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How to remove GoSearches.gg redirect

If your search browser always defaults to GoSearches.gg, it means you’ve got a malware infection. This type of virus invades your system and sets GoSearches.gg as your homepage. In turn, it can lead you to fraudulent websites and an onslaught of suspicious adverts.

If you’re struggling with this problem, the good news is on the way – a simple antivirus program can clean out your PC of any unwanted viruses. It can also provide you with ongoing protection against infection attempts.

Not sure which antivirus to use? This article explains everything you need to know about malware, antivirus, and how to remove the GoSearches.gg redirect.

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What is GoSearches.gg?

The GoSearches.gg virus is a type of malware known as a browser hijacker. When your system has been infected, your default search engine will change from Google (or whichever you’ve set yourself) to GoSearches.gg.

GoSearches.gg is a scam search engine that shows untrustworthy web pages and inaccurate results. It could also show you more pop-up ads and banners, which might contain more malware links.

Ultimately, a browser hijacker wants to fool you into falling victim to a bigger scam, like paying for something you don’t want, signing up for expensive subscriptions, or just outright stealing your personal information.

Once it’s on your device, the only surefire way of removing GoSearches.gg is with top-rated antivirus software.

NameGosearches.gg browser hijacker
TypeBrowser hijacker, Search redirect, Unwanted extension
Affected devicesWindows, Mac
SymptomsAffected browser settings force users to visit the hijacker's website instead of their preferred search engines
DamageWeb browser tracking, malicious ads, diverted to suspicious websites, and phishing attempts

Why does my browser redirect to GoSearches.gg?

Unfortunately, if your web browser constantly redirects to GoSearches.gg, your device has been infected with a computer virus.

The hijacker malware takes over your web browser and forces you to use GoSearches.gg instead of your preferred search engine. Your search results will promote suspicious websites and show an increased number of malicious ads instead of the content you’re actually looking for.

In a worst-case situation, you could end up signing up for a costly subscription or face your data and payment info being stolen by hackers. Installing a comprehensive antivirus solution on your device, like TotalAV, is the best way to prevent this.

Symptoms of GoSearches.gg virus

If you’re confused by how the GoSearches.gg virus gets onto your computer, then the first thing to note is that it’s not something you’ve installed yourself.

Instead, malware sneaks into your device from scam websites, malicious emails, or even hacked social media posts. Check for the following symptoms to see if you’ve got an infection:

  • Browser redirects to GoSearches.gg. If you’re baffled by routinely seeing the GoSearches.gg page instead of Google, then your browser has been hijacked by a virus.
  • Annoying pop-ups and adverts. It’s not uncommon to occasionally see pop-up ads when browsing online. However, if it feels like there are more adware than usual, their content is suspicious, and they are harder to dismiss, then malware is usually the cause.
  • Software installation alerts. If you keep getting random alerts urging you to install software, a virus is tricking you into downloading a malicious file.
  • System slowdown. Check which apps are running if your computer isn’t performing as it should. If there’s anything you don’t recognize, you should get antivirus software, like TotalAV, to clean out any malware that may be operating in the background.

How to remove GoSearches.gg browser hijacker

You can try a few different methods to remove the GoSearches.gg browser hijacker from your device. The easiest way is to use a robust antivirus, like TotalAV, to scan your device for malware. However, you can manually remove the virus threat or reset all your settings to clean your device.

Follow our guides on removing GoSearches.gg browser hijacker:

Remove GoSearches.gg browser hijacker from Windows PC

To remove GoSearches.gg browser hijacker from Windows PC you need to perform a thorough cleaning on your device. It includes clearing your browser and checking for malware in different files and folders.

Step 1. Remove browser hijacker malware with an antivirus

Browser hijacker malware could be lurking in the depths of your system, so going through all files and deleting potential threats manually will be a big task. That’s where a premium antivirus app, like TotalAV, comes in. It will do the hard work and scan your system quickly and efficiently, removing any unwanted files it finds.

Here’s a quick guide showing you how to get rid of the GoSearches.gg browser hijacker with an antivirus:

  1. Pick a powerful antivirus provider. TotalAV is proven to remove browser hijackers.
  2. Download and install the antivirus program on your device.
  3. Open the antivirus app and launch a full system scan.
  4. Once the scan is complete, take any steps outlined by the antivirus
  5. Enjoy a malware-free system!

Step 2: Remove malware manually on Windows

If you’d prefer to clear out your system yourself, there are a number of steps you’ll have to take to remove GoSearches.gg from your Windows computer. But remember, a dedicated antivirus tool will be much quicker.

Follow these steps to do the job yourself:

  1. Type “settings” in the system search bar to open the settings menu. windows settings app
  2. Head to Apps, then Installed Apps. win apps
  3. Scroll through the list, and hunt for applications you don’t recognize. Look out for anything that seems suspicious.
  4. If you find a malicious program, press the three dots and hit Uninstall. apps uninstall on windows
  5. Confirm the uninstallation steps.

