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Best insurance website builders – top tools to get your company online

In this article, I’ve examined website builders in terms of features, website templates, and other factors, to find the best website builder for insurance agencies or agents.

For an insurance agency, online presence is extremely important. Actually, it’s crucial for any business as it helps establish credibility and gives the impression that your company is reliable and successful. Having a website can also get you new clients and increase your revenue.

However, not everyone has a lot of web development experience to create a full-stacked website. That’s where website builders come in. With their help, you can have your company up and running online in a matter of hours without going through a tedious and time-consuming process of creating a website.

The best part about it? Using a website builder doesn’t require hiring a website developer because it’s super easy to do it yourself.

During my vigorous few months of testing, I’ve found quite a few best website builder options for insurance agents, which all come with a range of useful tools!

Best insurance website builders: ranked

  1. Zyro – best insurance agency website builder
  2. SITE123 – insurance website builder for beginners
  3. Squarespace – great website builder with incredible templates
  4. GoDaddy website builder – great business-oriented website builder
  5. Wix – great versatile website builder for insurance agents

If you don’t know what you’re looking for and how to build an insurance website, we have a couple of tips at the end of this post.

1. Zyro – top-quality website builder on a budget

Zyro user interface
FeaturesContact forms, consultation booking, SEO and marketing tools
Best forAffordable insurance website building
Free planFree trial

Zyro is one of the most affordable website builders in the industry but just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean its quality isn’t top-notch or fit for an insurance company. In fact, it has quite a few designer-crafted templates and excellent online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. On top of that, it’s very easy to use, letting you create a website quickly.

Here’s why Zyro is suitable for building an insurance agency website:

  • Over 130 modern and professionally designed templates to choose from for any website,
  • You can easily create contact forms and integrate live chat. They make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you regarding any questions or concerns,
  • Professional email service is also included in Zyro. Using a custom business address increases your company’s credibility,
  • There is a wide range of marketing, SEO, and analytics tools to help you create an online presence, promote your business, and lead conversions.

Briefly, Zyro is a functional website builder and all the features are very easy to use.

Building an insurance website with Zyro

With Zyro, you can be sure of a solid website building experience. Whether you choose a template or let Zyro’s AI generate one for you, you’ll soon reach an intuitive and simple drag and drop editor to customize your design further. It’s a fast and easy process.

To get started, you can choose between 2 options – there’s an AI that can generate a website for you based on a few questions, or you can choose a template and start editing yourself.

While there are no dedicated templates for insurance agencies, there are other 130+ customizable and professional-looking templates to choose from. For example, the Service category features 22 templates that can work great for insurance websites.

Zyro service templates

Once you choose the template that looks best for you, you’ll be taken to Zyro’s editor. The provider's editing space is a simple to use drag-and-drop editor with a grid system, helping you achieve a clean and organized end result. The menu on the left allows you to customize many parts of the website, including changing the images, adding elements, or creating a blog.

Zyro website builder for insurance

As an insurance agency, you’ll find some additional useful features. These include online marketing and SEO tools for ranking better in search engines and getting more traffic. Meanwhile, Zyro’s AI heatmap lets you know which parts of your pages could use some optimization. This is crucial in order to convert that traffic into paying clients.

To gain more visibility, you can also use a simple blogging platform that Zyro has implemented. Letting your visitors know what your site is about, what and who you cover or compensate for are great blog post ideas that will better inform your potential customers about your company.

Overall, Zyro allows you to create a simple yet professional-looking insurance agency website with little time and effort. Its drag-and-drop editor is easy to use, the templates are modern, and the online marketing and SEO tools will help you promote your website. If you want to find out more about this website builder, read our full Zyro review.

Zyro pricing

Zyro is a very cheap insurance website builder. There are 3 available premium plans with prices ranging from $2.33 to $14.39 per month.

All 3 plans include free SSL certificates, free email for 3 months, and website hosting.

