60GB Deutsche Bank data allegedly for sale on dark web

An unknown hacker has offered up a cache of sensitive files, allegedly stolen from Deutsche Bank by the infamous LockBit ransomware gang.

The Cybernews research team spotted the offer on Breached – a known hacker website – Monday afternoon.

The BreachForums user “Alliswell” claims to possess 60GB of stolen Deutsche Bank data, and is offering to sell it to the highest bidder.

The bad actor claims the information up for grabs contains not only Deutsche Bank employee data, but source code derived from the bank’s website.

“Selling 60GB of Deutsche Bank data containing banking app/front/backend source code Employee data to the highest bidder,” the Alliswell post states.

Deutsche Bank on Breached
Alliswell, BreachForums

The post also contains five separate “lockbitfile” links as proof of the entire cache.

Each link is separated by category: API source code, Files, Employee data, Interpol enquiry department, and SQL data.

The Cybernews research team was able to view some of the data from the links, but it's unclear what the information represents.

Both images examined by Cybernews contain no mention of Deutsche Bank, but do mention a Citibank account in Zurich and two accounts from high-ranking HSBC bank executives.

Deutsche Bank on Breached, Citibank page
Excerpt from alleged lockbit file. Image by Cybernews
Deutsche Bank on Breached, HSBC page2
Excerpt from alleged lockbit file. Image by Cybernews

It appears the user profile Alliswell is unknown on the forum and this is their only post, although it did provide an encrypted email address to inquire about the data.

The purported hacker's reputation is unranked and the profile shows they joined the site only this month.

There were a few BreachForums users praising the post, another questioned its validity and wrote, “there is a table of banks here, there is nothing else, where is 49 gb [sic]?”

A forum administrator also posted in the thread reprimanding the user for offering a sale in the wrong section of the website.

“This subforum is dedicated to sharing databases. Not for buying, selling, or requesting data. If you constantly ignore the section rules you may be punished,” the administrator warned.

Cybernews has reached out to Deutsche Bank America and is awaiting a response.

In November 2022, Deutsche Bank denied its network systems had been breached even though a known hacker claimed to have 16TB of stolen bank data and attempted to sell it on Telegram for 7.5 bitcoin (worth around $100,000 at the time).