Ex-Meta recruiter uses TikTok to speak about amazing $190k job – doing nothing

A former Meta recruiter has revealed she “did nothing” while working at the tech giant and raking in a whopping $190,000 salary. On TikTok, she said the firm’s approach to work “blew her mind.”

These rumors that Big Tech firms over-hired thousands of employees who did next to no work might actually be true. Mass layoffs are telling, sure, but people are now coming out and admitting – yes, there was nothing for us to do.

Madelyn Machado took to the popular TikTok app to record a reminiscence about her time in Silicon Valley. “I wasn’t doing s***,” said Machado, who was hired by Meta to work as a recruiter and stayed there for six months.

According to Machado, her role required her to seek out new employees but her higher-ups told her not to worry about that: “We weren’t expected to hire anybody for the first six months, even the first year. This is something they tell you when you start.”

The TikToker even added a caption to her video. It said: ”Getting paid $190k to do nothing at Meta.”

Madelyn Machado tells the TikTok world how she did nothing at Meta. Image by TikTok.

Machado, whose LinkedIn profile says she worked at Meta from September 2021 until February 2022, explained her bosses simply expected employees to continue “learning.” And, yes, the onboarding process seemed “amazing” but Machado was soon frustrated by endless team meetings.

“Why are we meeting? We aren’t hiring anybody. I was also on a team where everybody was new, so none of us were hiring anybody. I really miss it, I wasn’t doing s***,” she said in her video.

Keith Rabois, an outspoken investor who is now the chief executive of OpenStore, recently said he thought Google and Meta over-hired thousands of employees who did “fake work.” Most of them were supposedly brought on to fulfill the “vanity metric” of hiring.

"There's nothing for these people to do – they're really – it's all fake work," Rabois said at an event organized by Evercore, a banking firm, according to Insider. "Now that's being exposed, what do these people actually do, they go to meetings."

Most Big Tech companies also employed a strategy known as predatory hiring, according to Rabois. They hired engineers and other talent to stop them from choosing other firms.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, has already initiated two rounds of layoffs. In November 2022, he announced a cut of more than 11,000 employees, and in March, the news that another 10,000 jobs would be eliminated followed.

The move underscores Zuckerberg's push to turn 2023 into the "year of efficiency" with promised cuts of $5 billion in expenses to put the company’s spending in the $89-95 billion range.

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