Here’s how all the plans differ from each other:

  • Website ($2.33/mo) – unlimited bandwidth and storage, free custom domain for a year, live chat integration, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.
  • Business ($3.23/mo) – everything from the Website plan, plus sell up to 100 product with 1% commission fee. More so, you can accept payments via Stripe
  • Advanced Store ($14.39/mo) – everything in the Online Store plan, plus 2500 products, abandoned cart recovery, selling on social media and Amazon, and product filters.

While the eCommerce subscriptions are more suitable for selling insurance online, the 2 cheapest plans work best for informational insurance websites.

Best Value

Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, for insurance-related websites I’d recommend the Website plan. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website and, on top of that, a free custom domain is included.

2. SITE123 – beginner-friendly website builder

site123 builder for affiliate website
FeaturesTestimonial sections, consultation booking, SEO tools
Best forQuick website building experience
Free planYes

For insurance websites for beginners, SITE123 website builder is a quick and easy solution. A few hours and your website is functional and ready to go live. You are also free to take advantage of several features, including online booking, live chat, contact forms, and email, and can even sell insurance online.

Here are the features that make SITE123 great for an insurance website:

  • SITE123 has over 160 responsive templates,
  • You can implement contact forms and live chat for when visitors are trying to get a hold of you,
  • There’s an online booking tool, which, if necessary, helps site visitors book a meeting for consultation,
  • The SEO Adviser option in SITE123 is a great tool for website optimization. There’s also a variety of online marketing features for increasing visibility of your site.

SITE123 provides you with essential features to make your website attractive and functional for the visitors.

Building an insurance website with SITE123

SITE123 is among the most simplistic builders – it comes with a section based editor and templates that you can mix and match. While the design freedom is not entirely there, you can create a professional looking and functional website in a matter of hours.

Starting is as easy as creating an account, typing your website’s name, and choosing a template. While there’s no particular category for insurance templates, there’s over 160 all-purpose templates that look tidy and are mobile-friendly. Also, you can check out the Business section which includes more than 80 organized templates.

site123 business category templates

Once you choose a design, you’ll be taken to the very minimalistic SITE123 editor, which is easy to navigate. Using a menu at the top and on the right, you can find everything you need, including tools to play with the design, change the background, add text and pages, and play with the fonts and color palettes.

SITE123 editor page for insurance

In terms of features, insurance agencies can benefit from the Schedule Booking page which can increase visitor engagement as they can book consultations themselves.

For more information about your services, you can also include a blog. This way, you can write posts about your company and your mission so clients would have a clear idea of what to expect before contacting you. This also helps with SEO and engagement.

What’s important to note is that SITE123 has an extremely easy to use editor with all tools at one place. Plus, the templates are organized and look great on mobile devices. To find more details about the builder, visit our SITE123 review.

SITE123 pricing

SITE123 has a free version that you can use to get your hands on the builder. However, for a professional insurance website, you should get a premium plan. There are 5 subscription options with prices ranging from $12.80 to $45.00 per month.

All plans include a free custom domain for a year and an SSL certificate. Each plan has certain particularities, though:

  • Basic ($12.80/mo) – 10GB storage and 5GB bandwidth.
  • Advanced ($11.88/mo) – 30GB storage, 15GB bandwidth, 1000 mailing list messages, 2 mailboxes, and 1 additional language.
  • Professional ($17.28/mo) – 90GB storage, 45GB bandwidth, 2500 mailing list messages, 5 mailboxes, and 3 additional languages.
  • Gold ($20.88/mo) – 270GB storage, 135GB bandwidth, 10,000 mailing list messages, 10 mailboxes, 5 additional languages, up to 500 orders per month, credit card gateways, and website statistics.
  • Platinum ($45.00/mo) – 1000GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 50,000 mailing list messages, 25 mailboxes, unlimited additional languages, unlimited orders per month, credit card gateways, and website statistics.
Best Value

For an informational insurance agency website, the Advanced plan is a great choice. You get generous server resources and can build a professional-looking website for only $11.88/mo.

