AI could help find owner of luxury necklace spotted in Titanic wreckage

After recently discovering a luxury necklace among the wreckage of the doomed Titanic passenger ship, a company is hoping that artificial intelligence-driven technology will help it find its owner.

Magellan, a firm based in Guernsey, announced last week that the necklace, made from a Megalodon (a prehistoric shark) tooth, has been found in the ship’s wreckage. It also has gold jewelry built into it.

The company said that it was now looking to find the jewelry’s owner, and it is using AI to contact family members of the 2,200 passengers onboard the Titanic when it sank in April 1912.

AI-driven technology, including facial recognition tools, is helping the company to analyze the footage of passengers boarding the Titanic, for example, the clothes that they were wearing.

A necklace plays a key part in the 1997 film, Titanic, starring Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet. However, the artifact found recently is obviously not the same necklace, which was created specifically for the film.

In an interview with ITV, Richard Parkinson, Magellan’s chief executive, described the find as "astonishing, beautiful, and breathtaking."

"What is not widely understood is that the Titanic is in two parts and there's a three-square-mile debris field between the bow and the stern. The team mapped the field in such detail that we could pick out those details,” Parkinson said.

Magellan has recently produced the first full-sized digital scan of the luxury passenger liner which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15th April, 1912, after striking an iceberg.

In the largest underwater scanning project in history, the deep-water investigation specialist used two submarines to produce 700,000 images of the wreck, which were then made into a moving scan.

Researchers cannot do much else but take extensive and ever more detailed pictures of the Titanic. An agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States prevents members of the public from removing artifacts from the wreck and surrounding seabed.

Therefore, the team from Magellan was not allowed to touch the newly discovered artifacts on the seabed and had to leave the necklace at the site.

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