’t be able to move the items around as you please. Instead, you can only take the existing options and shift them around, as well as edit an item’s preferences on the right-hand side menu.

editing sections on godaddy builder

This limited design freedom will be a problem to more advanced designers, and honestly – it’s not getting better from here. GoDaddy website builder is focused on the beginners, and everything’s built in order to be as simple as possible. Design customization is the sacrifice the platform has decided to make.

But, if you’re a beginner, adding and editing the website’s elements is going to be simple.

Next up, there’s the Theme menu.

There will be 4 choices possible – Themes, Color, Fonts, and Buttons.

godaddy builder theme options

Fonts and Buttons submenus do what you might expect: they let you change the appearance of text and buttons on your site.

Themes selection menu, dubbed “Try a new look” gives you access to all the available website templates.

godaddy builder template choice

And finally, the color menu lets you choose literally any color scheme you can think of. There is even a neat little HEX code box . There, you’re able to type in your own color to make sure your site matches perfectly with any existing branding. Nice touch!

godaddy builder color edit

Overall, this will be great for beginners. Being able to quickly change your entire website’s color scheme, font, and theme with just a couple of clicks could save a lot of time and confusion. 

In fact, it’s so easy to change the color and theme of your site, that you can go from this…

godaddy builder grey website

To this!

godaddy builder pink website

In under 30 seconds. Simple, efficient, and very pink.

Managing the website

The GoDaddy dashboard is fairly simple, and lets anyone manage their appointments, marketing, online store, and other things, unrelated to website design.

This is where, during this GoDaddy website builder review, I was given plenty of startup guides. They depend on the selected goals: for instance, I selected to make an online store, so the platform’s tips focus heavily on getting it off the ground.

godaddy builder dashboard

Scrolling down below, I was also greeted with all the helpful add-ons GoDaddy suggests me to add.

godaddy builder addons

Personally, I liked how marketing-centered this dashboard was. The “Marketing” tab allowed to use the dashboard to create original graphic content, manage social media posts, run an SEO check, manage the blog, and even run email marketing campaigns.

Overall, I’m quite impressed. The website builder has a lot of elements and is easy to use. On top of that, the dashboard acted as a full-blown business management center but still remained very intuitive. Full marks.

GoDaddy website builder templates

  • How many templates? GoDaddy offers over 20 basic templates.
  • Are they any good? The templates are quite simple but they will match your selected color scheme and visuals.
  • How much do they cost? Nothing at all! All templates are available from the Basic plan and up.

GoDaddy doesn’t go big with templates – you won’t see claims of ‘Award-Winning Designs’ or ‘Hundreds of Professional Templates’. Instead, GoDaddy keeps things simple, clean, and fresh. 

And they do that very well.

Let’s take these two templates for an example.

godaddy builder template examples 1

They don’t try to break something that you already have. The entire scheme was adapted to the colors and images I already had. What was different, was the layout of the website itself.

Let’s do two more for good measure.

godaddy builder template examples 2

Here, the designs are entirely different from one another. Even the menus here are totally unlike one another, but all the data still remains.

Honestly, I love it: too often I have used website builders, and changed a theme only to see literally everything on my website mess up and disappear.

GoDaddy follows a different direction, choosing evolution instead of revolution. And this is why I can somewhat excuse the fact that there are only around 20 theme options available.

If there were any more diverse and interesting layouts to choose from, I’d be over the moon and give this section of the GoDaddy website builder review a full 5 out of 5.

But for now, a 4 will do. I guess the best options is to pick the one you like the most, and do some creative editing to make sure it looks just the way you want it to.

GoDaddy website builder business features

  • GoDaddy Insight – it’s a simple way for you to measure and improve your business’ performance.
  • eCommerce  – If you use the Ecommerce plan, you get access to a very simple, but still quite powerful platform.
  • SEO – GoDaddy offers some SEO tools that you can use. But they require a more expensive plan.

GoDaddy is all about the small businesses – and that absolutely shows. The platform’s dashboard is nothing but an extensive business mission control center, combining most of the required features under one hood. And the platform manages to combine simplicity with a solid amount of functionality.

Let’s have a look at them in detail:

GoDaddy InSight

At all times, on your dashboard, you’ll have an opportunity to select what goals matter to you the most. Maybe you want to sell online? Or maybe you care about reaching out to locals? Whatever it is, this is where you pick them.

godaddy builder insight setup

Depending on these goals, you’ll get a list of things that you have to do. Some of is basic stuff: connect a domain, or add services.

godaddy builder insight steps

As you move on, the tasks will get increasingly more focused on actually achieving your goals, not just setting up the website.

This means posting on social media (via GoDaddy’s own internal platform, no less!), and adding additional functionality to keep the users in the website for longer.

godaddy builder advanced insight steps

And then, the platform is going to look at the things you’ve done, compare that to actual results and spit out an InSight Score.

The score goes on a scale from 0 to 100 and measures things such as website views, conversions into sales or bookings, social media activity, and so on. This is a relative score, comparing you to other similar businesses. So you can always see how you’re doing…

insight score on godaddy builder
oh no.

Don’t worry if your score looks similar to mine. If you follow GoDaddy’s instructions, you should be alright. Because this is what InSight does. It gives you instructions on how to reach your goals and then keeps track of how you’re doing.

I quite liked it. Many beginner business owners will, as well.

GoDaddy eCommerce

GoDaddy is not known as an eCommerce platform. So, imagine my surprise, when during this GoDaddy website builder review I found out – eCommerce on GoDaddy is actually quite excellent.

