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Malicious hackers steal $375k from a popular NFT platform

Crooks reportedly stole $375,000 worth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Premint, making it one of the largest NFT hacks this year.

The popular NFT platform said that "a file was manipulated by an unknown third party that led to users being presented with a wallet connection that was malicious."

The incident happened on July 17, 2022, between 12 AM and 7 AM Pacific Time.

"We're continuing to dig into this incident, but a reminder: You will never, EVER be asked to approve ANY KIND OF transaction on PREMINT. When connecting a wallet, you'll be asked to *sign* a message, but there will NEVER be a gas fee or anything resembling a transaction," Premint said on Monday morning.

The platform also noted that it is safe to log in. "You will see a gas-free signing confirmation screen when you connect your wallet. We never, ever ask for any transaction access, and you will never, ever see gas associated with connecting to PREMINT."

Certik, a blockchain security company, said a threat actor compromised the website by uploading malicious JavaScript code to premint.xyz. Six externally owned accounts (EOAs) are directly associated with the attack, with approximately 275 ETH stolen in NFT's.

While Premint is still looking into the compromise, many users took it to Twitter to complain.

"While digging, figure out how to refund us," one tweet said.

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