3. Squarespace – web builder with visually pleasing designs

squarespace for affiliate sites
FeaturesScheduling, Google My Business, SEO and marketing tools
Best forModern-looking insurance websites
Free planFree trial

Squarespace is a popular premium website builder that ensures a streamlined building and design process for insurance agents. The main Squarespace appeals are the visually stunning templates and a very straightforward website building process. Let's take a look at what Squarespace has to offer:

  • Over 110 templates to choose from, including niche-focused designs – each unique and well-designed,
  • The built-in SEO and online marketing tools, such as email campaigns, contact form, and blogging platform, are included to increase website traffic and engagement,
  • You can benefit from the online scheduling tool which lets visitors plan appointments and saves your time,
  • You get a professional email from Google with the Business and more expensive plans for professional communication and marketing campaigns.

Squarespace has all the essentials a professional website needs. Plus, it’s a pleasure to use.

Building an insurance website with Squarespace

Building a website with Squarespace is simple and easy to get a grasp on. Every tool you need is in the menu of the easy-to-navigate editor. While editing, you get to follow a grid system on the screen, making it a much easier and organized process. Plus, Squarespace has gorgeous templates. Mobile-friendly, of course.

To begin, all you need to do is sign up and choose a template that you like. You can tell that all 110+ templates were designed by professionals. They’re all modern and mobile-friendly. While there’s no dedicated category for the insurance industry, the Professional Services category has some good offerings.

Squarespace professional services templates

After choosing a template, you can move on to the customization part. Squarespace’s editor is simple to navigate and has all the necessary tools to create a quality website. For example, the menu on the left allows you to add and edit pages, play with the design, create profiles, and access analytics.

The integrated grid that you have to follow makes the editing process a little bit limited but it does assist in making the website all aligned and elegant.

Squarespace editor for insurance

When it comes to features specifically for insurance websites, Squarespace has a bunch of contact form templates to choose from. Place it on your website and your potential customers will be able to reach you regarding insurance questions at any time.

Not only that but Squarespace also includes professional emails from Google that make the company seem more trustworthy and professional.

What’s there to remember is that Squarespace offers some of the most professional-looking templates, letting you build a website without previous development experience. If you're interested in this website builder, check out our Squarespace review.

Squarespace pricing

Squarespace has 4 plans with prices ranging from $16.00 to $49.00 per month. If you want to try the service out, you can do that with Squarespace’s 14-day free trial.

No matter what plan you go for, you get a free domain for a year, SSL certificates, and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

So, how are the Squarespace’s plans different from each other?

  • Personal ($16.00/mo) – includes all the resources mentioned above.
  • Business ($23.00/mo) – free professional Google email address for 1 year, basic eCommerce (with 3% transaction fee), and advanced analytics.
  • Basic eCommerce ($27.00/mo) – everything in the Business plan, except there’s no transaction fees with eCommerce. Customer accounts are available too.
  • Advanced eCommerce ($49.00/mo) – everything from Basic eCommerce subscription, plus abandoned cart recovery and advanced shipping options.
Best Value

The best plan to start with is the Business plan. It has everything you need for an informational insurance website – from unlimited resources to a professional Google email address.

4. GoDaddy website builder – website builder with great marketing features

FeaturesTestimonials pages, contact forms, online appointments, SEO tools
Best formarketing insurance websites
Free planFree 14-day trial

GoDaddy website builder is a business-oriented website builder, making it a great choice for an insurance agency. It features some of the best marketing tools, such as the GoDaddy Insight tool of optimization, to help you grow your brand.

Let’s take a look at what the GoDaddy website builder offers:

  • 14 customizable templates for professional services,
  • To increase recognition and visibility, you get built-in email and social media marketing tools (campaigns can be run directly from your dashboard),
  • You get tools for appointment scheduling and contact forms to make it easier for customers to contact you,
  • The GoDaddy Insight tool, which gives recommendations on how to optimize your website according to competitors.