The online store menu on the dashboard is clean and simple, and you can get everything right from the top menu.

godaddy builder ecommerce dashboard

You also have the ability to enable things like product reviews, cart recovery, and text notifications for incoming orders. All the eCommerce features are available with the Ecommerce plan. There are no additional paywalls or hidden extras: what you see is what you get.

godaddy builder ecommerce features

Adding a store to the website is rather simple, too. One of the elements you can add on your site is called “Online Store”, and this is where you can showcase your products anywhere, on any page.

godaddy builder online store

Adding products is simple, and takes just a few minutes. And your selected color scheme carries on to all the little elements, so there won’t be any mismatches.

A pink website with one font will feature a product like this:

godaddy builder cat mug pink

And a green site with a very cursive-heavy font will show this.

godaddy builder cat mug green

On your site, there are two ways how you can display the products: classic and spotlight. The main difference being the size of the product image.

godaddy builder product display

The only downside of the eCommerce function with GoDaddy is the lack of integration of products and editing. If you are editing your site and want to add a product or change a product description, you will be redirected to another page, closing your editing page in the process. 

godaddy builder editing product

That part could be integrated better: but for everything else, GoDaddy offers a simple, no-frills, and certainly no-spills eCommerce solution. If you want to sell online, but have no experience doing so, this could be a solid choice.

GoDaddy website builder SEO

GoDaddy website builder offers some SEO tools: but not for everybody. The cheapest Basic plan doesn’t include any SEO tools in it. You need to upgrade to the second-tier Standard plan for that.

But if you decide to dish out money for a more expensive plan, you’re going to meet a rather helpful SEO wizard.

GoDaddy SEO Wizard will ask you for several questions, related to your website. In the process, it will help you edit content and titles to rank better for your desired keywords.

For instance, after you choose two main headings to follow.

godaddy builder seo wizard 1

You’ll be given an option to choose some of the more-specific options.

godaddy builder seo wizard 2

Then, the GoDaddy SEO Wizard will help you edit your site in order to rank for them.

godaddy builder seo wizard 3
You’ll get a heavily-curated website title.
godaddy builder seo wizard 4
But as for meta description, you’ll have to make it yourself.
godaddy builder seo wizard 5
GoDaddy asks you to make a headline that includes your main keyword.

And at the end, you’ll get to edit all of your site’s content. The wizard will keep an eye, whether your copy uses any of your keywords, or not.

godaddy builder seo wizard 6

Now, will this SEO wizard suddenly fix everything with your SEO? No. This tool will do the very basics, giving you some control over how your website appears in search engines.

As you leave the wizard, you’ll also gain access to add alt tags to your images, and edit meta tags and titles of all pages on your site. This way, you can continue to finetune the work done by the tool.

Overall, I found this to be pretty good. Although, I am not sure if this is worth the premium. If you’re a complete beginner at all things SEO, you might find this a useful tool that will help you rank higher. But if you know your way around, you won’t get any groundbreaking knowledge or advanced metrics.

GoDaddy website builder performance

GoDaddy website builder is ran by a hosting platform. So you can probably expect this builder to be fast…right? Absolutely. GoDaddy website builder is blazing fast.

How do I know? Well, to see that, I put GoDaddy website builder review test site to GTMetrix – a tool that measures overall site speed, and platform optimization. Here’s what I saw:

godaddy builder performance

Just 1.3s total to load a website, and no major issues in speed and optimization is one of the best results out there. GoDaddy didn’t let its website builder down. If you want a fast website, this is a great pick.

Alternatives to GoDaddy website builder

During this GoDaddy website builder review, I found the platform to be very fast, easy to use and focused entirely on small business owners. But it still has its shortcomings, namely on limited customization and a small number of templates. Here are some top alternatives, if you decided that this platform is not for you.


Wix is a long-time recommendation for the best website builders for a good reason – it’s an amazing all-rounder. With over 700 templates available, and great editing options for both beginner and advanced users, you get complete design freedom. Adding to that a large catalogue of apps and, yeah – you can make literally anything with this one. Want to know more on how Wix is different from GoDaddy? Read our complete Wix vs. GoDaddy comparison


Squarespace keeps the same business-centered approach as GoDaddy, but it offers a much more beautiful visual experience. With over 100 beautiful templates and plenty of professional marketing tools, Squarespace is a great option for those who like to go through a simple setup and let it fly. 


Weebly is a bit of the best of both worlds. It has nice editing options, and while not having the best templates, they certainly aren’t bad. Weebly also is a great selection for those looking to sell online without spending lots of money. For just $10 per month you can set up an online store, and Weebly will even throw in $100 of Google Ad credits, as well. See how GoDaddy compares to Weebly in our Weebly vs GoDaddy review.

GoDaddy website builder review – conclusion

Overall, GoDaddy has shown that it can do much more than hosting. In fact, it’s a pretty good website builder platform that small business will genuinely love using.

There are some important drawbacks. The editing on the platform is limited, and there aren’t many themes to pick from. SEO tools are also rather helpful, but curiously not available for the users of the cheapest plan.

And yet, when you put everything together, I really think that it’s a pretty good platform.

GoDaddy website builder offers plenty of helpful business tools, and makes the overall website-building experience as simple as possible. If you’re a business owner, and not a designer, that’s what you want – and that’s what you’ll get.

Don’t forget that GoDaddy offers a free 14-day trial for any of the plans – so, you can test all of this yourself, and see what you think.

GoDaddy website builder FAQs

Is GoDaddy website builder good?

Yes, GoDaddy website builder is a good option for small businesses. It’s very easy to manage, and there are plenty of intuitive business tools.

Is GoDaddy website really free?

GoDaddy website builder offers a free 14-day trial on any of the plans. But it has no free plan, and the website will close when the trial expires.

How much does it cost to build a website on GoDaddy?

The cheapest GoDaddy website builder plan costs $6.99/month on a special discount, and if you pay for at least 12 months in advance.

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