Step 3: Delete malware folders and files

Remove suspicious scheduled tasks:

  1. Open the Windows search bar and enter Task Scheduler. task scheduler
  2. Go to Task Scheduler and launch Task Scheduler Library.
  3. Look for dubious-sounding tasks in the list.
  4. Delete anything that doesn’t look right. task scheduler library

Delete malware files from the AppData/Roaming folder:

  1. Open the Windows search bar and enter “run”. Launch the Run app.
  2. In the Run app window, enter “%AppData%” and hit OK. Run appdata
  3. Search the Roaming folder, and delete folders that look suspicious. Appdata roaming

Delete malware files from the AppData/Local folder:

  1. Type "run" into the Windows search bar.
  2. Type "%localappdata%” into the Run application window, then press OK
  3. Delete suspicious app folders from the AppData/Local directory.

Step 4: Reset your web browser settings

Removing GoSearches.gg from different browsers differs depending on which one you use. Antivirus, like TotalAV, does the job well, but you can attempt to do it manually too:

Reset Chrome browser

  1. Open Chrome browser, and click the three dots in the top right corner. Chrome settings reset
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.
  3. Press Reset settings. Browser reset settings option on Chrome
  4. Hit Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Press Reset settings to confirm. settings reset confirmation

Reset Firefox browser

  1. Open Firefox and press the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  2. Select Help from the drop-down menu. firefox select help
  3. Click on More troubleshooting information. Firefox more troubleshooting information
  4. Now hit Refresh Firefox, then confirm. Firefox refresh

Reset Microsoft Edge browser

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and press the three horizontal dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Edge browser settings
  3. Choose Reset settings. Edge browser reset settings
  4. Select Restore settings to their default values.
  5. Click Reset to confirm. Edge browser confirm settings reset

Remove GoSearches.gg virus manually on Mac

While the easiest way to remove GoSearches.gg virus from your Mac device is with a powerful Mac antivirus, you can still try to do it yourself too. Check out our detailed guides on removing this malware manually:

Step 1: Delete malware applications

  1. Go to Applications in the Finder menu. applications finder
  2. Search for mystery applications you didn’t install yourself.
  3. Right-click on the dubious app and press Move to Trash. move to trash apps
  4. Now simply Empty Trash. empty trash mac

Step 2: Reset Safari browser

  1. Open Safari, then go to Preferences. Open Safari Preferences
  2. Head to the Extensions menu and identify any newly-added extensions that look suspicious. Uninstall any you find. Uninstall Safari extensions
  3. Now go to the General section, and enter a website address into the Homepage section Safari General home page
  4. Open the Search engine menu and select your chosen search engine.
  5. In the same window, go to Websites, select Notifications, and then Deny permissions to unwanted notifications. Deny permissions to- unwanted notifications
  6. Launch an Advanced tab and enable the Show Develop menu option. show develop
  7. Go to the Safari menu, press Develop and hit Empty Caches. empty caches on safari
  8. Go back to the Safari menu and press Clear History. Safari history clear history
  9. Head to Safari Preferences and launch the Privacy window. Safari privacy
  10. Select Manage Website Data, and then hit Remove All. Safari remove all

How can I protect my device against browser hijacking?

Browser-hijacking malware is more than an inconvenience – it could crash your computer, steal your money, and harvest your personal data for nefarious means.

As such, having the tools and knowledge to defend against computer viruses is vital.

Here are some useful tips to protect you from digital threats:

  • Get reliable antivirus software. A robust antivirus will remove any existing malware threat from your device and prevent future attacks. Additionally, top-rated antivirus, like TotalAV, have features to optimize your device performance and add extras like an ad blocker, a password manager, and more.
  • Never install unfamiliar software. Shady software is a fast track to getting a virus, so only install files you’ve downloaded from a reputable website.
  • Ignore spammy links. If a link looks like it’s too good to be true, it usually is. So never click a link you’re not sure about, especially if it’s offering money or a big prize. The only thing you’ll ‘win’ is a computer virus.
  • Look out for unknown system changes. Malware tends to put a strain on your hardware. So if your PC is overheating, slower, or louder than usual, then a virus could be to blame.

The last word

Suffering from a search engine redirect virus like the GoSearches.gg malware is a pain and could have severe consequences for your digital security. Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with it, as there are some easy steps to wipe the threat away.

You can choose to reset your browser or clean out the system manually. However, the best course of action is to get a tried and tested antivirus like TotalAV.

Additionally, your antivirus will also provide you with invaluable protection against new threats and potential infections. It is a crucial shield against malware, so you never have to deal with a problem like the GoSearches.gg browser hijacker again.

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