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8 best earbuds for phone calls in 2024

Choppy, distorted phone calls have no place in today’s everyday life where we strive to stay connected at all times. Whether it’s catching up with loved ones, attending a business conference, or engaging in online gaming, our ability to communicate without any disruptions is paramount.

The year 2024 brings a new wave of innovative solutions created to improve call quality. There is an array of headphone features designed to boost the audio quality, ranging from innovative noise-canceling to excellent built-in microphones.

Get ready as we reveal the 8 best earbuds for phone calls, packed with features and capabilities to keep you connected in 2024.

Best wireless earbuds for phone calls – shortlist

How to choose the best wireless earbuds for talking on the phone?

Finding the best wireless earbuds for talking on the phone is not a game of one-size-fits-all. It is about finding the sweet spot between sound quality, comfort, and functionality, which contribute to smooth communication. You can make an intelligent choice that meets your requirements through appropriate analysis of different features. Here are the key factors to consider:

  • Sound quality. Seek out earbuds that deliver balanced audio with clean highs and mids, as to get every vocal detail of your voice and the caller. Speaking of codecs, aptX or LDAC should be a good choice for those who value clarity, especially for music lovers who need to use their earbuds multi-purposely.
  • Noise cancellation (ANC). If background noise disturbs your calls, ANC is a game-changer. It actively cuts off ambient sounds, making your voice the only focus. Nevertheless, the ANC affects the battery life, thus weigh your choice based on your personal needs.
  • Comfort. Picture yourself chatting for hours, so do the earbuds fit snugly without causing discomfort? Do they offer different ear tip sizes for a personalized fit? Remember, comfort directly impacts call duration and overall satisfaction.
  • Battery life. Nobody wants their call cut short due to a dead battery. Aim for earbuds with at least 4-5 hours of talk time per charge, and consider charging cases that offer multiple full charges for extended conversations.
  • Connectivity. A seamless Bluetooth connection is paramount; hence look for earbuds with the latest Bluetooth version (ideally 5.2 or higher) for wider range, faster pairing, and lower latency, especially for video calls.
  • Microphone quality. Quality is the crown jewel, hence Opt for earbuds with multiple microphones strategically placed to capture your voice clearly, even in windy or noisy environments. Some earbuds offer noise reduction and sidetone (hearing your voice) for a natural call experience.

Not every feature holds equal weight for everyone. Identify your priorities (frequent calls in noisy environments? Long commute chats?) and use this guide to find the earbuds that harmonize perfectly with your calling needs.

Top 8 earbuds for making phone calls

Now that you're armed with the essential features checklist, it's time to explore the contenders! This curated list of the top 8 earbuds for phone calls in 2024 isn't just based on hype. We've meticulously researched, analyzed features, and conducted in-depth tests to identify the true champions of crystal-clear communication. So, buckle up, phone warriors, and prepare to discover your perfect match!

1. Sony WF-1000XM5 Truly Wireless – top-rated wireless earbuds for phone calls

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:9 hours

The Sony WF-1000XM5s wireless earbuds are unrivaled in the noise-canceling world, making them excellent candidates for more clear, uninterrupted phone calls. With advanced technology, picture yourself in serenity while your voice slices through the noise.

Noise cancellation (ANC). Sony’s V1 Integrated Processor and Dual Noise Sensor Technology with which Sony effectively silences distractions lets your voice come to the fore. Through the combination of AI and bone conduction technology, these earbuds effectively block out ambient noise, making your calls clear even in noisy places like cafes or streets.

Microphone quality. Six beamforming microphones and wind noise reduction ensure your voice is transmitted crisply, even in challenging environments.

Sound quality. Hi-Res Audio support and LDAC codec deliver rich, detailed sound for both calls and music listening.

Connectivity. Connect to two devices simultaneously, seamlessly switching between your phone and laptop for calls and music.

Battery life. Never worry about your earbuds being out of power during important calls. Sony WF-1000XM5 plays up to 9 hours nonstop on a single charge and adds another 24 hours via the charging case.

2. Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds Truly Wireless – excellent comfort and microphone performance

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Average
Battery life:4-6 hours

Bose is known for its comfort-focused products and brings the QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds on board by promising legendary comfort and amazing call clarity. Get ready for the experience that takes care of comfort and easy communication.

Noise cancellation. You will have to select one of the 9 ear tip and stability band combinations for a snug and comfortable seal that will block out background noise and ensure that your voice is captured during calls.

Microphone quality. The microphone on these earbuds is not the best. Even though they are equipped with noise-rejecting technology, it is sub-par. However, when it comes to voice enhancement, these headphones make you sound a bit more natural and full-bodied.

Sound quality. Tailor your sound to your preference with Bose's Adjustable EQ. This straightforward function enables you to modify the bass, middle, and treble tones of your calls and music in the Bose Music app, letting you hear your music and calls exactly the way you want.

Connectivity. Pair effortlessly with multiple devices and easily flick between phone, laptop, or tablet calls. Don’t let any sound escape you.

