Zoom will use Apple Vision Pro for immersive calls

Zoom is building software for immersive video conferencing using Apple’s virtual reality hardware.

Zoom announced its new app, specifically designed for Apple Vision Pro, on January 29th. The much-anticipated device is Apple’s first mixed-reality headset.

Users in the US will be able to start using the headset on February 2nd. Zoom is launching its app on the same day that deliveries of the headset are scheduled to begin.

According to Zoom, users will have an authentic spatial representation of themselves in Apple Vision Pro, allowing other meeting participants to see their facial and hand movements. Also, they will be able to scale the 3D environment and use an integrated Zoom chat.

Users will be able to pin up to five Zoom Meeting participants anywhere in their physical space, with the option to remove the background of pinned participants to boost virtual meeting engagement.

The company believes that the media and design industries will benefit from the 3D objects-sharing feature that the app will introduce.

“While it’s possible to share these files on traditional screens, the experience will come to life when seeing objects in the context of an environment. For instance, an animator or game designer could collaborate and share the latest character model via Zoom’s 3D object-sharing capabilities,” writes Zoom.

Big tech companies have been racing to secure their share in the virtual reality sphere. Microsoft has been working on Microsoft Mesh, an interface providing avatars and immersive 3D spaces for remote work. Mesh is available on PC, and it was scheduled to be compatible with Meta Quest VR devices starting January 19th, 2024.

Meta has developed its own virtual reality spaces for work, called Horizon Workrooms, which is accessible using Meta’s VR devices.

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