Altered Biden videos on TikTok spreading unchecked, watchdog says

Media Matters, a nonprofit misinformation watchdog, says it has discovered multiple videos on TikTok depicting US President Joe Biden with altered audio without labeling or disclosure.

“TikTok is allowing users to spread manipulated videos of Biden, despite the platform's policies,” Media Matters said in a report.

The videos depicting Biden are deceptively altered to depict him “receiving profanity-filled jeers.” No labeling or disclosure suggests that audio was added, contradicting TikTok’s policies.

TikTok’s Community Guidelines state that: “Synthetic or manipulated media that shows realistic scenes must be clearly disclosed. This can be done through the use of a sticker or caption, such as synthetic, fake, not real, or altered.

The policy further specifies that “material that has been edited, spliced, or combined (such as video and audio) in a way that may mislead a person about real-world events” is not allowed.

Media Matters identified at least two video clips and ten TikTok posts depicting Biden with altered audio, none of which were labeled or disclosed as such.


The organization has criticized TikTok for failing to enforce the policy and allowing users to profit from content violating it.

“Deepfake videos promoting bitcoin scams, sketchy health products, and AI-generated conspiracy theories have proliferated on the platform, along with other deceptively edited videos of politicians,” the report reads.

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