European Investment Bank attacked, hackers claiming to “impose sanctions on EU”

Pro-Russian hacktivists have attacked European banking institutions, listing European Investment Bank (EIB) as one of their victims.

Earlier today, the pro-Russian Killnet hackers group claimed on their Telegram to have targeted the inter-network infrastructure of the EIB.

EIB have since confirmed the claims. At 4.20 p.m., the bank tweeted that it was currently facing a cyberattack that affected the availability of its website.

“We are responding to the incident,” the bank tweeted. At the time of writing, the website was still down.

“Sanctions against Europe”

The latest attack is likely related to a series of high-scale cyberthreats against European financial institutions by pro-Russian hackers in response to European support for Ukraine.

“Hello Europe! How are things with the IBAN banking system? I feel like something is wrong with her. Perhaps the transfer system is affected by bad weather. And also the weather forecasters say that not only IBAN will be dead, but also SEPA, WISE, SWIFT,”

the Killnet gang wrote on its Telegram channel.

Three well-known hacker gangs — Killnet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil, proclaimed themselves as the Darknet Parliament on June 16th. The phrase almost instantly emerged as a trending keyword on Twitter among threat analysts.

Killnet Telegram post
Killnet Telegram post

“72 hours ago, three heads of hacker groups from Russia and Sudan held a regular meeting in the DARKNET Parliament and came to a common decision: SOLUTION №0191. Today we are starting to impose sanctions on the European banking transfer systems SEPA, IBAN, WIRE, SWIFT, WISE,” wrote Killnet.

Dark Parliament Killnet post
KillNet post on Telegram

Cyberattacks by Anonymous Sudan have recently caused an outage at Microsoft. Microsoft 365 software suites, including Teams and Outlook, were down for a couple of hours for thousands of American users.

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