Circle K Atlanta allegedly breached, data stolen – hackers

Popular convenience store chain Circle K was claimed by a prominent ransomware gang, alleging it stole gigabytes of Circle K Atlanta’s data.

Circle K Atlanta was claimed by the ransomware gang Hunters International. The gas station and convenience store chain was posted on the gang’s dark web blog, used to showcase its latest victims.

According to the post, 55.6 gigabytes were taken from the company. We have reached out to Circle K Atlanta for confirmation but could not immediately receive a reply.

So far, the attackers have not included many data samples. However, the post alleges that hackers got their hands on nearly three gigabytes of current employee data. For example, a small-resolution image depicts what appears to be a copy of a passport.

Ransomware gangs often publicly claim organizations to coax them into meeting their ransom demand.

Circle K Atlanta operates over 30 locations in the US city of Atlanta.

Circle K
Post on the attackers' blog. Image by Cybernews.

Who is Hunters International?

Hunters International emerged on the ransomware scene after one of the world’s most dangerous ransomware groups, Hive, disappeared after being infiltrated by the FBI.

A new gang, Hunters International, recorded a sudden increase in activity using a similar code since October 2023.

According to researchers at the cybersecurity company Bitdefender, it appears that the leadership of the Hive group made the strategic decision to cease operations and transfer its remaining assets to another group.

Data from Cybernews’ ransomware monitoring tool, Ransomlooker, indicates that since its inception, Hunters International has victimized at least 128 organizations.