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North Korean renegade to release NFTs

An artist who defected from the pariah state and dreams of the peaceful reunification of the two Koreas is launching his own line of digital art tokens on May 29.

Sun Mu, a creative name adopted by the dissident artist that means “no line” or “no boundary,” will publish the NFTs on OpenSea at 9am, Eastern Daylight Time. They will remain publicly accessible until June 28.

“Sun Mu’s ten NFT collections will be published on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain,” said a press statement on the artist’s website. “Some of the works will be auctioned, and others will be presented as multi-editions at a single price.”

Preview of digital art token taken from artist's website
Preview of the forthcoming Sun Mu NFT range, courtesy of the artist's website: sunmuart.com/nft/

Working with blockchain and motion graphic designers, Sun Mu has based the NFTs on the subversive style used in his previous art installations and exhibitions, which were heavily critical of North Korea’s severe interpretation of socialism.

“Sun Mu’s works remind us of North Korea’s socialist propaganda art,” said the statement. “However, the artist adopts this style and brings pop-art characters to his works so that they wittily satirize the harsh life and irrational political system he experienced in North Korea.”

Sun Mu fled the regime in the 1990s, residing in China, Laos, and Thailand, before settling in South Korea in 2002.

“The meaning of his art name includes his wish for national reconciliation and peaceful reunification of North and South Korea,” said the statement. “It also represents his philosophy that art has no boundaries.”

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