Best US states for remote work in 2024

Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Alabama have been crowned as the best destinations for digital nomads.

“I won’t lie – it was amazing, but everything beautiful also has a flipside of the coin,” said Paulina Okunytė, our fellow journalist who spent five years as a digital nomad wandering through Denmark, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Ecuador, and Malaysia.

Here’s her story if you want to learn what being a digital nomad actually entails and whether it’s worth it to embark on such a journey.

Meanwhile, DesignRush, a B2B marketplace, has released a study of the best places in the US for remote work after assessing different states’ house affordability, food prices, tax rates, and healthcare costs, among other things.

Digital nomadism

A digital nomad is a person who works freely, not from a fixed location, while using technology and the internet to help them work.

Digital nomadism has become increasingly popular, particularly in the United States, as approximately 11% of the US workforce identify as digital nomads.

Therefore, determining which state suits you best is imperative if you’re considering becoming a digital nomad.

This survey assessed various states in the US and determined which would feasibly work if you decide to become a digital nomad.

Top ten states to be a digital nomad

DesignRush has highlighted the top ten states to consider if you’re a digital nomad.

The southern states appear to be the most economically appealing, boasting low rent rates, food, and other essentials.

1. Mississippi

The top contender is Mississippi due to the affordability of rent, average taxes, income tax, and transport costs being very high on the scale.

With the exceptions of high internet rates and healthcare costs, Mississippi could be an excellent place to try if you’re considering digital nomadism.

Known for its affiliation with blues music and its southern charm, Mississippi is an excellent environment often characterized by its friendliness.

2. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the second economically sound state to live in if you’re a digital nomad due to its low cost of living.

Digital Rush claims that Oklahoma has the lowest housing and food costs in the country.

This state is known for its friendly inhabitants, affordable living, and beautiful scenery with rolling hills and forestry areas.

3. Arkansas

The next state best for the digital nomad is Arkansas with a score for much of the same reasons as the states before – the low cost of living essentials.

Arkansas boasts a homely and vibrant atmosphere, with many small towns and cities facilitating various recreational activities.

4. Texas

Texas is a unique state that offers a range of technological hubs. The state provides a zero-income tax policy, giving digital nomads economic freedom.

Accompanied by competitive living costs, digital nomads could expect to live lavishly in the Lone Star State.

Texas has some of the best cities in the world to live in, including Dallas and Austin.

With its diverse landscapes and mix of cultures, this state is an ideal spot to settle if you’re looking to increase your earnings without skimping on your quality of life.

5. Tennessee

Tennesse is the fifth best place in the United States for the digital nomad due to its zero-income tax policy and affordability rate.

The state has affordable transportation, healthcare, and food costs, making it an attractive place to live for the digital nomads.

Tennessee is the home of bluegrass and blues music, known for its good quality of life and low cost of living.

6. North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the best states in the US for low rent prices, making it an attractive option for those working remotely.

Connectivity and accessibility come with the territory, so digital nomads can count on North Dakota as a place to network and thrive in their remote work.

North Dakota is a peaceful and serene environment with wide open spaces, perfect for those who want to focus on their work.

7. South Dakota

South Dakota is an affordable state with no tax burdens and economically friendly rent options.

The beauty of South Dakota allows for adventurous and outdoorsy individuals to thrive in an open environment.

This state is known for the marvel of Mount Rushmore, its national parks, and its natural beauty.

8. Ohio

Ohio is a state that has average taxes and low food prices, making it a perfect destination for those looking to indulge in various cultural areas.

Cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are located in Ohio. Each city boasts dynamic cultural experiences, various entertainment activities, and different food spots.

Also known as the Buckeye State, Ohio has a rich history and a vibrant culture. Known as the home of baseball, American football, and basketball legend Lebron James.

9. Missouri

Due to the lifestyle of the digital nomad, finding cost-effective living environments is exceptionally important.

Low housing costs and adequate living expenses mean that digital nomads can live in a charming environment while keeping tabs on their finances.

Missouri has many famous cities like St Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. St Louis and Kansas City, in particular, are up-and-coming in the tech world as both cities house growing tech hubs.

10. Alabama

Low tax rates and affordable essential living costs make Alabama a great place to live if you’re a remote worker.

Alabama, known as the Yellowhammer state, features up-and-coming tech hubs in cities such as Birmingham and Huntsville. The Apollo 11 rocket was first created in Alabama, which helped cement its tech status.

Throughout the survey, DesignRush has assessed vital metrics that impact the daily life of a digital nomad. These include affordable housing, food prices, tax rates, and healthcare.

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