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Ukraine applauds Amazon move to suspend business referral fees

Ukrainian business received a welcome relief when Amazon agreed to waive referral fees for entrepreneurs located in the embattled country for a year.

Applauding the decision, Mykhailo Federov, Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation, said: “A few months ago, we appealed to Amazon to ease the conditions for Ukrainian business, which despite the war continues to work, supporting the country's economy. I am grateful to Amazon for the solid and consistent support of Ukraine.”

In the same statement issued on LinkedIn, Federov also thanked the tech giant for its assistance with backup registries to help guard data sources affected by the Russian invasion and a $35m donation.

Referring to Amazon’s suspension of the commission it would ordinarily charge Ukraine-based entrepreneurs for business referrals to UK and EU markets, he added: “That means Ukrainian businesses will be able to scale more actively in the European and global markets and find new customers there.”

The move by Amazon in favor of Ukraine’s startups marked a victory on the economic front, he added.

Since Russia’s fateful decision to invade its smaller neighbor on January 24, war has raged in Ukraine, leading to an expansion of the conflict into the cyber domain and provoking world economic instability.

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