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How to unblock xHamster from anywhere in 2024

xHamster may not be available everywhere because of new age verification laws passed in the US. These laws force websites to verify users' ages using their IDs to prevent underage internet users from accessing adult content. Since xHamster follows these rules in the US, you might be unable to access the website if you live in a state that has passed the law.

To comply with the new regulations, xHamster has restricted access to its website from several regions. The good news is you can successfully bypass geo-restrictions and access any content you want. Whether you’re based in Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, or another state that restricts access to xHamster, a VPN can offer a solution. With a trusted VPN, you can stay anonymous, hide your IP address, and securely access xHamster and other restricted websites.

A good VPN changes your IP address and encrypts your data, so it looks like you're in a different place. So, even if your state abides by age verification laws, a reliable VPN will help you enjoy xHamster's content.

How to unblock xHamster in 5 easy steps

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  1. Download a VPN with a vast server fleet. We recommend NordVPN, now 69% OFF
  2. Install the VPN onto a compatible device and create your account
  3. Log in and make sure to turn on the VPN’s security features
  4. Connect to a server in a location where xHamster is available (e.g., New York or Los Angeles)
  5. Unblock xHamster and access content without restrictions

Why you might have trouble accessing xHamster

You might find xHamster not working if you try to access the website from a restricted state. For example, when connecting from North Carolina, you are likely to face the following message: You must be 18+ to access xHamster. In order to comply with North Carolina law, we have implemented a procedure to verify the age of users accessing our website from North Carolina.

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Here are the main reasons why access to the xHamster website might be restricted for you:

  • Age verification laws. New age verification laws in the US require websites like xHamster and PornHub to confirm users' ages using ID verification. This can make it difficult for individuals to access the site, especially if they are unable or unwilling to provide personally identifiable information. As a result, xHamster may implement access restrictions in regions where compliance with these laws is mandatory.
  • Site blocking. Some regions or countries may impose restrictions or outright bans on adult websites like xHamster. These restrictions could relate to cultural or religious reasons, government regulations, or concerns about explicit content. Consequently, individuals residing in these areas may find it challenging to access xHamster due to government-mandated website blocking.
  • Internet censorship. Governments or internet service providers (ISPs) in some countries may censor access to xHamster and other adult websites as part of broader internet censorship efforts. This censorship can be motivated by various factors, including moral or ethical considerations, national security concerns, or efforts to control online content. Consequently, individuals in these regions may encounter difficulties accessing xHamster due to government-enforced internet censorship measures.
  • Geographic restrictions. xHamster may implement geographic restrictions on its content, limiting access to users in specific regions or countries. These restrictions could be based on licensing agreements, copyright considerations, or content regulations. Consequently, individuals located outside the designated regions may encounter difficulties accessing xHamster or may have limited access to certain features or content.

These and other factors contribute to the challenges you may face when attempting to access xHamster in your area. When you understand these reasons, you’re better informed about how to bypass potential access issues and explore alternative solutions. For example, you could use a VPN to bypass age verification and access xHamster securely and anonymously.

Unblock access to xHamster from anywhere
Whether you live in Texas, Utah, North Carolina, or another state that blocks xHamster, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions with NordVPN. This reliable VPN has plenty of servers in the US and ensures you can connect to a server in a nearby state that doesn’t restrict access to xHamster.
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How to bypass xHamster age verification: detailed guide

Most users don’t want to verify their ages to access xHamster or any adult site due to privacy concerns. They worry that their personal information, such as their ID number or birth date, will be misused or compromised. If you want to avoid this, follow the step-by-step guide below and learn how to bypass xHamster age verification requests.

  1. Download and install a reliable VPN that is compatible with your macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, or Linux devices. We recommend NordVPN, now 69% OFF NordVPN downloading
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Connect to a server located in a state or country that does not restrict access to xHamster (e.g., New York or Los Angeles) NordVPN connected to NY
  4. Go to xHamster website and enjoy unblocked access to all content

What is the best xHamster VPN?

Is xHamster blocked in your state or country? We’ve created a list of the best VPNs for porn, and using the top xHamster VPN, you can access the website from anywhere. Here are our top 3 recommendations:

Where is xHamster blocked?

xHamster is reportedly blocked in several states due to the recently implemented age verification laws and other regulatory measures. While xHamster itself hasn't provided an official list of banned states, reports suggest that access is restricted in areas where stringent age verification requirements are enforced.

Users find it difficult to access xHamster in these states:

  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia

Access to xHamster is also blocked in numerous countries across the globe, including China, Qatar, Syria, Iran, and North Korea. These countries impose strict bans on pornographic content, so if you live in these countries, you may consider employing a trusted VPN with obfuscated servers, such as NordVPN. This will ensure that the government cannot detect VPN usage while you access xHamster and other restricted websites privately.

Other methods of unblocking xHamster

Don’t have a VPN to access xHamster? Here are a few other methods you can try to unblock the site.

1. Unblock with an open proxy

Open proxies like HideMyAss or ProxySite act as intermediaries between your device and the internet. For example, if xHamster is blocked in your area, you can use an open proxy by entering its URL into the proxy’s search bar. The proxy server will then fetch the content from xHamster and deliver it to you, bypassing local restrictions. Just keep in mind that proxies are often blocklisted, so they cannot offer the most reliable way to unblock xHamster and other restricted sites.

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2. Use an IP address instead of a URL

Instead of typing xHamster.com into your browser, you can try entering xHamster's IP address. You can find the IP address using the Command Prompt or Terminal on your computer. For example, in the Command Prompt, type nslookup www.xhamster.com. Once you discover the IP address, you can enter it right into your browser’s address field.

command prompt

3. Use the Tor browser to unblock banned sites

Download and install the Tor browser, then navigate to xHamster's website. Tor routes your connection through multiple servers, encrypting it along the way, which can help bypass network restrictions and access blocked sites like xHamster.

Tor browser interface

4. View blocked content with Google Translate

Copy the URL of the blocked site, like xHamster, and paste it into the Google Translate field. Choose a different language for translation, such as Spanish to English, and click on the translated link. Google Translate will fetch the content from xHamster and display it in the selected language, bypassing some restrictions.

5. Use a dynamic IP address

Restart your router or disconnect and reconnect to the internet to obtain a new IP address from your ISP. This may allow you to access xHamster if it was previously blocked based on your old IP address. However, keep in mind that this method may not always work, as some ISPs use long lease times for IP addresses.

Final thoughts

The increasing restrictions on accessing adult content, especially in states like Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Utah, show a broader trend of stricter regulations on adult content in the US. If you reside in any of the restricted states that require age verification to access xHamster or other adult sites, using a VPN could be a winning solution.

If you’ve struggled to access xHamster from your location, now you know the steps you can take to unblock the site from anywhere. While you may try unblocking the website using an open proxy, the Tor browser, or even Google Translator, you are unlikely to be very successful. On the other hand, if you employ a trusted VPN provider, you should have no trouble connecting to a secure server and tricking xHamster into thinking you’re connecting from a different location.

NordVPN is a dependable choice that comes with robust security features such as AES-256 encryption, a reliable kill switch, and Threat Protection. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. It protects your privacy and keeps your identity anonymous while you’re accessing adult sites.

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