Battery life. These earbuds provide up to 6 hours of listening time (4 if you opt to use Immersive Audio technology). What’s also great is that a 20-minute charge gives you up to 2 hours of additional playtime.

3. Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed True Wireless – seamless communication and lag-free audio

Noise-cancellation: Average
Sound quality:Excellent
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:5 hours

Calling all gamers! Seamless communication is enabled by the low-latency wireless connection in the HyperSpeed Razer Hammerhead Pro earbuds, making them useful for gaming. Concentrate and outshine the competitors with voice chat that’s as crystal clear as an audiobook.

Noise cancellation. These earbuds don't offer the same level of noise isolation as some of the top competitors, especially when it comes to low-pitched noise like engines or traffic. This might make them less suitable for calls from noisy places. However, they do a good job of reducing ambient sound so you can hear your call.

Microphone quality. Be heard loud and clear with the Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed's high-quality microphone. Its optimized design and noise reduction processing ensure your voice transmits clearly, even in noisy environments.

Sound quality. Be wrapped in detailed, equable audio thanks to THX® certification. This industry standard ensures superior sound, capturing all nuances, from footsteps and gunfire to dialogue and music score.

Connectivity. Experience effortless continuity across your preferred gadgets. The earbuds have various connection types through the HyperSpeed Wireless dongle for PC and PlayStation, or Bluetooth 5.3 for smartphones, tablets, and handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck.

Battery life. The Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed True Wireless earbuds have a short continuous battery life of roughly five hours.

4. Nothing Ear 2 Truly Wireless – style and functionality combined

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Good
Battery life:5 hours

The transparent design and focus on delivering exceptional call quality make Nothing Ear (2) earbuds a breath of fresh air. Combine style and functionality with these best-in ear headphones for phone calls for the ones who pay attention to aesthetics without sacrificing their means of communication.

Noise cancellation. The Nothing Ear 2 Truly Wireless has ANC, but it doesn't perform quite as well as the options at the top of the list.

Microphone quality. The integrated mic offers a fairly good recording quality, making your voice understandable over the phone.

Sound quality. Enjoy rich, immersive audio with the Nothing Ear (2) 11.6mm drivers and Clear Voice Technology. These specially crafted drivers provide a strong bass line and fine highs and are suitable for music and voice calls.

Connectivity. It offers great and versatile connectivity. These headphones are supported by Bluetooth 5.3, Google Fast Pair, and Microsoft Swift Quick Pair. You can play music on your laptop and then seamlessly switch to answer a call on your phone. When you hang up, your music picks up where you left off.

Battery Life. With just one charge, the Nothing Ear (2) can be used for up to 5 hours and left in the charging case for an additional 24 hours. They also include fast charging, meaning a 10-minute charge will give you eight hours of entertainment, making them ideal for last-minute trips.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Truly Wireless – budget-friendly option

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:6 hours

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE (Fan Edition) are a great option for consumers on a tight budget who value clear calls because they include well-liked features from the high-end Buds at a more reasonable price. Benefit from an abundant feature set without going over budget.

Noise cancellation. Block any noise distractions with ANC when using the Galaxy Buds FE Buds. This technology suppresses background noise so that you only hear your calls, music, or movies.

Microphone quality. The Galaxy Buds FE comes with two microphones that have noise reduction technology that reduces background noise and enhances your voice. This guarantees your calls are still clear and understandable even if you're always on the move.

Sound quality. It has Enhanced 360-degree audio that brings out the tones you love from every angle for a personalized surround sound experience.

Connectivity. Have a seamless connection if you own other Samsung devices. The Galaxy Buds FE are designed to connect automatically with Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches, so to change devices or manage the audio, you just have to tap on the Buds.

Battery life. These earbuds have over six hours of continuous playback time. Their carrying case has an extra 3.5 charges if needed.

6. JBL Vibe Beam True Wireless – balance between powerful audio and sound quality

Sound quality:Excellent
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:8 hours

Calling all bass enthusiasts! JBL Vibe Beam earbuds achieve a harmonious balance between powerful audio and clear call qualities and thus it is an apt choice for those who desire both immersive listening and smooth conversations. Get set to the beat and get heard loud.

Noise cancellation. Smart Ambient technology allows you to adjust the level of ambient noise you hear. Keep one ear open to traffic or conversations while still enjoying your calls or music.

Microphone quality. Also, the VoiceAware technology amplifies your voice while reducing background noise, ensuring your callers hear you clearly even in noisy environments.

Sound quality. JBL's Deep Bass technology produces rich, bass-heavy tones, and the balanced sound profile makes sure that vocals are distinct and well-defined. You'll enjoy superb audio quality while listening to music or taking a crucial call.

Battery life. Don't ever fear your battery dying. You may use the earphones for up to 8 hours straight and the charging case for a further 24 hours, for 32 hours of playback. Additionally, a simple 10-minute charge gives you an extra two hours of listening if you're pressed for time.

