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100 developers will compete for grants by building games on a blockchain

100 game developers will compete for funding and additional monetary support by building games on a blockchain. Three finalists will receive $1 million each to develop their ideas.

DFINITY Foundation, the developers of Internet Computer, and esports media and marketing organization United Esports has launched Achievement Unblocked, a new competition series that follows the next generation of game developers as they build games on a blockchain.

“Achievement Unblocked is designed to take a group of aspiring and forward-thinking game developers who want to transition from traditional development platforms to building on the blockchain, incorporating GameFi and Play-to-Earn mechanics that bring players closer to games and their developers,” the press release reads.

Developers are invited to pre-register for the competition. Selected candidates will get grants, mentorship, technical assistance, and seminars throughout the competition.

The 100 developers selected from the applicants who sign up, start with a grant of $5000, which will later increase as the pool of competitors is whitted down in the following format: final 30 developers will receive $50,000 each, final 10 developers - $100,000, and three finalists - $1 million each.

“Blockchain and gaming are going through a very exciting time at the moment. United Esports’ expertise in gaming matched with the Internet Computer’s performance means that we will see some of the best games ever built on blockchain,” Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist of the DFINITY Foundation, is quoted in a press release.

Achievement Unblocked will follow these game developers via a real time video series as they compete and attempt to launch their dream game on the Internet Computer.

There are already several games running on the Internet Computer: Rise of the Magni, HexGL, Welcome Into the Metaverse, Saga Tarot, and Reversi. The five games are currently live and/or in development on the Internet Computer, created by the DFINITY Foundation.

“This project is quite unique, in that for the first time we are opening the development-doors, in almost real time, to show the world what it really takes to turn a dream into reality. By its nature the gaming space constantly evolves, and developing on the Internet Computer is an obvious next step to that evolution. We look forward to helping the next generation of developers push through traditional barriers and launch their games victoriously on Achievement Unblocked,“ Felix LaHaye, Founder of United Esports, is quoted in the press release.

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