BYD electric car saves 11-year-old boy by providing power during Australian blackout

A Queensland woman powered her son’s dialysis machine with her electric car after the power went out in her home on Christmas Day.

Electric vehicles aren’t simply economical or environmentally friendly. They also have the power to save lives in unique circumstances.

The Guardian reported that Queensland resident Kristy Holmes used her BYD Atto 3 to power her son's life-saving medical equipment.

The couple initially used the car to power household appliances that belonged to the couple and neighbors. However, they soon realized they could power the dialysis machine with the vehicle.

Holmes' son is almost on the transplant list, and, without this medical equipment would have faced life-threatening health consequences.

Holmes told the media that they only needed to power the machine for one night. However, they “could have run it for at least four nights.”

BYD is said to be inching closer to overtaking Tesla as the world’s biggest electric car company, as the company sold a record number of cars in 2023 and saw a 62% increase in global sales.

There was more than a 70% surge in sales over December, and it is said to have sold more than three million new energy vehicles (NEVs). In comparison, Tesla has reportedly sold 1.82 million in the past year.

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