The Sims 4 adds polyamory as option in Lovestruck Expansion Pack

The Sims will now be able to pursue open relationships as long as their partners are on board with it.

The new “Romantic Boundaries” system will allow players to customize their Sim’s experience in terms of boundaries and jealousy, the game’s developer EA said in a blog post.

“You can now define how your Sims approach romantic relationships in terms of physical and emotional romantic exclusivity,” it said. “This allows for Sims to date multiple Sims without impact to other relationships.”

The new expansion pack is launching on July 25th and will be set in Ciudad Enamorada, a new urban world consisting of three neighborhoods and “the perfect place for all of your romantic encounters.”

Polyamory is among the most anticipated new features coming out as part of the Lovestruck Expansion Pack and will be free for all players.

Other Lovestruck features include turn-ons and turn-offs based on the personality or style of other Sims, as well as three new WooHoo spots.

The expansion pack also adds two new personality traits that will make your Sim either romantically reserved or a “lovebug.” They may also suffer from two new fears – a fear of intimacy or a fear of being alone.

Tragically, it is also apparently possible in Ciudad Enamorada to die from heartbreak, but an option to attend couples counseling may help. Sims will also be able to search for love on a Cupid’s Corner dating app or go to a romance consultant, which will also be available as a career choice.

The gameplay will be based on four different romance dynamics between Sims: wholesome, steamy, strained, and unpredictable.

Wholesome refers to two Sims who “genuinely” love each other, steamy will focus on physical intimacy, strained will describe Sims that are still romantically entwined but unhappy, and unpredictable refers to going back and forth between fighting and making up.

Adding the option of open relationships is part of The Sims' ongoing effort to reflect the gender and sexual diversity of the real world. In 2022, the game expanded its sexual orientation options. A year later, it introduced top scars, binders, and shapewear in the base game.