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7 Best projectors for gaming in 2024

Gaming is a lot of fun, and it can be even better if you know how to create a really enjoyable experience. We’re talking about finding a great projector for gaming. More precisely, gaming projectors deliver rich gaming experiences on displays way bigger than any TV or PC. Still, they don’t sacrifice the quality. In fact, they offer 4K, 120Hz, and more.

However, there are numerous projectors on the market, and you need to find the best one. Therefore, we’ve decided to come up with this article and present you with the best gaming projectors. Let’s find out what we’ve prepared!

The 5 best gaming projectors – shortlist

How to choose a projector for gaming?

To choose a great projector for gaming, you need to follow a few criteria. So, let’s see what the most important aspects are:

  • Resolution. The resolution of a projector determines the clarity and detail of the images it projects. For gaming, a high resolution is crucial as it enhances the gaming experience by providing sharp and clear images.
  • Brightness. A projector with a high lumen count will produce bright images that are easy to see, even in a well-lit room. This is important for gaming as it ensures that the game’s visuals are clear and vibrant.
  • Contrast Ratio. Find a projector with a high contrast ratio that delivers very bright whites and deep blacks, giving the image more depth and making the gaming experience more immersive.
  • Input Lag. This is the time it takes for a projector to produce an image after receiving input from a gaming console. A projector with a low input lag is ideal for gaming as it ensures that the action on the screen is in sync with the controller’s inputs.
  • Refresh Rate. The refresh rate refers to how often the projector updates the image on the screen in one second. So, you need a projector with a high refresh rate, as it results in smoother motion and less input lag.
  • Connectivity. A good gaming projector should have multiple connectivity options, such as HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi. This allows you to connect various gaming consoles and other devices to the projector.

7 Best 4K gaming projectors – our detailed list

We’ve come to the part you’ve been all waiting for. To create this list, we’ve considered resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, and many more things. Here are the top 7 projectors for gaming!

1. BenQ TH671ST – best projector for home theater and gaming

Main features:Short throw for narrow spaces, short input lag
Resolution: 1080p, full HD
Brightness:3,000 ANSI lumen
Throw distance:1.5m

The BenQ TH671ST is great if you have a smaller space. Although smaller, you’ll still get low input lag and a 1080p picture.

Image quality. BenQ TH671ST comes with 1080p resolution that ensures top-tier visuals. It also has 3000-lumen support that tackles ambient light in most rooms and a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Therefore, it’s suitable for those who want a lightweight projector for the home or office.

Input lag. It comes with a quick 16.4 ms input lag, meaning the action on the screen will always be in sync.

Throw distance. Its impressive short-throw capability can project onto even massive screens from a mere few feet away. You can get a 100 display from just 1.5 meters away.

Connectivity. BenQ TH671TS supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as USB, HDMI, IR, and a 3.5mm Jack.

2. ViewSonic PX701HDH – gaming projector with cinematic colors

Main features:Portable, cinematic colors, smooth images
Resolution: 1080p
Brightness:3,500 lumens
Throw distance:1-10m

ViewSonic PH701HDH provides sufficient brightness for a large image that adapts to ambient light. It even comes with low lag for gamers.

Image quality. The ViewSonic PX701HDH delivers stunning Full HD images for versatile projection in 1080p resolution. With 3,500 ANSI lumens and a 12,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, this gaming projector delivers clear pictures even in brightly lit rooms.

Input lag. This gaming projector is well-known for its low lag. With the 3x Fast Input option activated, we measured 16ms, which is pretty fantastic.

Throw distance. ViewSonic has a 1.1x optical zoom and vertical keystone for a flexible setup. Therefore, you can put it at a distance between 1 and 10m.

Connectivity options. It comes with decent connectivity support, including all devices with a USB A port and dual HDMI ports.

3. Xgimi Halo+ – portable projector for gaming with 1080p

Main features:Bright picture, easy setup, long battery life
Resolution: Full HD, 1920x1080
Brightness:900 ANSI lumens
Throw distance:1.2m

Xgimi Halo+ is a top-notch portable projector that is one of the best for gaming. With great image quality, you’ll receive excellent value for the price.

Image quality. Xgimi Halo+ boasts a bright 1080p picture backed up by 900 lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

Input lag. Its Game Mode offers 26.5ms input lag, which is not the best, but it is still suitable for casual gaming.

Throw distance. Xgimi Halo+ comes with a 1.2 throw ratio, which allows you to cast a 100-inch screen from 2.66m.

Connectivity options. To use this projector, you may connect it via HDMI port, USB Type-A port, built-in Google TV, voice control, or smart home control.

4. Xgimi Horizon Ultra – Dolby Vision projector

Main features:Full HD 3D, Dolby Vision, stream via Wi-Fi
Resolution: 4K
Brightness:2,300 lumens
Throw distance:3.98m

The Xgimi Horizon Ultra delivers 4K resolution and an excellent set of features that make it a superb gaming projector.

Image quality. Xgimi Horizon Ultra comes with 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, ultra-vivid colors, sharper contrast, and richer details. Its 2,300 ISO lumens contribute to exceptional image quality in any lighting environment. Ultimately, its contrast ratio varies between 350:1 and 950:1.

Input lag. Depending on whether you use 4K or 1080p resolution, you’ll enjoy an input lag of 18.3 or 18.4 ms, respectively.

Throw distance. Xgimi Horizon Ultra is a long-throw projector, so you should expect a 200-inch screen from any angle and corner of the room.

Connectivity options. The projector has an ethernet port for directly connecting to your Internet and an HDMI port, making it compatible with most game systems. It also has a built-in Chromecast.

5. Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser – incredible projector for gaming with 1080p

Main features:Auto Obstacle Avoidance, Official Google TV, Built-in Netflix
Resolution: 1080p
Brightness:300 ANSI lumens
Throw distance:1.08-3.18m

If you’re looking for a projector that is easy to set up, provides excellent image quality, and is portable, then check out Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser.

Image quality. By using Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser, you’ll enjoy a picture of 1080p with 300 ANSI lumens that ensure it stays bright.

Input lag. Nebula Anker Capsule 3 Laser offers an input lag of 22.5ms, which is not always sufficient for high-lag games.

Throw distance. Considering its size, the Capsule has a pretty decent throw distance. It can develop a picture of a minimum of 120 inches from 1.08 to 3.18m.

Connectivity options. You can connect this projector to any device that comes with HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, AUX, BT, and Wi-Fi.

6. Optoma HD39HDRx – gaming projector with 4,000 ANSI lumens

Main features:Vertical keystone correction, 3D support, 4K
Resolution: 1080p
Brightness:4,000 ANSI lumens
Throw distance:3.05m

The Optoma HD39HDRx projector is suitable for streaming content, playing video games, and more. You can also use it anywhere.

Image quality. With a resolution of 1080p and 4,000-lumen support, you can be sure that this projector will provide you with a high-end image. Additionally, it has a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 that enhances dark details.

Input lag. Optoma HD39HDRx has low input lag, which makes it perfect for competitive online gaming. More precisely, we measured 8.4ms.

Throw distance. What’s more, this Optoma model is a standard throw projector. In other words, it needs to sit around 3.05 from the screen for a full 120-inch display.

Connectivity options. Optoma HD39HDRx is suitable with Dual HDMI 1.4 ports for connecting a range of accessories and source devices. You can also connect it via USB.

7. Nomvdic P1000 – great 4K UHD projector

Main features:Built-in speaker, 3D, auto-focus
Resolution: 4K
Brightness:2,300 lumens
Throw distance:1.5m

Nomvdic P1000 shows that you can have both a well-designed and high-end projector suitable for gaming. But let’s see what makes it so great.

Image quality. The combination of 4K UHD resolution, 2,300 ANSI lumens, and HDR technology contributes to razor-sharp imagery and lifelike colors. It also offers a 3000000:1 contrast ratio.

Input lag. With Nomvdic P1000, you’ll be able to conquer every virtual battlefield with excellent precision and speed. This is due to its low input lag of 4.2ms.

Throw distance. This short-throw projector allows you to set it at a 1.5m distance and enjoy a clear image of 60-180 inches.

Connectivity options. Using it on various devices is easier than ever. You can choose whether you want to connect it via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless, HDMI, USB, or USB-C.

Comparison of top 3 gaming projectors

Now, we’ll go into more detail about the 3 best gaming projectors from our list.

Model BenQ TH671STViewSonic PX701HDHXgimi Halo+
Resolution1080p, full HD1080pFull HD, 1920x1080
Brightness3,000 ANSI lumen3,500 lumens900 ANSI lumens
Throw distance1.5m 1-10m1.2m
Main features
  • Digital Keystone Correction
  • Short throw
  • Color background settings
  • vColorTuner
  • SuperEco
  • Vertical lens shift
  • Built-in Internet
  • LED-powered lumens
  • Built-in 3D

How we selected these 4K projectors for gaming?

To offer you only the best gaming projectors, we put them to the ultimate test. So, now, let’s briefly go over all of the aspects that helped us put up the list:

  • Gaming Speed Performance. A lower input lag means a more responsive gaming experience, which can be crucial in competitive gaming. So, we went only for projectors that prioritize this feature and come with a great lag input (up to 30ms).
  • Gaming Resolution. Gamers should enjoy games with crisp, clear, and vibrant visuals. Compared to other types of projectors, the ones we’ve chosen are optimized to handle fast-paced action and complex graphics, ensuring that every detail is captured. Therefore, we’ve checked if it has 4K resolution, HDR, etc.
  • Audio Performance. The sound quality of the projector is crucial. For example, if you are playing a multiplayer game, you would like to hear clear voices. So, all of the chosen projectors on our list offer crisp sounds.
  • Overall Gaming experience. We were looking for built-in speakers, 3D capabilities, and high refresh rates. These features can make games more immersive and enjoyable, providing a level of engagement that may not be possible with other types of projectors. So, we tested various games on the projectors to find the best ones.

What are the benefits of using a gaming projector?

Using a gaming projector comes with a few benefits, compared to regular monitors. These are a few of the main ones:

  • Larger Screen Size. Gaming projectors can project images onto a much larger surface area than most TVs or monitors, creating a more immersive gaming experience. This can make gameplay more enjoyable and can also provide a competitive advantage by making it easier to see small details.
  • Versatility. The best gaming projectors are not just for gaming. They can also be used for watching movies, streaming TV shows, and other forms of entertainment.
  • Easy Setup. Gaming projectors are designed to be user-friendly, with easy setup and intuitive controls. This means that gamers can get started quickly and easily without needing to spend a lot of time on setup or troubleshooting.
  • Portability. Many gaming projectors are lightweight and portable, making them easy to move from room to room or even take to a friend’s house. This portability can be a major advantage, as it allows gamers to play their favorite games wherever they want.
  • Cost Effectiveness. While gaming projectors can be an investment, they can also be a cost-effective choice in the long run. They can replace the need for a separate TV or monitor, and their versatility means they can be used for a wide range of activities, providing excellent value for money.


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