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Best mouse pads for gaming in 2024

Many people like to spend their free time playing their favorite video games. However, without the right equipment, the gaming experience can be not as pleasant. That’s why this time we decided to start from the basics.

By having the best mouse pad for gaming, you will not only be able to improve your accuracy in games but, in some cases, even reduce wrist fatigue. This is because the right mouse pad will provide you with a smooth and comfortable surface. So, one single mouse pad change can hold a lot of significance. Without any delay, let’s go into more detail!

Top 5 gaming mouse pads – shortlist

How to choose the best mouse pads for gaming?

In the realm of various mouse pads for gaming, you need to follow some crucial criteria that will help you choose the best one. Here is what you should focus on:

  • Size. The size of the mouse pad is crucial as it should fit your desk and provide enough space for mouse movements. Larger mouse pads offer more room for both keyboard and mouse, which can lead to better gaming performance.
  • Material. Some materials offer smoother glide, while others provide more control. Choose the material based on your gaming style, as it affects your whole experience.
  • Thickness. Usually, it’s best to go for thicker mouse pads because they provide better comfort for your wrist during long gaming sessions.
  • Non-Slip Base. A non-slip base is important to keep the mouse pad in place during intense gaming sessions. This ensures consistent performance and prevents any unwanted movement of the mouse pad.
  • Edge Stitching. This prevents the edges of the mouse pad from fraying over time, extending the lifespan of the mouse pad.
  • Design. While not affecting the performance, the design of the mouse pad can add to the aesthetic of your gaming setup. Choose a design that matches your personal style and gaming setup.

7 Best gaming mouse pads – our detailed list

Based on our tests and research, we’ve come up with a list of the 7 best gaming mouse pads. In this selection, we’ve considered the size, material quality, thickness, edge stitching, and more. Let’s see which mouse pad will fit your needs the most!

1. Razer Strider Hybrid – overall best mouse pad for gaming

Main features:Mid-to-firm base, anti-slip, easily portable
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:6.4 ounces

In order to have an issue-free gaming experience, try the Razer Strider Hybrid mouse pad. It is highly durable and also water resistant.

Material quality. The Razer Strider Hybrid is made of a water-resistant polyester top sheet, which suggests a high level of durability and resistance to spills.

Size. With dimensions of 17 5/8 inches by 15 11/16 inches, it’s one of the larger pads that doesn’t fall into the extended class. This provides ample space for mouse movement during gaming.

Thickness. This mouse pad has a decent thickness of 3mm, which ensures you won’t feel bumps when moving your mouse.

Surface texture. The Strider Hybrid is classified as a speed pad, indicating a smooth surface texture that allows for quick mouse movements.

Non-slip base. The pad features a rubberized anti-slip bottom, which helps to keep it securely in place during intense gaming sessions.

Edge stitching. The Razer Strider Hybrid features a stitched edge, which helps to prevent delamination issues and contributes to the overall durability of the pad.

2. Logitech G440 Hard – best mouse pad with gaming sensors

Main features:Low surface friction, rubber base, enhanced sensor accuracy
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:8.1 ounces

Mouse pads aren’t always dull. For example, the Logitech G440 Hard has optimized gaming sensors that improve your experience.

Material quality. Logitech G440 Hard is made of tough materials that don’t break easily. This enhanced the mouse pad’s durability.

Size. The size of the Logitech G440 Hard is 13 3/8 inches by 11 inches. Although not the largest mouse pad, you still have enough gliding space.

Thickness. With a thickness of only 3mm, you will have a pretty decent experience. However, this may sometimes cause issues because of the sharp edges.

Surface texture. Logitech G440 has a low friction surface, making it one of the fastest in testing. The texture wore away quickly, causing tracking issues with the surface.

Non-slip base. Due to the stable, rigid base, this mouse pad won’t move away even if you glide the mouse quite fast.

Edge stitching. As we briefly mentioned, the Logitech G440 Hard mouse pad doesn’t have the best edge stitching, which can cause hand friction.