GoDaddy’s template choice is a bit limited, but the built-in functionalities are excellent.

Building an insurance website with GoDaddy website builder

Like most website builders for insurance companies, GoDaddy’s website development process doesn’t require too much effort because of its simple yet efficient editor that’s easy to navigate.

The very beginning of building your website is signing up and choosing a template. GoDaddy has a few to pick from. While the provider doesn’t have templates customized for insurance industry sites, it does offer 14 beautiful templates in the Professional Services category.

GoDaddy professional services templates

After choosing a template, your website is ready to go to the editing space. The editor is pretty limited, but it'll get the job done. It’s modern and has a very clear menu organization, so you won't get lost trying to find tools. You can change the fonts and colors, the background, and other small changes like that.

GoDaddy website editor

GoDaddy helps you make your insurance website functional using useful and convenient features. For instance, you can grow your online presence using the implemented marketing tools. You can even link all the social media accounts that your business has or optimize your website using the GoDaddy Insight tool.

With GoDaddy, you also get scheduling and contact forms. They help you keep track of inquiries, avoid spam, and help new customers get in touch with you easier.

Overall, GoDaddy website builder is more than equipped to help you with your insurance website. The templates are fantastic, and the minimalistic editor enables you to create something unique. To find out more about this website builder, you can read our GoDaddy review.

GoDaddy website builder pricing

The prices of paid plans start from $9.99 and go up to $16.99 per month.

Each paid subscription comes with free SSL certificates and a free domain name.

Let’s see how they differ from one another:

  • Basic ($9.99/mo) – 100 marketing emails per month (straight from the dashboard),
  • Standard ($9.99/mo) – SEO tools and 500 marketing emails per month,
  • Premium ($14.99/mo) – SEO tools, 25,000 marketing emails, recurring appointments, payments for appointments, email and text appointment reminders,
  • Ecommerce ($16.99/mo) – everything in the Premium subscription, plus shoppable social posts.
Best value

An insurance website would work best with the Premium plan. With great marketing and SEO tools, it’s easier to grow and reach a huge customer base in every corner of the Internet.

5. Wix – all-round insurance website builder

wix for creating affiliate website
FeaturesGoogle My Business, online scheduling, SEO and marketing tools
Best for100% customizable website building
Free planYes

Wix is one of the most versatile website builders you can use. You have complete design freedom and hundreds of modern templates that can help you build a unique and highly-functional insurance agency website.

While Wix has countless features, here’s why it’d be great for an insurance site:

  • Over 800 designer-made templates to choose from – all responsive and customizable,
  • Hundreds of functionalities available. You’ll find appointment scheduling and live chat functionalities among the most useful ones,
  • Top-notch business features, including eCommerce tools, contact forms, testimonials pages, and numerous CRM (Customer relationship management) tools, such as automated emails,
  • A well-covered marketing and SEO department where you can run branded email and ad campaigns, or even integrate social media accounts to the SEO Wiz app.

Not only is the Wix builder versatile and has the best features you can find in a website builder, but building a site with it is pretty easy too.

Building an insurance website with Wix

When building an insurance website with Wix, you get to create a functional and feature-rich website. The builder doesn’t limit your design freedom and gives you an app store that you can use to find the best tools for you. At the same time, using full Wix potential takes some time.

When you sign up to Wix, you’ll be given 2 options. First, you can let Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) do the job for you. All you need to do is answer a few of the questions and your website is done. And second, you can use a premade template and edit it with the drag and drop builder.

If you want to make a website with your own hands, you’re free to choose one of the 800+ modern, professional, and mobile-friendly templates, and customize it as you see fit.