7. Jabra Elite 7 Pro – clear calls guaranteed

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:8 hours

Jabra Elite 7 Pro prioritizes a secure fit and unique MultiSensor Voice technology, making them perfect for consumers who need clear calls regardless of their busy environment. No matter where life leads you, always be present and speak up for yourself.

Noise cancellation. Tailor the level of noise cancellation to your needs, blocking out distractions for focused calls or increased awareness when needed. Stay aware of your surroundings without removing the earbuds, ideal for situational awareness during calls or commutes.

Microphone quality. Jabra Elite 7 Pro combines four microphones and a bone conduction sensor to capture your voice clearly, even in windy or noisy environments.

Sound quality. Enjoy rich, balanced sound thanks to Jabra's adjustable EQ. Tailor your audio experience to your preference with the easy-to-use Sound EQ feature in the Jabra Sound+ app, boosting bass, mid-tones, or treble to match your favorite genres or call needs.

Connectivity. These earphones are very easy to connect to any device by just simply holding both buttons for three seconds. You can also connect to two devices at once, making it an easy switch between your phone and your laptop.

Battery Life. Up to 8 hours of playback with ANC on and an additional 3 charges in the case, offering ample power for extended calls and music breaks.

8. Soundcore Liberty 4 NC – effectively adapts to your environment

Sound quality:Great
Microphone quality:Great
Battery life:10 hours

Thanks to aptX Adaptive technology, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC earbuds deliver both rich listening experiences and crisp calls, making them a well-rounded option for users who value both.

Noise cancellation. Active Noise Cancellation lets you immerse yourself in lively music and targeted conversations in one package. The Liberty 4 NC utilizes dual microphones and a real-time AI algorithm to dynamically adapt to your environment, effectively silencing everything from loud traffic to noisy cafes.

Microphone quality. The Liberty 4 NC boasts six built-in microphones with AI noise reduction powered by the HearID algorithm. This intelligent system personalizes your voice capture, removing background noise and focusing on your speech, ensuring your calls are crisp and intelligible.

Sound quality. HearID technology emphasizes distinct vocals and ensures pleasant listening during talks and music enjoyment by analyzing your hearing preferences and creating a personalized EQ profile.

Connectivity. The Soundcore Liberty 4 NC uses LDAC technology that transfers 3× more data than regular Bluetooth. This feature provides value to the user by ensuring a stable and high-quality connection during phone calls.

Battery life. It offers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted battery life. The case holds up for up to 60 hours.

Best earbuds for phone calls compared

Picking the best option among so many great contenders is quite a task. Below is a table that summarizes all the features essential for phone calls and compares them between our top three picks.

ModelSony WF 1000XM5 Truly WirelessBose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds Truly WirelessRazer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed True WirelessNothing Ear 2 Truly WirelessSamsung Galaxy Buds FE Truly Wireless
Sound qualityGreatGreatExcellentGreatGreat
Microphone qualityGreatAverageGreatGoodGreat
Battery life9 hours4-6 hours5 hours5 hours6 hours
Additional information
  • Industry-leading noise-cancellation
  • Six beamforming microphones
  • Hi-Res Audio support and LDAC codec
  • Balanced and natural sound quality
  • 9 ear tip and stability band combinations
  • Ability to modify the bass, middle, and treble tones
  • Low-latency wireless connection
  • THX® certification
  • Various connection types
  • Clear Voice Technology
  • Supported by Bluetooth 5.3, Google Fast Pair, and Microsoft Swift Quick Pair
  • Customizable sound through the Nothing X app
  • Two microphones
  • Enhanced 360-degree audio
  • Carrying case has 3.5 charges extra

How we curated a list of the best earbuds for phone calls?

Crafting the perfect list of earbuds for phone calls isn't a guessing game. We meticulously combed through the market, wielding a set of stringent criteria to identify champions that guarantee crystal-clear communication.

Here's a peek behind the curtain at the key factors that shaped our selection:

  • Call quality. After all, what good are earbuds if they can't deliver clear, intelligible calls? We prioritized earbuds with excellent audio processing, effective noise cancellation (where applicable), and well-positioned microphones to ensure your voice cuts through any background noise.
  • Microphone quality. Others should be able to hear your voice clearly and loudly, without distortion. We test the microphones in various settings, assessing their ability to reduce noise, the precision of their voice capture, and their general clarity.
  • Connectivity. A seamless, reliable connection is essential for uninterrupted calls. We assessed Bluetooth versions, stability, and latency, prioritizing earbuds that offer lag-free communication, especially crucial for video calls or mobile gaming.
  • Battery life. Nobody wants their call cut short due to a dead battery. We opted for earbuds with extended playtime, factoring in charging case capacity to ensure you can chat for hours without worry.

To give a comprehensive view, we also considered extra elements like comfort, fit, and unique characteristics (such as transparency or ambient sound options). Keep in mind that this is only a preview of our selection procedure. Read the individual reviews to discover each earbud's specific strengths and quirks, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your calling needs!

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