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Remove Snap.do browser hijacker in 2024

A Snap.do browser hijacker has most likely infected your device if your search queries are redirected through an illegitimate search.snapdo.com search engine. You may notice a spike in ads and pop-ups, unintended extensions, and decreased overall browser performance.

While this malware does not directly cause damage, it can display intrusive ads and search results that collect user data and potentially contain more dangerous viruses. By the end of this article, you'll know how to remove Snap.do from your device and how to protect it from any future infections.

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What is Snap.do malware?

Snap.do is a type of malware known as browser hijackers. These rather annoying applications alter default web browser settings to display intrusive ads and scammy pop-ups, lead to dubious websites, or redirect users through an alternative search engine, like search.snapdo.com. It's often disguised as a web browser extension.

This relatively harmless browser hijacker may cause significant damage if left unattended, so it's best to take care of Snap.do removal immediately. You risk catching more potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), like spyware and trojans, if you keep using the Snap.do search engine without reliable antivirus software.

Threat nameSnap.do, search.snap.do, search.snapdo.com
Malware typeBrowser hijacker, potentially unwanted program (PUP)
DevicesPrimarily Windows, but can also infect other devices
SymptomsSearch queries addressed through illegitimate Snap.do search engine, instead of default Google, Bing, etc., a spike of intrusive ads, suspicious answer results (including dubious backlinks), slower web browser performance
DamageIncreased future malware risk, significantly worse browsing experience

Similar malware examples

Browser hijackers are more common than desired, including ones like Snap.do that pose as a fraudulent search engine. Some may be familiar with the Poshukach.com hijacker that also altered search results to harvest victims' online activities, creating a severe threat to online privacy.

Mac users may recall the Search Alpha malware that modified Bing results to generate revenue for the attackers. However, more nasty hijackers may log IP addresses, website visits, or even log-in credentials and sell them to third parties for online scams.

Why am I seeing Snap.do search engine?

Snap.do browser hijacker infects your browser or device if you experience unintended redirects through its search engine. But how exactly did you get it?

  • Fraudulent browser extension. Our analysis revealed that Snap.do is typically disguised as a legitimate web browser extension. For example, it can pose as a free MP3 converter or a YouTube video downloader.
  • Pirated files. You risk catching all kinds of malware using torrenting sites without real-time protection software, like TotalAV. Cybercriminals often place spyware or browser hijackers in video game cracks, free software downloads, popular movies, etc.
  • Software bundles. Software bundles can contain PUPs hidden among legitimate apps. Those who rush through the installation by clicking Next without reading the terms, invite Snap.do and other malware with wide-open doors.
  • Malicious ads. You can download Snap.do if you mistakenly click on a fraudulent ad that, in turn, downloads this browser hijacker. It will display even more pop-ups and ads, significantly hurting your browsing experience.

How to get rid of Snap.do

You can get rid of Snap.do manually or use an antivirus to save time and for guaranteed effectiveness. If you choose manual removal, you must also remove Snap.do from Chrome to prevent it from reappearing.

Remove Snap.do with an antivirus

The quickest and most effective way for Snap.do removal is using trusted antivirus software and running a full system scan. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Subscribe to a professional antivirus. We recommend TotalAV, now 80% OFF
  2. Download the antivirus and install it on your device
  3. Run a full system scan Malware scan with TotalAV
  4. Follow antivirus instructions to neutralize and clear the threat
  5. Turn on real-time protection (if available) to prevent future infections TotalAV real-time protection feature

Remove Snap.do manually

You can also get rid of the Snap.do hijacker manually, although it includes more complex steps. Here's how to remove Snap.do from Windows and your web browser:

Remove suspicious applications

  1. Click the Windows key and type in Control panel, then press enter Finding Windows Key
  2. Select Uninstall a program under Programs at the bottom Uninstalling a program on Windows
  3. Find a questionable application that appeared right before Snap.do redirects started. Sort apps by date for easier lookup
  4. Right-click on it and click Uninstall, then confirm it click uninstall and confirm it

Remove malicious browser extensions

  1. Click the Extensions icon (puzzle piece in most browsers) or go to the Extensions tab in the browser Settings Click on extensions icon on Google
  2. Select Manage extensions
  3. Find the dubious-looking extension you don't remember adding add-ons manager
  4. Click the three dots near it, choose Remove, and confirm the action

Reset browser settings

This step is required if you can't locate any suspicious PUPs on your device or potentially malicious extensions on your browser. It’s best to reset the browser settings altogether to make sure any malicious extensions are removed. Steps will differ slightly depending on the browser.

Reset Chrome

  1. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner Finding settings on browser
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Find the Reset settings option and click on it Reset settings on Google Chrome
  4. Choose Restore settings to their original defaults
  5. Confirm it by clicking Reset settings again

Reset Firefox

  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and click Help firefox help section on mac
  2. Select More troubleshooting information Firefox more troubleshooting information
  3. Choose Refresh Firefox and confirm it Refreshing Firefox browser for changes

How can I protect my device against Snap.do?

Getting rid of the Snap.do browser hijacker is the hardest part (unless you do it with an antivirus like TotalAV – it takes care of all the hard work for you). However, it's essential to ensure your device remains secure and threat-free in the future. Here are a few steps you can take right now:

  • Avoid dubious extensions. Be careful when installing extensions from unverified sources, or, even better, don't do it! Free photo resizers and file converters will often contain malicious elements.
  • Read installation TOS. We don't expect you to read every lengthy Terms of Service document. Still, you will be much safer if you briefly overview it to avoid installing undesired components from software bundles.
  • Browse safely. Illegal torrenting, adult content, or gambling sites are all ridden with online threats. It's especially risky if you do not use additional cybersecurity software because cybercriminals can place viruses in ads and free file downloads.
  • Update your software. Applying updates as soon as possible is best as they often contain crucial cybersecurity patches. Otherwise, fraudsters can exploit unpatched vulnerabilities to infect your device.
  • Use an antivirus. A professional antivirus is your best bet to combat online threats. Services like the TotalAV antivirus offer real-time online protection and neutralize malware before it starts causing any damage.


Browser hijackers like Snap.do are a nuisance and can turn into a real threat in time. Modified inaccurate search engine results are one thing until they land you on a website filled with spyware to steal personally sensitive data, like passwords or credit card details.

Luckily, using our guide, you’ll be able to uninstall Snap.do effectively and in no time. You can remove the infection manually, but we recommend considering our top-rated TotalAV software, which will remove the threat automatically and keep your device protected 24/7. Whichever you choose, don't postpone Snap.do removal until something bad happens.

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