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‘Trust issues’ leads the list of reasons against moving to the cloud

Even though businesses are adopting cloud fast, few want to bid farewell to on-premise data storage.

The next five years will prove critical for the development of cloud services and the overall cloud ecosystem.

According to a recent study of over 900 IT professionals by Hornetsecurity, a whopping 93% of organizations are either adopting cloud at the moment or will have fully migrated to the cloud within the next five years.

Among the key questions in the transition: will the hybrid cloud approach survive the transition? According to Hornetsecurity’s survey, it might, as 67% of respondents see hybrid as a final destination rather than a temporary policy.

Another 29% said they would fully migrate to the cloud, with 9% committing to keep their data on-premise fully.

‘Trust issues’

Although most companies are adopting the cloud to some level, trusting vendors with company data remains challenging.

According to the survey, 34% of companies say that ‘trust/privacy issues are the main reason for workloads to remain on-premise.

Reports’ authors claim that the sentiment is prevalent between companies of all sizes and from different countries.

“There is no appreciable difference in trust in the public cloud between those respondents from different territories or company sizes - very clearly indicating that it is a widely-held distrust,” authors claim.

One noticeable difference shows in people’s experience with the cloud. Interestingly enough, respondents with over 20 years of experience were more likely to distrust cloud (33.6%) compared to those with 1-5 years of experience (24.2%).

Half of all respondents mentioned ‘legacy systems or software’ as another major reason certain workloads must remain on-premise, while

‘application compatibility’ was reported as a roadblock to cloud migration for 4 in 10 companies.

Challenges ahead

Organizations see several drawbacks to smooth cloud adoption. One of the concerns echoes throughout the IT industry - lack of staff, with 48% seeing this as a major challenge.

The most common workload preventing IT departments from lifting all services to the cloud was ‘Print & Imaging Services’ (55%). Databases (50%), file storage (45%), and application services (43%) are also cited as reasons for remaining partially on-premise.

Close to half of all respondents pointed to ‘monitoring and security as the challenge while adopting a hybrid cloud solution, indicating security concerns remain a major issue for service providers to tackle.

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