3. Roccat Sense Pro – gaming mouse pad with a non-slip base

Main features:Rubber base, RGB lighting, vulcanized surface
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:8 ounces

Having a mouse pad that doesn’t move while you’re gaming is a must. But is this the only thing that Roccat Sense Pro offers? We wouldn’t say so!

Material quality. The Roccat Sense Pro uses a tightly woven polyester material typically used in military clothing. This material is noticeable and provides a unique feel to the pad.

Size. The Roccat Sense Pro is a 17 11/16 inch by 17 11/16 inch soft pad. This shows that it is pretty large, and you can freely move your mouse.

Thickness. The Roccat Sense Pro is relatively thin compared to the competition, ensuring a friction-free gaming experience.

Surface texture. The pad uses a tightly woven polyester material that provides a unique feel and allows for smooth mouse gliding.

Non-slip base. You will enjoy a rubbery anti-slip mouse pad that will ensure great stability during intense gaming sessions.

Edge stitching. The Roccat Sense Pro has wrapped stitched edges for durability, meaning it won’t tear apart so easily.

4. SteelSeries Qck Medium – budget-friendly mouse pad for gaming

Main features:Optimized for low and high CPI mouse tracking, washable, very durable
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:10.4 ounces

The SteelSeries Qck Medium comes with very durable material. Also, it is available at a very affordable price.

Material quality. The SteelSeries QcK Medium is made from a micro-woven cloth, which is soft and smooth to slide across. However, the edges are not protected, which leaves them susceptible to faster damage.

Size. SteelSeries offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of this pad, from small to extended. Therefore, it’s suitable for various activities.

Thickness. This mouse pad is a bit thicker than the other ones, measuring 6mm. Due to this, you may feel bumps when gliding your mouse.

Surface texture. The surface of the SteelSeries QcK Medium is made of a soft fabric that is pleasant and smooth to slide across.

Non-slip base. The mouse pad comes with a non-slip rubber base that is designed to eliminate unwanted movement.

Edge stitching. The edges of the SteelSeries QcK Medium are not protected, which leaves them susceptible to peeling and fraying.

5. Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging Mouse Pad – wireless charging mouse pad

Main features:Mouse charging, choice of two surfaces (soft and hard), works with Logitech G703 and G903 gaming mice
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:1.6 pounds

The Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging mouse pad allows you not to worry about the battery life while gaming.

Material quality. The Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging is made of high-quality cloth, while the Powercore module is made of durable plastic.

Size. By going for this mouse pad, you’ll enjoy dimensions of 13.54 by 10.8 inches, meaning it provides a lot of space for the mouse.

Thickness. The Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging mouse pad is only 2mm thick. Due to this, you won’t encounter any friction.

Surface texture. This pad has a smooth, soft, and firm texture. As a result, the mouse will glide well over the pad.

Non-slip base. While the pad is not extremely non-slippery, it still prevents unwanted movements and interruptions while you enjoy your favorite online game.

Edge stitching. Its edge stitching is pretty amazing, as the edges won’t separate or bend upwards after a while.

6. ASUS Rog Sheath – best mouse pad for quiet mouse tracking

Main features:Anti-fray stitching, smooth texture, big dimensions
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:1.5 pounds

This mouse pad is on our list for a reason. You will enjoy it for a long while because of its excellent material quality.

Material quality. The ASUS Rog Sheath shows longevity, indicating a high material quality that lasts for years, even with daily use.

Size. It is an extra-large mouse pad, measuring an incredible 35.43 by 15.75 inches. So you can use it without any issues.

Thickness. Thanks to the thickness of 3mm, you won’t feel bumps or similar issues even if your hand goes outside the pad.

Non-slip base. Rog Sheath is designed for your comfort and features a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place even on faster mouse movements.

Edge stitching. As this mouse pad is designed for top-notch comfort, it comes with well-stitched edges. Therefore, it is quite durable.

