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FuboTV hit with cyberattack during World Cup match

FuboTV, a live-TV bundle streaming service, said it had experienced a cyberattack on Wednesday, leaving customers unable to access their subscriptions during the World Cup semifinal match between France and Morocco.

Touting itself as “the best streaming service for sports aficionados,” FuboTV left its viewers with no access to an important World Cup match on December 14 amid a cyberattack.

At around 9 am ET, users started experiencing issues accessing their accounts and had trouble connecting throughout the evening. The match between France and Morocco began at 2 pm ET, and people were still unable to access the content. Instead, subscribers were greeted with a CB_ERR_OPEN error, stating "ff: downstream not available" when attempting to log in.

FuboTV was not available Wednesday.

What’s more, users could not even contact support and report the problem, as they needed to first log into the FuboTV site, which was not possible.

Naturally, complaints then flooded social media. Yet, according to a statement FuboTV released the next day, the outage “was not related to any bandwidth constraints on Fubo’s part. We were instead the target of a criminal cyberattack.”

“FuboTV takes this matter very seriously. Once we detected the attack, we immediately took steps to contain the incident and worked to restore service to all of our users as quickly as possible. Service was fully restored by last evening. We deeply regret the disruption caused by this incident in the meantime,” the company said.

FuboTV also said the attack had been reported to law enforcement, and FuboTV involved Mandiant, an American cybersecurity and incident response firm, to assist in its investigation and response.

While the investigation is still in the early stages, the company said it would remain transparent and provide updates along the way.

FuboTV, which is known for having a sports-heavy bundle, competes with services such as Alphabet’s YouTube TV, Dish’s Sling, and Disney’s Hulu Live TV.

These services feature pay-TV-like guides and access to various pay-TV channels, replicating the traditional bundle through a streaming app. FuboTV said as of September 30, it had roughly 1.2 million paying subscribers, a 31% increase year over year.

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