CBS News launches unit to detect AI Deepfakes

CBS News is forming a unit of journalists called "CBS News Confirmed" to identify AI-generated deepfakes and fact-check misinformation.

Wendy McMahon, the recently named CEO of CBS News, announced the launch of the unit in a memo to staff, published by Deadline.

The new unit of professionals will concentrate on fact-checking questionable videos and reports, producing segments on their findings to promote transparency on how the news agency comes to its conclusions.

“Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace. And the challenges created by the rise of generative AI, fake videos, and misinformation are too great for us not to meet head-on,” wrote McMahon.

To make the unit work, the CEO plans to hire forensic journalists, expand training, and invest in new technologies. As claimed in a memo, job postings will be released in the upcoming days.

The new unit will be led by Claudia Milne – senior vice president for CBS News and head of standards and practices – and Ross Dagan, executive vice president and head of news operations and transformation for CBS News.

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