Edit your favorite influencer’s posts, earn money as you do it

A new platform, Heyscribe, allows various influencers to verify their content with the audience before publishing it. This should help content creators to grow their earnings while feedback by users will be financially rewarded, too.

It's estimated that the so-called creator economy should reach $480 billion by 2027. There are at least 200 million creators worldwide – people using their creativity and expertise to create and monetize their engaging content.

Foreseeing the economic potential, Heyscribe has launched a platform aimed to help influencers craft better and more relevant social media posts.

Essentially, people who create content for different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others, will be able to verify their content with Heyscribe users.

Before publishing, let’s say, a video on YouTube, a certain influencer will be able to share with Heyscribe users asking for feedback on how to make it better.

After refining the content with followers, the influencer may proceed to publish it on YouTube, increasing their chances of getting more hits. Creators will have the opportunity to tip the Heyscribe users whose feedback they find the most valuable.

“Creators and authors usually share with their audience the final result of their creative work. However, we are sure that the process of creative work is no less interesting than the result. That's why Heyscribe creates a platform where creators can monetize their unfinished content by simply sharing the process of content creation with their subscribers. Subscribers can comment, give feedback, and even directly participate hands-on in content creation, thanks to the management tools built into the platform,” the company’s spokesperson told Cybernews in an email.

The platform is free for creators, and will charge a 10% fee over generated revenues.

For over 60% of content creators, this is not a primary day job, so subscribers’ input could help them solve what Heyscribe called the time scarcity problem.

“Creators' subscribers can also help them create content and take some of the work off their plate. This is especially relevant for aspiring creators who are just gaining a loyal audience. Access to this content is available on a subscription basis, in addition the creator can earn additional revenue through exclusive content or admission to direct participation in its creation. In this way Heyscribe allows creators to make money without having to create additional content,” the company explained.

Last year, content creators earned $5.5 billion on the nine top platforms.

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