7. Corsair MM300 Extended – durable gaming mouse pad

Main features:Great game accuracy, textile-weave surface, low friction
Material quality: Excellent
Weight:5 pounds

The Corsair MM300 Extended mouse pad is the last one on our list. However, this doesn’t make it less worth it. With excellent quality, this mouse pad can only bring you comfort.

Material quality. The MM300 provides a smooth and durable cloth surface that contributes to its longevity.

Size. Corsair MM300 Extended probably comes with the largest dimensions on our list – 36.6 by 11.8 inches. So, forget about the frustrations of limited mouse gliding space.

Thickness. Its design comes with a 3mm thickness, which is pretty awesome. It reduces the friction from moving your hand to the maximum.

Non-slip base. This incredible mouse pad comes with an anti-skid rubber base that helps it stay securely in place.

Edge stitching. Ultimately, Corsair MM300 Extended has reinforced stitched edges. Due to this, all damage and fraying will be reduced.

Comparison of top 3 gaming mousepads

Let’s find out how the best 3 mouse pads for gaming compare in terms of standout features and price.

Model Razer Strider HybridLogitech G440 HardRoccat Sense Pro
Material qualityExcellentExcellentExcellent
Weight6.4 ounces 8.1 ounces8 ounces
Main features
  • Hybrid Soft/Hard Mat
  • Anti-slip base
  • Easily Portable
  • Matched to Logitech gaming sensors
  • Low-friction surface
  • Rubber base
  • Premium material usage
  • Fine edge stitching
  • RGB lighting

How we selected these mouse pads for gaming?

To help you choose the best mouse pad for gaming, we stuck to a few essential criteria. Let’s briefly check out what we focused on:

  • Surface Material. We tested the surface material of each mouse pad to determine its quality and durability. This involved using a variety of gaming mice on the pads to see how they interacted with different materials, such as cloth, plastic, or metal.
  • Size. The size of the mouse pad was tested by using it in various gaming setups, so we tested them to ensure they were large enough for comfortable use but not so large to take up too much desk space.
  • Thickness. A thicker mouse pad can provide more cushioning, but it might also affect the mouse’s responsiveness.
  • Edge Stitching. We examined the edge stitching of each mouse pad to assess its durability. To do this, we pulled and tugged the edges to see if they would fray or come apart.
  • Non-Slip Base. To check out whether the mouse pads are slippery, we used them on different surfaces, such as wood, glass, and metal.
  • Design and Aesthetics. While this is a subjective criterion, we believe that a good gaming mouse pad should also enhance the overall look of your gaming setup.
  • Price. We compared the cost of each mouse pad with its features and quality by researching prices online and in physical stores.

What are the benefits of a mouse pad for gaming?

Gaming mouse pads come with more than one benefit. We already mentioned improved accuracy and comfort, but what are the others?

  • Improved Accuracy. The best gaming mouse pads are designed with a smooth surface that allows for precise mouse movements.
  • Enhanced Comfort. These mouse pads often come with wrist rests and are made of materials that are comfortable to touch, reducing the strain on your wrist.
  • Durability. High-quality gaming mouse pads are made of durable materials that can withstand intense gaming sessions and resist wear and tear.
  • Better Control. The best gaming mouse pads provide a consistent surface that can be particularly beneficial in games that require quick and precise movements.
  • Aesthetics. Many top-tier gaming mouse pads come with visually appealing designs or LED lights, which can enhance the overall look of your gaming setup.
  • Easy Maintenance. Most high-quality gaming mouse pads are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain in top condition for a long time.

Does the mouse pad affect the aim?

Yes, the mouse pad affects your aim. This is because there are mouse pads specially designed for a better tracking surface.

More precisely, the mouse pad that has lower quality materials contributes to a poor aim and sends jarring data bursts. Therefore, it’s pretty crucial to go for a high-end mouse pad that uses top-notch materials.


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