Google's upcoming flagship to include three new AI features

Google will bring new AI updates to Pixel smartphones, including the one that looks like a more privacy-oriented version of Microsoft Recall.

Last week, Google announced a surprise event on August 13, where it will unveil the latest Pixel devices. The company is expected to announce a few Pixel 9 series smartphones along with a smartwatch, or maybe even a new foldable.

Pixel phones were always heavily packed with machine learning and AI features and this time it will be no different.

According to an Androidauthoirty source in Google, the company is planning to introduce a set of new machine learning and AI features under the Google AI name.

One of them, called Pixel Screenshots, is similar to Microsoft's Recall, which was postponed due to security concerns. After a backlash Microsoft has decided to test the feature in its Windows Insider Program before launching it publicly.

However, while Recall periodically takes screenshots of all a user's activities to answer queries, Google will use a different approach.

Pixel Screenshots will analyze only the screenshots taken by the user and use them to answer questions about the information or provide a summary. Pixel Screenshots will work only when the AI processing feature is on. It will also save metadata, like web links and app names.

All the information will be processed on device by Google's own models.

Another feature, called Add Me, will be used to ensure that everyone is in a group photo. Android Authority didn't provide more details, though the website speculates that it may look like an upgraded version of Best Take, which can merge takes with different people in them and change expressions of people in photos.

Google is also reportedly planning to announce a new tool called Studio, which could use AI to generate custom stickers, as previous reports indicate.

Screenshots obtained by the website suggest that it may do much more than generate stickers. It could be an all-in-one generative AI image generator.

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