EU slaps Russia with more tech sanctions

The EU has issued another series of bans against more than a hundred Russian entities. It says they’re spreading pro-Kremlin disinformation endorsing the invasion of Ukraine or are linked to the supply of high-tech military equipment to the pariah superstate.

The latest move by the European bloc marks the eleventh raft of such sanctions and entails an update of its blacklist of Russian entities designated for “restrictive measures.”

This means that sanctioned entities will have their assets in the EU frozen, with citizens and companies residing in the bloc forbidden from making funds available to them.

The Council of the European Union said the new additions to the list consisted of “71 individuals and 33 entities responsible for actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine.”

Among them are senior military officials of the Russian armed forces and companies manufacturing missiles, drones, anti-aircraft missile systems, military vehicles, and high-tech components for weapons.

Also singled out for sanctions are actors involved in the spread of disinformation related to the war, including TV and radio companies linked to the Russian armed forces, media executives, and propagandists.

The Council’s new listing criteria are billed by the organization as a response to information warfare being waged in the cyber domain by Russia and primarily aimed at targeting companies in the IT sector that “provide critical technology and software to the Russian intelligence community.”

Commenting on the move announced on June 23rd, Josep Borrell, high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy at the Council of Europe, said: “Today we are targeting 104 individuals and entities who are instrumental in the continuation of this brutal war, including those responsible for military activities, for political decisions, who are polluting the public space with disinformation and malicious narratives, adding to the military warfare also through information warfare.”

Under the updated criteria, the new sanctions cover designated companies in the IT sector licensed by Russia’s Federal Security Service or its Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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