Meta blacklisted by the Kremlin

Rosfinmonitoring, a Russian financial monitoring agency, has added Meta to its list of "terrorist and extremist" organizations.

St. Petersburg prosecutor's office asked the court to recognize Meta as extremist and ban all its activities in Russia, news agency Interfax reported.

According to the law, banks are required to freeze all assets of blacklisted organizations.

In March, Moscow's Tverskoi District Court upheld a lawsuit filed by Russian state prosecutors on banning the activities of Meta on Russian territory. Meta was accused of allowing calls for violence against Russians.

Facebook and Instagram were banned by the court at the time. The decision didn't apply to Meta-owned WhatsApp because it was considered a private information channel.​​

The company appealed the decision, claiming it was not carrying out any extremist activity. However, the court rejected the appeal and again found Meta guilty of extremist activity.

Russia's been fighting Western organizations that demonstrated their support for Ukraine.

However, it's yet another battle Russia has been losing. Major tech brands, from YouTube to Apple, have insisted on calling things as they are and taking measures against Russian propaganda.

Recently, Meta took down the largest Russian propaganda campaign since the invasion.

Pro-Russian threat actors impersonated well-known and respected European news outlets, including the Guardian and Spiegel, to spread fake news. The Russian embassies in Europe amplified the content.

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