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How to remove Bottle extension from your device

Bottle disguises as a casual browser extension that redirects your search queries through alternative search engines and displays plenty of intrusive ads and dubious backlinks. More so, these can lead to more dangerous websites filled with more harmful viruses, posing a real threat to your cyber safety.

Luckily, removing a Bottle browser hijacker from your device is straightforward. Unlike most adware, it affects only your browser environment without installing a stand-alone program. Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to remove Bottle from your device manually or using an antivirus.

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What is a Bottle hijacker?

Bottle malware is a browser hijacker that also acts as an adware. It appears on your device as a simple browser extension but modifies its behavior to redirect your search queries to dubious websites and show intrusive ads. In turn, these can steal your personal data or even infect you with more threatening malware.

Bottle also slows down your browser, and it becomes generally tedious to browse the web. If you don't remove it promptly, it could lead to more infections or even identity theft. We recommend scanning your device with reliable antivirus software if you notice any of the symptoms listed below.

NameBottle extension, Bottle
TypeBrowser hijacker, potentially unwanted Program (PUP), adware
DeviceAffects web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge, irrespectively of the operating system
SymptomsNew unrecognized browser extension, slow web browser performance, surge of intrusive ads, suspicious backlinks in websites and search engine results
DamageRelatively harmless, with more serious risks appearing after clicking on displayed ads and backlinks, which include possible personal data loss, identity theft, financial damages, and more malware infections

Similar scam examples

Browser hijackers like Bottle are relatively common types of malware. You might have stumbled upon a CharmSearching.com browser hijacker disguised as a search engine that redirects to infected websites and fills your screen with unwanted ads.

Another illustrative example is the "Congratulations You Won" malware that displays fake lottery pop-ups. It asks you to fill in surveys with personal details that are shared with cybercriminals for future exploitations. Leaking personal data may lead to identity theft, impersonation, and even financial loss, so immediately scanning your device with a robust antivirus, like TotalAV, is best.

Why am I seeing Bottle redirects?

Your search queries are redirected to dubious search engines filled with fraudulent websites because your web browser is infected with a Bottle hijacker. It modifies the default web browser behavior to direct user traffic through third-party websites to increase traffic and ad revenue for the attackers.

Victims often download malware like this alongside pirated material and files from illegal torrenting websites. You can unsuspectingly download the Bottle malware with video game cracks, free software applications, movies and TV shows, and other files placed on such websites.

You can also catch this hijacker if you click on malicious backlinks, fake ads, and scammy pop-ups. These are common on shady websites like illegal online casinos, adult content sites, and dark web forums that you shouldn't visit without professional antivirus software protection.

How to get rid of Bottle extension

Removing the Bottle extension from your device is relatively easy. However, because you could have caught it via a fraudulent backlink displayed by another malware application, we recommend using an antivirus as the most secure method.

Remove the Bottle hijacker with an antivirus

  1. Choose a solid antivirus software. We recommend TotalAV for malware removal.
  2. Download and install the app on your device.
  3. Perform a full system scan. TotalAV system scan
  4. Follow your antivirus instructions to neutralize and remove the threat. TotalAV scanning

Remove the Bottle hijacker manually

Below is our step-by-step guide to reset your browser and remove the Bottle malware from Chrome, Firefox and Brave manually. Because Bottle specifically targets browsers, the instructions are the same for both Windows and macOS devices.

Remove Bottle extension from Chrome

  1. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Hover over Extensions and select the Manage Extensions option. Chrome extension removal
  3. Find the Bottle extension and remove it. Chrome extrensions
  4. Click on the three dots again and go to Settings.
  5. Find the Reset settings on the left side and click on it.
  6. Click on Restore settings to their original defaults and confirm it. Chrome reset

Remove Bottle from Firefox

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to the Add-ons and themes option and click on it. Firefox extension removal
  3. Locate the Bottle extension under the Enabled section and remove it. Removing Firefox extension
  4. Again, click on the three lines and click on Help. Help on Firefox
  5. Choose the More troubleshooting information option. Troubleshooting on Firefox
  6. Go to Refresh Firefox, click on it, and confirm by clicking Refresh Firefox again. Refreshing Firefox browser

Remove Bottle from Brave

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on Extensions. Brave extension removal
  3. Locate the Bottle extension, click Remove, and confirm it by clicking Remove again. Remove on Brave
  4. Click on the three lines again and go to Settings.
  5. Find the Reset settings option on the left side. Reset Brave
  6. Click the Restore settings to their original defaults. Brave default settings
  7. Confirm it by clicking Reset settings again.

How can I protect my device against a Bottle hijacker?

After removing the Bottle malware from your device, we recommend taking additional steps to prevent future infections. Here are useful tips that will significantly improve your online safety:

  • Subscribe to an antivirus. Pick a reliable antivirus provider, like TotalAV, and perform a full system scan to locate and neutralize all malware on your device. Afterward, enable the real-time protection feature to prevent future threats.
  • Avoid suspicious extensions. Hackers often disguise dangerous malware as legitimate browser extensions. Do not allow extensions from unverified sources, and always go through user reviews before enabling the extension from the official developer website or app store.
  • No pirated material. Pirated movies and software applications, video game cracks and updates can store malware within them. It's best to avoid illegal torrenting sites as you never know what you are downloading.
  • Practice cautious browsing. Hijackers like Bottle expect users to click on fraudulent backlinks and infectious ads that are carefully crafted to look legitimate. Hover over them with your mouse to inspect the full redirect address, which will often include strange symbols and website names, and never input your personal details if you're unsure it's safe.


There's no need to panic if you notice an unrecognized browser extension like Bottle, but you should take swift action. Sooner or later, a browser hijacker will lead you to more dangerous viruses that could steal your data and cause real harm to your device.

The best way to remove such malware is by performing a full system scan using an antivirus like TotalAV. Its real-time protection feature will alert you of any danger if you click on dubious backlinks, and the Firewall prevents malware from reaching you before anything bad happens.

Alternatively, you can remove hijackers manually. However, we recommend being particularly mindful online if you don't use additional cybersecurity software. Hackers are doing their best to trick users into downloading viruses, and staying vigilant is best.

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