Instagram music isn't available in your region: how to fix it?

Instagram music is a feature that allows you to supplement your picture or video stories with songs and their lyrics. While it’s already available in most countries around the world, users from some regions are still receiving an error message.

Luckily, you can simply bypass such restrictions using a VPN. Once you connect to a server where the feature is available (such as the US or the UK), you’ll trick Instagram into thinking you’re from that country. This will let you access the feature instantly.

Continue reading to find out how to fix the “Instagram music isn’t available in your region” error with a VPN and how to choose the right one.

Fix "Instagram music isn't available in your region" with a VPN in 3 steps

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Why is Instagram Music not available in your region?

If Instagram music is unavailable in your region, the social network has not yet obtained a licensing agreement with it.

Due to copyright laws, Meta (the company that owns Instagram) must negotiate deals for each region. Instagram music was first launched in 2018 in eight countries and expanded to South Asian and Middle East countries in 2021. It's currently available in many countries, including Australia, Lithuania, New Zealand, France, the UK, the US, Germany, Sweden, and other.

However, in some countries around the world, the feature isn't made available yet. As with most geographically imposed restrictions, you can conquer them with your trusted VPN companion, such as NordVPN. Not only will you unlock this neat Instagram functionality, but you’ll also benefit from all the privacy features the VPN provides!

How to fix 'Instagram music isn't available in your region' with a VPN: a detailed guide

The process of unlocking the Instagram music feature is quite straightforward. Here’s a clear step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Uninstall Instagram. Upon installation, this social network marks the device's geographical location, bypassing VPN IP change. uninstall Instagram on Android
  2. Download a VPN from Google Play or the App Store. We recommend NordVPN, currently 69% OFF! Download NordVPN from Google Play store
  3. Subscribe to the service and launch the VPN app. sign up to NordVPN on mobile
  4. Connect to a server in a country where Instagram music is available. NordVPN connect to a us server for Instagram
  5. Download Instagram from Google Play or the App Store, log in, and that's it! install Instagram on Android

What if Instagram music is available in my region, but I still can’t use it?

There are a few glitches that can produce the error code even if Instagram music is available in your region. Here's what you can do to solve the issues:

  1. Update the Instagram app. The music feature is unavailable on outdated Instagram versions. Go to the App Store or Google Play, and click the Update button to download the latest Instagram version.
  2. Reinstall the Instagram app. Even if the app is up to date, try reinstalling it. Hold the Instagram icon on the home screen and click Delete to uninstall it. Then reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Log out and log in. Your phone's cache may have some glitch interfering with the Instagram music feature. Log out of your Instagram and log back in to fix it.
  4. Switch to a Personal account. Instagram may not allow your business account to add music to your stories. Go to Instagram Settings -> Account -> click Switch to Personal Account. If that doesn't fix the issue, switch to Creator Account.
  5. Contact Instagram support. If none of those mentioned above steps help, go to Instagram Profile -> Settings -> Help -> Report a Problem to their customer support.

How to add music to your Instagram story correctly

Instagram makes it very easy to add music to your stories, here's how to do it correctly:

  1. Launch Instagram, open your account, and tap the + icon in the top right corner. Plus icon on Instagram account
  2. In the pop-up, select Story.
  3. After finishing recording or taking a picture, tap the Sticker icon. Sticker icon on Instagram story
  4. In the pop-up, select the Music sticker. Music sticker on Instagram
  5. Select a song you want to play with your Story.
  6. Select which part of the song you want to use.

How to choose a VPN to fix the "Instagram music isn't available in your region" issue

Not every VPN is suitable for fixing the issue with Instagram’s missing music feature. Here are a few things you should consider when picking a VPN for changing Instagram location:

  • Huge server network. The bigger the server fleet, the better. That’s because you have more opportunities to find servers that work with Instagram and still ensure optimal speeds. Plus, if Instagram bans your VPN’s IP address, you’ll have plenty of other connection choices.
  • User-friendly mobile apps. Not every VPN has mobile apps, let alone intuitive ones. Make sure the mobile VPN of your choice is feature-rich and beginner-friendly.
  • Advanced security measures. The VPN of your choice should provide you with advanced security measures. This includes the WireGuard protocol or its modern variations (such as NordLynx) and the unbreakable AES encryption.


Instagram music is an excellent way to make your stories more engaging. However, the feature is restricted to only several countries due to licensing agreements. And these legal intricacies take a while, so it’s hard to know when it will be available everywhere.

Luckily, you can bypass these geographical restrictions with a VPN. We found that NordVPN works seamlessly in the regions where Instagram music is available and offers comfortable smartphone apps. Until Instagram music becomes worldwide, you can use this method to enrich your stories with the finest tunes!



prefix 5 months ago
Does this mean I have to always have a VPN when i log into the account after the set up? Also, will people in my country be able to view the video, as i am a local business that is vital.
Cybernews Team
prefix 5 months ago
Hi there! Thanks for your question. Using a VPN to access your Instagram account can change the content and suggestions you see, and it may make some previously unavailable songs accessible. However, using a VPN can also impact the visibility of your posts in your local country. If you want to reach a specific audience in another country, it's better to set up your Instagram account with a proper email and consistently use a VPN, but be aware that this may affect your engagement negatively. Hope this helps.
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