Author mints cryptocurrency based on own novel

What do you get if you cross a 21st-century novel with a 17th-century investment vehicle? Answer: a new cryptocurrency created by a lawyer-turned-author that’s based on his own fiction.

Dov Preminger has followed up his January 2024 book, Glyph – a fictional account of an LA journalist who gets embroiled in events related to hacking, surveillance, and cyberwarfare after a call from real-life Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto – with his very own blockchain-based Tontine Coin.

Not only is Tontine (TONT) based on a fictional version of the same cryptocurrency that appears in Glyph, but it also takes its name from an investment vehicle dating back to the 1600s – a period regarded by many historians as the dawning of the capitalist era.

“Historically, tontines involved pooling funds where, upon a member's death, their share was redistributed among the surviving members,” said Preminger, a practising attorney whose debut 2021 novel, The Law Of The Sea, co-authored with fellow Texas lawyer Dave Gerard, racked up more than 1,000 ratings on Amazon.

“Tontine Coin is a modern-day twist on the concept – a digital currency that leads to some entertaining and macabre results in the novel,” said Preminger.

He added: “The novel is a crypto-thriller, and so the idea of creating a cryptocurrency based on it – one which actually features in the book – felt authentic to me,” says Preminger. “It blends fiction and reality, which is what I try to do in the novel.”

The introductory Tontine Coin white paper can be viewed here, and Preminger’s novel Glyph is available to buy on Amazon.

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