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Don't fall for it: Dogecoin has no official support account

Has a Dogecoin ‘official support’ team contacted you? If so, ignore them – because the genuine Doge community has warned that it is a scam, stressing that it offers no such support service.

"Having difficulties, complaints, issues with DOGE? Kindly send a direct message by clicking on the below button and we will be able to help dogecoin Official Support [sic]," a tweet by Dogecoin (Twitter handle @supportsamf) reads.

The official verified Dogecoin Twitter page (handle @dogecoin) immediately warned that this was a scam.

"We have been made aware of a new scam attempt with accounts pretending to be #Dogecoin Support. There is no ‘Dogecoin Official Support’ and we will never ask for you to set up a T r U s T Wallet, or ask for your personal seed phrases or account information. Please report them," the official Dogecoin account tweeted.

The fake support account is also promoting giveaways. Here's a message that appears on my Twitter feed at least five times.

"Congratulations, if you received this message, you're one of the selected winner for the giveaway worth of 5,000 dogecoin. Click the link below to claim the price [sic]," the message reads.

Dogecoin fake page

I reached out to the allegedly fake support page. Given I contacted it via my official Twitter account with my occupation clearly visible, I didn't really hope for an answer. But I was wrong – the account operator replied immediately. Here's an excerpt from our conversation, unredacted:

Me: The official Dogecoin page says this is a scam. So are you really an official support?

@supportsamf: Our official page was under maintenance

They are making a fake broadcast

Don’t fall for scam

If you have any issue with your wallet wile can help you

Me: They say you are a scam and they have no official support

@supportsamf: I just told you our main page is under maintenance

Me: While I don't have any issue, I got like five messages from you saying I am a lucky winner of 5,000 dollars. So do I just click the link five times and end up with 25k?

@supportsamf: You will need to pass some process to claim your price

Me: cool cool, so I'll truly get the 25k? Sounds too good to be true

@supportsamf: Sure

But our free airdrop is for those active investor on metamask and trust wallet

Me: perfect

so what exactly do I need to do to claim my prizes

@supportsamf: Are you using metamask or trust wallet ?

Me: trustwallet

@supportsamf: Perfect !

Are you an active investor

Mean did you have token in your wallet ?

Me: of course

@supportsamf: You will need to generate a new QR code with our web link

You won’t be able to generate the QR code if you are not an active member

If you don’t have our web link you said to ask for it now so you can generate your QR code

Me: So how does it work? I click on the link five times (as I said, I see at least five messages from you), and you are going to scam me five times?

@supportsamf: Never

We don’t scam

We have nothing to do with your token

We are said to protect your wallet

Chatting with scammers

The chat went on for quite some time. I enjoyed playing a gullible investor for a while, but eventually got bored because the scammers didn’t really give me any more information about themselves and kept answering with short barely intelligible messages. Note that poor grammar is one of the key telltale signs that you are dealing with internet fraudsters such as phishers and social engineers. Another giveaway is a very low number of account followers. The official Dogecoin account has almost 3,5 million followers while the fake support page has less than 300 of them.

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prefix 5 months ago
I think it is a good thing that dogecoin has no official support account because it make it decentralized coin
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