How to unblock PornHub from anywhere in 2024

Unblocking adult websites like PornHub has become a hot topic in certain US states due to the new age verification laws. The US law imposes strict restrictions on adult sites, leading to measures such as age verification requirements and site blocking in some states. These measures aim to prevent underage access and uphold legal regulations surrounding adult content.

To comply, PornHub has decided to block access to the website in some US states. As you’d expect, this has posed a problem for PornHub fans. Fortunately, whether you’re based in Texas, Montana, Utah, or another state affected by this ban, you can easily use a VPN to stay anonymous and bypass PornHub restrictions.

A VPN allows users to create a secure connection to the internet through an encrypted tunnel. By connecting to a server in another location, a VPN masks the original user's IP address and encrypts their data, making it appear as if they are using the internet from a different location.

Continue reading to learn how to unblock PornHub in 2024 regardless of where you are located.

How to unblock PornHub with a VPN: a step-by-step guide

access PornHub with a VPN
  1. Choose a reliable VPN with plenty of global servers. We recommend NordVPN, now 69% OFF
  2. Download and install the VPN
  3. Create your account and log in
  4. Turn on the VPN’s security features
  5. Connect to a server in a location where PornHub is not banned (e.g., New York, Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles)
  6. You can now watch PornHub privately, without restrictions

Why you might have trouble accessing PornHub

Accessing PornHub and other adult sites can pose challenges for users in the US and other countries due to various reasons, each relating to legal, administrative, and censorship issues.

  • Porn ban laws in the US. The implementation of stringent laws regulating access to adult content in certain US states has made it increasingly difficult for users to access websites like PornHub. Following the enactment of laws requiring age verification for accessing adult sites, users in these states have found themselves unable to bypass restrictions, leading to limited or blocked access.
  • Site blocking by administrators. In many workplaces, educational institutions, and public networks, administrators block access to sites deemed not safe for work (NSFW). These include adult content platforms like PornHub. The restrictions are put in place to maintain a safe and work-appropriate environment, particularly where access to explicit material is deemed inappropriate or unauthorized.
  • Censorship in different countries. Many countries impose strict censorship measures on internet content, including adult websites. For example, China's Great Firewall blocks access to numerous foreign websites, including PornHub, to maintain control over the flow of information and uphold moral standards. Similarly, countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have stringent censorship laws that prohibit access to adult content as part of broader restrictions on internet freedoms.

These all-important factors contribute to the challenges you might face when attempting to access PornHub and other adult sites, highlighting the complex legal, administrative, and cultural landscape surrounding online adult content.

Fortunately, you can take internet freedom back into your own hands with the help of a reliable VPN, such as NordVPN.

Access PornHub with NordVPN from anywhere
Whether you live in Texas, Arkansas, or any other state where PornHub has been blocked, NordVPN will help you unblock access to the website. With plenty of servers in non-restricted US states, you will be able to access the website from anywhere.
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How to watch PornHub without ID: detailed guide

Whether you're looking to access PornHub on your computer or mobile phone, the steps are essentially the same. The slight difference is that you need to install the VPN app for mobile from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store instead of the official provider’s website. Here’s how to unblock PornHub from restricted countries:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN – we recommend NordVPN, now 69% OFF Download NordVPN for TP
  2. Once you create your account, log in
  3. Connect to a secure server in another country or state (e.g., New York) that doesn’t introduce strict restrictions on porn NordVPN connected to NY
  4. When you connect to a VPN server in another location, it should be enough to unblock PornHub and bypass any geo-restrictions access pornhub with nordvpn

Where is PornHub blocking access?

In the US, PornHub is blocked in 7 US states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. PornHub is also blocked in numerous countries around the world, including China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan.

In the US, when you try to access PornHub from a restricted state, such as Texas, you will be met with the following message: As you may know, your elected officials in Texas are requiring us to verify your age before allowing you access to our website.

pornhub restricted

Here are five common reasons why access to PornHub might be blocked:

  • Age verification laws. Some US states have implemented stringent age verification laws requiring users to confirm their age before accessing adult websites. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal repercussions for both the website and the user. As a result, PornHub may choose to block access from these states to avoid potential legal liabilities.
  • Obscenity laws. US states and countries with conservative laws regarding obscenity and indecency may prohibit or restrict access to adult content websites like PornHub. These laws aim to uphold moral standards and protect minors from exposure to explicit material, prompting PornHub to block access in compliance with local regulations.
  • Legal challenges. PornHub may face legal challenges or lawsuits in certain US states, leading to court orders or injunctions that require the website to block access to users within those jurisdictions. These legal battles often revolve around issues of copyright infringement, exploitation, or unlawful content distribution.
  • Corporate policies. Some US states may block access to PornHub and other adult websites as part of corporate policies implemented by internet service providers, educational institutions, or companies. These policies aim to maintain a safe and appropriate browsing environment and prevent access to potentially inappropriate or offensive material.
  • Public pressure and advocacy. Public pressure from advocacy groups, religious organizations, or concerned citizens may also influence decisions to block access to PornHub in certain US states. These groups often advocate for stricter regulations on adult content and may lobby lawmakers to take action against websites like PornHub.

Final thoughts

As the new age verification laws are sweeping across the US, PornHub has decided to block access to the website for users connecting from Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. These widespread limitations highlight a broader trend of tightening regulations on adult content throughout the US.

Despite the laws and restrictions that have been implemented, internet users can unblock PornHub from anywhere. All they need to do is employ a trusted VPN and connect to a secure server located in a state or country where access to PornHub is not restricted. NordVPN is our top choice VPN to help you bypass PornHub restrictions.

NordVPN offers a reliable solution, boasting robust security measures like AES-256 encryption and user-friendly interfaces, making it an excellent choice for accessing adult sites with privacy and anonymity.

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