Wix finance templates

As soon as you choose a template, you’ll be taken to the editor. Wix has a complex drag-and-drop editor that will give you the creative freedom to customize virtually any part of your website.

The menu on the left of the editor allows you to add and edit pages, add elements, manage your theme, change your background, add apps and media, and you can even write a blog. While it might seem overwhelming at first, the editor is quite easy to get by.

Wix editor for insurance

To upgrade your insurance website game, there’s a ton of helpful features. You can implement a contact form or a live chat function for better communication with your clients. Also, you’re free to add a blog section on your website. Not only will it help potential customers understand your purpose, it’ll also be good for generating search engine traffic.

Altogether, building an insurance website with Wix is incredibly convenient. You’ll have lots of tools and apps to try out, not to mention how professional and unique your end result can be. You can learn more in our in-depth Wix review.

Wix pricing

Wix has plans for both regular professional websites and eCommerce. The prices of the 4 regular plans range from $16.00 to $45.00 per month.

All of the plans include a free custom domain for a year and a free SSL certificate. Here’s how the resources differ between the plans:

  • Combo ($16.00/mo) – 3GB of storage.
  • Unlimited ($22.00/mo) – 10GB of storage, $300 worth of ad vouchers, SEO apps, and advanced analytics. Site Booster and Analytics apps are free for 1 year.
  • Pro ($27.00/mo) – 20GB of storage, professional logo, and Event calendar (free for 1 year).
  • VIP ($45.00/mo) – everything in Pro plan, plus 25GB storage, and included priority support.

However, if you want to sell insurance online, there are also 3 eCommerce subscriptions that Wix offers. Here’s how the plans are different:

  • Business Basic ($27.00/mo) – 20GB storage and main eCommerce tools for effective selling.
  • Business Unlimited ($32.00/mo) – 35GB storage, dropshipping, subscription sales, and product review features.
  • Business VIP ($59.00/mo) – 50GB storage, loyalty program, sales tax calculation, priority customer support.
Best Value

The best plan for a professional insurance website is the Pro plan. It’s just $5/mo more than the Unlimited plan, but offers much more resources, including 2 times more storage (20GB) and a professional logo.

Best insurance website builders: final recommendations

Among tons of options to choose from, we tested and found the 5 best website builders for insurance sites and agents. Each and every of these 5 builders proved their value in terms of tools, features, and ease of use. Here’s a quick recap of their strengths:

  • Zyro is an incredibly affordable website builder for an insurance agent that focuses on ease of use and has excellent marketing & SEO tools.
  • SITE123 is a beginner-friendly website builder that enables you to create an insurance website in a matter of hours or minutes.
  • Squarespace is a premium website builder for an insurance agent that relies primarily on in-house features.
  • GoDaddy website builder is a business-oriented builder with excellent marketing and optimization tools.
  • Wix is the most versatile website builder, which allows you to customize your insurance website without limitations.

Tips for building an insurance website

The idea of building an insurance website, especially if you’re a beginner, can be overwhelming at first. But no worries! Once you pick a website builder, all you have to do is follow these tips:

  • Choose a modern website design – typically, insurance website designs are outdated and look old. This is a great opportunity to make yours stand out with a little magic of modern templates that website builders offer. For example, Squarespace has some of the most stunning templates for professional services.
  • Integrate necessary features – with the right website builder, you can make sure your insurance website is as functional and useful as possible by adding helpful tools. For example, including reviews into your site can help visitors see public opinions about your company, while scheduling can make it easier to convert visitors into clients. Wix is one of the builders that has excellent tools for these needs. Meanwhile, don’t forget about professional email to ensure your credibility, while SEO tools will help you reach a wider audience. Look into Zyro if you’re looking to do just that.
  • Host your website and use WordPress if selling online – if you’re planning to sell insurance online or provide a rate calculator, consider hosting your own website. While hosting services and WordPress is not as easy to use as a website builder, it has more tools for handling sensitive information.

Insurance website builders FAQs