Apple Watch Series 8 rumored to go 'pro', feature body temperature sensor

Rumors abound as Apple Watch Series 8 is set to be unveiled this fall. In what could be the most significant upgrade in years, not one but three models are expected to be released.

New releases will include a regular Apple Watch Series 8 and a lower-priced second-generation Apple Watch SE. However, it is the latest – yet unnamed – addition to the series that gets the internet buzzing with speculation.

It will have a rugged build and is expected to appeal to extreme sports enthusiasts looking for durability, better battery life, and additional tracking features. It will also tempt users interested in the most advanced Apple products with nice-to-have features.

'Pro' speculation

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the more expensive Apple Watch will feature a larger and more shatter-resistant display, enhanced hiking and swimming tracking, longer battery life, and a case made from premium metal, possibly titanium.

In his latest newsletter, Gurman says that the watch will likely be marketed as Apple Watch Pro – in line with Apple's portfolio of other upmarket models, including the iPhone Pro and MacBook Pro. He also says that the new addition to the family possibly means discontinuing the Apple Watch Edition version, which has already moved from $17,000 gold watches to more marketable stainless steel models.

According to Ross Young, a display industry insider, the high-end watch may also have a larger screen size, which could measure 1.99 inches diagonally. It is an increase of about 5% compared to a 45mm Apple Watch Series 7, which also comes in 41mm case sizes. It would mean that, for the first time, Apple Watches may be available in three sizes.

Temperature detection

Long-lasting rumors that Apple was working on smartwatches with body temperature detection sensors may finally turn out to be true. According to Bloomberg's Gurman, the upmarket watch and a new Series 8 model would likely have this feature. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cheaper Apple Watch SE model would not.

While exciting, don't throw your regular thermometers out just yet. Gurman says that new Apple Watches should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever but will not provide a specific temperature reading. In this case, it would work similarly to Apple Watch's blood oxygen sensor, which does not give accurate medical information either. It would require FDA approval, which it currently does not have.

According to Gurman, other hardware changes are probably to be minor, and Apple Watch Series 8 is rumored to use the same processor as Series 7 and Series 6, making it the first Apple smartwatch to run on the same chip three generations ago in a row.

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